Today, we plunked down to investigate the new Seiko Sumo Prospex Diver at Baselworld 2019: an update to a fan favorite.

Sitting down to investigate all the new models inside the Seiko portfolio takes some genuine concentration.  The quantity of acquaintances can be hard with stay aware of and there’s a great deal of detail to remember.  When we plunk down, we experience Grand Seiko, the entirety of the re-releases, the exceptional versions, the restricted models, the models supporting a type of association, and it really goes on.  Trust us, we love it that Seiko brings such a great amount to Baselworld every single year, however at times we desire some great, legit pieces without a story.  Today’s presentation is such a model in the new Seiko Sumo Prospex Diver.

The Seiko Sumo – No Changes Since 2007 – Until Now

Now, all things considered, the Seiko Sumo Prospex Diver isn’t truly named a “Sumo”.  It’s just the famous Prospex jumper initially presented in 2007 that opened in underneath the notable SBDX017 MM300 Professional Diver preceding the dispatch of the 6159 enlivened SPB077/079’s that appeared a year ago and the 62MAS propelled SPB051/053’s from 2017.  Regarding the Sumo moniker, the site “ ” discloses to us that it was gotten maybe due its rotund case comparable to its 20mm carry width or maybe in light of the fact that the 12:00 record takes after the clothing of a Sumo wrestler.  Whatever the reasoning, the Sumo is a genuine top choice among Seiko fans because of its very good quality looks and road cost of around 600 Euros.  We last investigated the Sumo back in 2015 when Seiko commended the 50th commemoration of the 62MAS.

A New Movement and a Sapphire Crystal

With the new Seiko Sumo Prospex Diver, some welcome updates are here.  Firstly, and most prominently, the watch acquires the 6R35 automatic.  In the two or three years, Seiko has utilized the 6R15 in its 1,000 Euro or $ jumpers, for example, those we referenced above.  The 6R35 is remarkable for an improved force save of 70 hours.  Unfortunately, we weren’t ready to discover whether the watch enhances its earlier 13.5mm thickness, yet the case stays at 45mm in measurement and 52.5mm in length.

Some different updates are here for the Seiko Sumo Prospex Diver and that incorporates a sapphire precious stone – something that Seiko is by all accounts staging in for jumpers over the Turtle level.  Plus, and possibly this will fill in as dubious, the Sumo contains a bezel with moderate text style for its numbers rather than the wide, extended numerals utilized in adaptations, for example, the current SBDC031.  To my eyes, the files change somewhat too.  They seem more modest and the 12:00 marker looks a ton classier.  Regarding the hands, the minutes hand is more slender and the hour hand loses its chevron and gains a bisecting line through piece of the lumed surface.

These are unpretentious changes, yet it makes for a watch that’s more meriting its 850 Euro cost tag.  Oh, and except if you haven’t saw, the Sumo currently comes in green (reference SPB103J1)!  The dark adaptation conveys the reference SPB101J1.

A Great Value and in Green!

For sure, there will be Seiko idealists who will complain about the progressions that carry additional expense to the Seiko Sumo Prospex Diver versus its archetype, yet I think that’s a silly view.  At 850 Euros on arm band, you’re getting quite a watch and what is still basically a fresh out of the box new development with an insane sum power reserve.  What’s more is that with these changes, Seiko is communicating something specific that the Sumo is not, at this point simply a pleasant piece with a kitschy gathering nickname.  No, it’s still reasonable, however much more formidable.

Seiko doesn’t have the new Seiko Sumo Prospex Diver on its starting today, yet continue to check for news.