Formex is definitely not another brand (1999), yet it is additionally not generally known. Precisely two years prior, Formex halted with all their physical retailers and chose to sell straightforwardly just, by means of their e-shop. Formex needed to be in touch straightforwardly with their end-client, so they likewise would get a decent comprehension of what their interest. The cut on retailers likewise empowered them to put resources into a legitimate working e-shop and an increased reality application that Gerard examined a couple of days prior in his Munichtime report .

Formex Element

What isn’t new, is the case suspension framework that Formex employments. This was at that point licensed before they went online-only in 2016. The Formex Element I have here today has this case suspension framework and as indicated by the producers, it should make the watch more comfortable on the wrist. Presently, the inquiry is obviously, isn’t that right? Or then again is it an answer for a non-existing issue, as we see frequently in the realm of extravagance watches.

Big And Heavy

Before I answer that question, let’s have a more intensive glance at the Formex Element chronograph first. This is in no way, shape or form a little watch. As a matter of fact, I just have one watch in my assortment that is greater than this one, which is my Seiko Tuna reference 6159-7010 with its 50mm distance across. The Formex Element has a 46mm distance across case made of hardened steel. It seems somewhat bigger however in light of the fact that the watch is square-ish. From haul to-luge, I measure around 55mm. In stature, this watch estimates 14.5mm. The case comprises of two sections, a tempered steel case and a holder made of titanium (grade 2). The parts are associated with 4 dampers, making the drags and upper piece of the case band drop uninhibitedly all over while the rest is kept in place.

In the above picture, you can see the suspension on the left and right. The chambers are noticeable through the skeletonized carries, close to the pushers. As should be obvious, the lower some portion of the case is segregated from the upper piece of the carries and the case band part that is situated over the crown. A liveliness of the entire thing can be seen . The complex instance of the Formex Element has been built from 38 separate parts.


According to Formex, this idea shields the development from thumps and hits (or vibrations). I just mostly see this, as when I push on the watch by means of the gem, I don’t feel a lot of movement. I feel the suspension working when I pull the lash under my wrist and pretty much force the case further down the wrist. The equivalent happens when I contort my wrist somewhat (moving my hand downwards, in a significant unnatural way). All things considered, I do feel the watch utilizes the suspension when one of the hauls (or every one of them) are being pushed down. Yet, how sensible is it that this happens?


The bezel will presumably get most thumps, and nothing truly happens when that is being pushed down or gets a thump. At the point when I move my hand around, I do feel that the suspension is being actuated too, so it may add some comfort, yet I accept that this is simply minimal. I don’t expect ponders I need to add since we are talking extravagance watches here and nearly everything has been attempted and tried in the previous 100 years. Each advancement is moderately peripheral. The idea is pleasant however and the whole development is pleasantly designed. The whole case development of the Formex Element feels exceptionally strong. A task well done.


Perhaps more helpful to me would be the earthenware bezel. A watch with extents like this will be defied with an entryway post or a table eventually, so a scratch safe arrangement is welcome. My a lot more modest Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in treated steel has very a few scratches and dings on the bezel, so I can’t even begin to envision what might befall this watch when I would be wearing it consistently. The fired bezel has the bit of leeway that it won’t mark or scratch, so the watch will likely save its new and new appearance for quite a while. The Formex Element is likewise accessible with a bezel in hardened steel, however except if you truly hate the dark clay bezel on this watch, I would recommend to go for the fired version.


The case and bezel comprise of both silk brushed, sandblasted and cleaned surfaces, giving it this complex look and feel. Indeed, even the dial is silk completed and is applied with silver hued lists. Formex utilized Super-LumiNova for these markers and the hands. The subdials have this snail wrap up, making a touch more profundity. Indeed, even the casing around the day and date has a brushed completion. There is a great deal going on the dial of this Formex chronograph, yet it stays truly meaningful. The chronograph is not difficult to work, with its huge rectangular pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock.


