We go involved with a genuine all-arounder, the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears.

I realize I’ve referenced this previously, yet I’m here, by and by, to disclose to you that I continually wind up in a condition of disclosure with regards to watches.  Whether we are discussing current or vintage, when I think I’ve seen everything, something new springs up that I’ve either never seen or, more probable, thought often about before. An ideal illustration of this continuous marvels inside my head is today’s Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears.

The Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears – Kind Of

Now, before the neighborhood “Citizen”ry get all ready to fight about considering this piece the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears, I realize that this watch is only the most recent in a line of Eco-Drive Promaster Tough models and isn’t the first model as worn by one Ray Mears.  Still, the epithet lives on and I’m feeling free to utilize it.  But there’s likely a more significant inquiry that’s humming around inside your skull that merits an answer first; who is Ray Mears?  Well, as proposed by one supporter, he’s not the sibling of 4-time Indy 500 champ Rick Mears.  No, Ray Mears is a notable English character who is popular for his on-TV shows about bushcraft and endurance techniques.  For the Americans out there, I’d say Bear Grylls would be a decent comparison as his shows crossed the pond.  Ray Mears got celebrated in the last part of the 90’s for his live endeavors and keeping in mind that the web was truly a growing innovation at that point, discussions had sprung up and individuals started to discuss the survivalist’s wristwatch.  That watch was the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Tough.  Incidentally, things have clearly worked out positively for Mears as I’ve read that he currently sports a Rolex…that’s sort of exhausting, isn’t it?

The Same Style Has Been Around Since 1999

I’ll avoid a describing of the whole history of the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears, yet there’s a genuinely phenomenal article that broadly expounds on how this watch has created since its presentation path back in 1999.  As the article advises us, these watches were focused towards “professionals and genuine enthusiasts” and that settled on the first form the ideal decision for Mears.  Again, I’d truly recommend perusing this article if you’re inspired by the historical backdrop of these watches or in the event that you have interest in getting a past model.  There’s some extraordinary counsel on there about how the developments changed over the long haul and their relative reliability.  But with respect to today’s Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears, let’s talk about the actual watch, why I for one discover it so beguiling, and, at last, why it’s somewhat of a rarity.

Priced at around 300 Pounds

When I originally shot an image to Robert-Jan of the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears you see here, the moan was perceptible by means of WhatsApp.  He probably took one glance at the watch and excused it as an economical piece with common “field watch” styling.  Well, he was directly about the initial segment since this watch retails for a somewhat receptive ±300 Pounds.  On the subsequent point, however, I’ll generous disagree.  The Promaster Tough is an extraordinarily all around equipped watch that truly doesn’t need to apologize for much.  truth be told, I was visiting with Gerard (he’s consistently ready for discussing a wild Japanese watch) and he was fairly intrigued with the specs.

A Laundry List of Specs

With the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears, we have a 40mm “Super Titanium” (that’s a type of scratch obstruction) monobloc case with 300 meters of water resistance.  There’s a screw-down marked crown, an enemy of intelligent sapphire gem, and a no nonsense Kevlar lash included as well.  Note: a is accessible with titanium arm band for 80 pounds extra.  Inside, Citizen’s Eco-Drive development with date work ticks away and that implies that any light source will keep it charged through a sunlight based cell that lives under the dial.  Some say that these developments can undoubtedly labor for a very long time with no issues while some report they they’re useful for more.  Oh, and if the watch is taken care of for a little while, it will run for at any rate 180 days on its charge.  And once more, this is in support of approximately 300 Pounds.  Per the specs, this watch ought to have the option to get destroyed and get back up and request more.  And while it’s unquestionably not a jumper because of the absence of a turning bezel, it would combine well with a plunge computer.

One Tough Watch

So, indeed, I had unearthed the Ray Mears legend, had found out about the most current model, and concluded that requesting one of these Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears watches must be done.  The watch arrived in a recyclable cardboard bundle that was certainly decent enough, yet wound up in a cabinet with the remainder of my watch boxes.  I grabbed hold of the Citizen (ref.BN0118) and was quickly lovely intrigued by what I had in my hands.  Here was a straightforward watch that didn’t shout with the machismo messiness found on such countless different watches in presence today.  However, when held as an article, it passes on a feeling of lightweight strength that makes you need to feel free to kick the sh*t out of it.

On that last point, the Kevlar tie is so strategic and, I’ll simply say it, terrible that it raises recollections of Schwarzenegger in the mud during Predator.  But damn if that lash doesn’t look tough with its bolted pin openings and weighty stitching!  It even has a metal manager that permits one to carve in a name, ethnicity, blood classification and birth date!

Almost Never Needs Servicing

From these photos, you’ll ideally get the inclination that the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears is done nicely.  The brushed case and bezel look great and there’s genuinely nothing to complain about.  I even discover the scalloped and cleaned sides to be a tasteful touch.  The knurled crown is very much tucked away inside a couple crown monitors and is sufficiently enormous to be tactile.  One minor complaint is that it is an ignite focus corresponding to those crown watches, however I can disregard that point. Resident went with a level sapphire gem in what I’d suppose is a work to give one less surface to get on plants or whatever terrible snag you may encounter.  It makes for totally open survey of the huge part ring, profoundly decipherable and lume-weighty dial and handset (the lume is damn acceptable, however it’s not Seiko good).

What’s sort of clever here is the almost infinitesimal date opening at 3:00, however I surmise the date isn’t so significant when you’re sincerely busy attempting to surpass a grizzly bear.  Flipping the watch over, you’re met with a truly essential and level case back with the model data and sequential number.  I won’t kid you, I love a front-loader case and the way that this watch has one less freedom for water entry.  It’s just cool and, sure, the absence of overhauling required for the Eco-Drive furnishes Citizen with the undeniable chance to present such a defense, yet it’s still not something one stumbles into on a day by day basis.

Seriously Comfortable Lightweight Titanium

On the wrist, the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears fits like a dream.  It’s light with the watch head coming in somewhere near 50 grams, the carries are short with a 46mm carry to drag, and it’s under 12mm high.  Honestly, it’s nearly Swatch-like as in it seems like nothing is on the wrist.

And that Kevlar lash will take some breaking in, yet I really like what it looks like as long as I’m not gazing at those metal rivets.  On the other hand, the drags are 20mm wide, so a decent endured cowhide tie or a NATO would possess all the necessary qualities as well.

A Real Alternative for G-Shocks and Victorinoxes

So, let’s fail to remember the objective promoting and attempt to sort out who should purchase a watch like the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears.  Firstly, on the off chance that you like the Victorinox Inox , however don’t have the 700 or more Euros/Dollars/Pounds to spend, this could be the watch for you.  That Victorinox is known to be genuinely solid and I’d surmise that this Citizen would give it an exacting run for its money.  I’d likewise reveal to you that on the off chance that you like what a G-Shock brings to the table as far as water obstruction and general strength, yet detest the prospect of going computerized or discover those pieces too enormous and ungraceful, the Ray Mears is a decent option.  But a large portion of all, this watch is truly best for another person I know very well: my Dad.  You see, my Dad – when he’s not wearing an Explorer 114270 – likes a no bullsh*t watch that can take a whipping yet has a touch of road cred.  He wears a simple watch while doing everything and that incorporates going to the exercise center, cycling, hitting the steam room after an exercise, showering, turning the wrench on a bike/cruiser/vehicle, and doing a wide range of other DIY things around the house.  Yes, a horrible quartz watch found at the neighborhood corner store would perhaps get the job done for a spell, yet I think somebody like my Dad actually needs to realize that he’s wearing somewhat of a quality apparatus that was intended for a reason: enduring exercises that are a smidgen more crude than essential day by day life.  And, he’s a simple kind of individual, yet he doesn’t in every case fundamentally need to tinker with twisting something before these activities.  So, for this sort of individual, I’d believe the Citizen to be totally perfect.

Still Available – But Only In One Country?

So, if I’ve presented you to a watch in the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears that you’ve either never seen or really thought about, at that point consider me happy.  If you’re now contemplating getting one, at that point things begin to become a touch more challenging.  I’ve referenced before that Japanese watch marks frequently utilize abnormal territorial advertising rehearses, their sites are by and large obsolete item insightful the second they’re distributed (the for this model actually shows the watch with 200 meters of water opposition), and finding clear solutions on item accessibility is dodgy at best.

Well, this Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears is the perfect example for the situations above on the grounds that it appears to be that the watch is just accessible in the UK.  Yes, earlier releases had been made accessible in Japan and, maybe, in different nations, however I’ve just found the most current models in the home of Ray Mears.  The USA, for instance, offers an alternate (I’ll call it decent, yet unquestionably not the equivalent) Promaster Tough model, but rather it’s in steel and has an undeniably more sullen dial.  In Japan, Citizen offers a Promaster Tough in titanium and in various tones, yet it’s a collab with Mont-Bell, a supplier in the country.  It’s additionally cool, yet I’m not a fanatic of the immense Mont-Bell logo on the dial.  So, you’re left with the UK and that’s precarious on the grounds that most authority retailers will just transport inside the UK and the EU.  On the EU, I’d surmise that this will end if Brexit happens.  I purchased my rendition at an online UK retailer called and I discovered them incredible to work with.  Plus, they regularly run deals or offer rebate codes.  When I purchased mine, they had not many left which added fuel to the gossipy tidbits that this watch might be dropped soon, yet I see they presently have new stock.  Again, however, with watch brands, and particularly Japanese brands, one never realizes when something will be dropped or updated.  I have likewise perused that these pieces are accessible at a large portion of the significant UK retail chains and “high street” retailers who convey Citizen.  So, if you’re visiting the UK any time soon, this could actually be a cool and generally moderate watch-related trinket to get back that you truly can’t find elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure we’ll get a lot of mail from perusers expressing that there are a lot of different looks for less cash that can fill a comparable need as the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears.  You’ll probably be correct, yet it’s difficult for me to consider something at this value level that’s so centered, all around fabricated and this spec’d to the gills.  As referenced, I like the way that it’s simple and worked to get through the paces.  And while I’ll probably never subject it to significantly more than day by day wearing, I like the way that this Citizen has heaps of potential.  Finally, the way that this watch is apparently just accessible in one piece of the world makes it much more unique…now, back to my day by day web perusing to perceive what other crackpot treasures I can discover.

For extra data – albeit not much(!!) – head to the authority .