A huge crown makes it simple to handle and set the time. It isn’t screw-down, however the watch actually has a water obstruction of 100 meters. The Formex Element has a great deal of subtleties that won’t go unnoticed. I like all the various points and features with the combination of cleaned and matt wrapping up. It gives this watch a pleasant touch, and as a result of the cleaned surfaces, it doesn’t become an over the top instrument watch either.

Strap and Clasp

The Formex Element comes with a calf lash with croco grain. Previously, I was truly against croco grain lashes. You either purchase a gator or croco tie or a calf tie, yet not a calf tie with a grain. It generally made me feel that with a tie that way, you attempt to trick others (and yourself) thinking it is a more costly outlandish lash while indeed, it is ‘just’ a calf tie. Notwithstanding, a couple of years after the fact, we as a whole became mindful that gators and crocodiles are being butchered for our pleasure essentially, in a terrible way.


I am not mindful that this is the explanation that Formex decides for a calf lash with crocodile or croco grain, yet for myself, it is a fine arrangement in the in the interim. All things considered, I still wouldn’t mind having a typical calf tie with no grain by any means. Formex offers an assortment of ties in various materials (calfskin, material, silicon, steel) that can be requested through their site with well disposed cost tags.

The twofold collapsing fasten is something very unique, at any rate with regards to materials. It is a combination of hardened steel and carbon fiber composite. One section opens with a couple of pushers, the opposite side is something you simply pull. There is a little pusher on there, which is a miniature change for the catch. It has 6 positions and can broaden the length by 7mm. The tie utilizes a fast delivery framework, so you can undoubtedly trade straps.

Valjoux 7750 Chronograph

Formex utilizes the ETA/Valjoux 7750 development for this watch. A common chronograph development that has been available for quite a long time. No concerns here. The type 7750 development traces all the way back to 1973 when – at the time – Valjoux presented it as their programmed chronograph development, 4 years after the initial ones from Seiko, Zenith and Breitling/Heuer/Büren. Today, Valjoux is essential for ETA (Swatch Group) and the 7750 has been utilized in numerous watches from a wide range of brands. Indeed, even brands that may disapprove of 3rd gathering developments today (consider this while taking other factors into consideration), utilized the 7750 before (think IWC, Omega, Panerai) and some of them are as yet utilizing it today (Breitling).

The Valjoux 7750 has a force hold of 42 hours. It ticks at 28,800vph and highlights a day and date complication other than the chronograph component. Despite the fact that I have no motivation to question the after-deals administration of Formex, have confidence that any genuine watchmaker can administration or fix a Valjoux 7750.

The case back of the watch is engraved with all data Formex believes is important to know for the wearer. You can obviously see the 4 chambers for the situation back also. You can likewise see on the image above how the drags separate from the case back for the case suspension framework. In the middle, you see the “smoke-glass” that uncovers the chronograph development. As should be obvious, the Valjoux 7750 has a tweaked Formex rotor.

Conclusion – Formex Element

Price and Availability

The retail cost of the watch that I inspected (reference 1200.5.8027.311) is 1490 Euro. The adaptation with the treated steel bezel is 200 Euro less expensive. The Formex Element is just accessible by means of the Formex site. This cost incorporates dispatching, charges etc.


The Formex Element isn’t something I would buy myself, however that has to do with my own taste and inclination for watches. I very much want their most recent assortment called Essence ( ). However, individual taste aside, on the off chance that you are searching for a games watch with chronograph complication, and like enormous watches, the Formex Element can be an excellent decision. The constructed quality is generally excellent, the development is strong with an incredible history and the cost is extremely reasonable. Frankly, I don’t see the enormous bit of leeway of the case suspension framework, however I do see that it is working in specific circumstances or occasions. It can likewise be viewed as a gesture to hustling vehicles and bicycles, and you can consider it to be a mechanical outside ‘complication’ of the watch. Truth is, that the Formex Element does what it guarantees. A decent strong constructed watch utilizing innovative materials and solutions.