Today, we’re eager to present to you an active gander at something we’ve been envisioning: the Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition.

For large numbers of us, we figured this day could never come, yet lo and see, we have at last shown up and Breitling has  delivered a watch that ought to please fanatics of its impressive back catalog.  With the declaration of the Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition, we are getting a no reasons watch that marks each case (beside it really being from 1959); there’s really so little to complain about that it should quiet even the most persnickety critics.  We’ll discuss why that is, the thing that went into causing this watch and what you’ll to get should you be sufficiently fortunate to get one of the 1,959 pieces that will start showing up into approved sellers this June.  Oh, and a colossal gratitude to our cameraman Bert, who got up very right on time to photo this piece, we have live pics – something we love to give here on Fratello if at all possible.

The Navitimer – A Brief History

Before getting into the Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition, we should recap a touch of history on the model line itself.  It was in 1954 that Breitling appeared the Navitimer ref. 806 as an exclusive pilot’s watch.  It carried with it the slide rule – as seen on the basically double register Chronomat – and combined it with a three-register chronograph.  To help neatness in low light conditions, Navitimers have consistently contained lumed dials and hour/minute hands.  Also, in what probably been a real stun for the time, the watches were enormous at 40mm and looked bigger because of their bigger, thin bezels, and flattish acrylic crystals.  While this wasn’t generally the situation during its approximately 20-year model run, the Navi was by and large offered in steel, gold, and gold plate.  Initially, the Navitimers arrived in an “all dark” (subsequently, the epithet – read around one here and a 1959 model is pictured above) dial configuration.

In 1963, however, theychanged to a reverse panda style (you can read about a particularly temporary model here and see a photograph above).  In 1964 Breitling moved its bezel style from beaded to a more current serrated version.  It’s likewise interesting to take note of that the Navitimer commenced utilizing a Valjoux 72, yet immediately changed to the recognizable Breitling decision of the Venus 178.  These Valjoux models draw in a real premium available today.  Sadly, the Venus 178-powered Navitimers were ended in 1974, albeit the name and fundamental setup has carried on through the present.  There’s for sure, the Navitimer is one of the watch world’s more huge watches and it was an easy decision to place it in the rundown of our Top 5 Vintage Sports Chronographs .

A Sign of Things to Come

When viewing the new Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition, it’s essential to take note of a couple things.  First, this was a totally new creation and it’s one that started with the appearance of CEO Georges Kern.  Second, and I realize we could almost certainly be blamed for continuing on pointlessly, Fred Mandelbaum was heavily engaged with the turn of events and extreme execution of this watch (Rene Dracha was another critical patron as well).  Lastly, and we will examine this, the release of this Navitimer, should it be effective, is likely the beginning of another day as far as forthcoming vintage-inspired releases.  all in all, it creates a real stage for the brand to utilize going forward.

Breitling Looking Into its Impressive Back Catalog

We’ve referenced that things have changed quickly since the appearance of Georges Kern and if new models, for example, the Navitimer 8 and Premier or the retirement of some huge vainglorious monsters weren’t sufficient to persuade you, ideally the appearance of the Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition will.  This watch could be viewed as a simple play on the grounds that a great deal of brands have bounced on the Partridge Family-esque retro transport, yet as we’ll find, this wasn’t just an issue of dressing up a current model to look old.  And, I imagine that Georges probably took a gander at different brands known for chronographs and saw that they had hit after something by offering credible vintage-inspired variants of their most acclaimed models.  With that inference, I’m clearly referring to Omega and its Speedmaster Professional and, less significantly, how TAG Heuer has managed a portion of its more popular names.  And thus, the Nativimer feels like the ideal spot to start.  No, the Navitimer might not have accompanied a space traveler to a stroll on the moon, however an adaptation of it in the Cosmonaute was to some degree broadly worn by Scott Carpenter on Mercury Seven.  Plus, it was worn on the wrists of renowned drivers, for example, Jim Clark and Jo Siffert.  Even miles Davis wore a Navitimer in the 60’s.  And, coincidentally, it’s not as though recognition models to the Navitimer haven’t been done before; they basically weren’t this good.

Impressive Effort in Creating This Watch

Now, I referenced that Fred Mandelbaum has been included from the very first moment on the Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition and it’s been a real meaningful venture for him (I likewise need to ensure that you realize that Fred wasn’t working in a vacuum on this – there were many committed individuals on the undertaking who merit genuine credit).  He’s an outright fanatic for detail and that has helped make this piece a gem.

Whether it was the edges of the three-sided chamfers on the carries, the size of the actual chamfers, the pusher sizes (they are in different areas versus the firsts because of the development), the crown size, the quantity of dots on the bezel, or even the goddamn lume to line proportion on the hands, ALL OF IT was checked, rejected, and at last ok’d by Fred after many renditions.  Whether he made or lost companions in the process is likely far from being obviously true, however he helped Breitling in making a truly exact reedition.

And you may say that Breitling, as a fairly enormous creator, ought to have had the option to pull this off with ease?  Well, pulling off something that would have please 90% of potential purchasers would have been simple, yet to satisfy 99%+ wasn’t easy.  Each and each part must be planned and readied for manufacturing.  A dial was planned that incorporates hand applied lume!  And, maybe the most critical and splendid obstacle that must be overcome was the broad change of the B01 in-house chronograph into a manual breeze development predictable with the legacy of the Navitimer.  All of things were done and in less than two years.  And eventually, there were no concessions made.  No sapphire precious stone, no incidental date window, and no enlarged “modernized” case sizing.  And, we’ll see it at a value that is in accordance with chronographs from the aforementioned brands.

The Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition is Faithful

To get into points of interest, the Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition keeps a 40mm spotless case (that is steady with the vintage models) and 22mm haul width.  It comes in at 12.86mm thick (same as the first) and is water resistant to 30M.  It has the specific number of bezel globules on its bezel – 94 – as the 1959 model and they’re the correct size.  This is critical, as Breitling changed the quantity of dabs over time.  The bezel tallness to mid-case proportion is different, in any case, as the new B09 development is thicker than the first Venus 178.  Therefore, the new bezel is shallower when seen from the side, yet it doesn’t add to a general thickness difference.

A New Manual Wind Movement

Inside the Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition, we have the primary utilization of an all new B01 variation and it has been named as the B09.  It’s a 39-gem manual winding, chronometer affirmed development that controls the 12 hour chronograph.  It likewise has a force reserve of 70 hours.  The B09 is a coordinated chronograph development and features a vertical grip with a segment wheel. I’ve seen pictures and keeping in mind that it isn’t as “skeletally” wonderful as the more seasoned developments because of huge plates, it’s perfectly finished.  If you consider Breitling’s voluminous back inventory that utilized the Venus 178, the coming of the new B09 reveals to me that they could in a real sense reissue vintage plans with this development inside for the following 30 years!  Let’s expectation and bravo to the brand for placing in the work and resisting what probably been the exceptionally enticing chance to utilize the B01 in programmed form.

A Tremendous Dial

There’s no way to avoid the way that Navitimers contain dials with heaps of data on them.  Some individuals love the nerdy specialized look, while others don’t.  For me, I discover a Navi to be magnificently occupied and loaded up with deliberate goal – regardless of whether I was brought into the world an age past the point of no return for the slide rule.  Like it or not, you can envision that getting the entirety of the textual styles and situating correct on the new dial was a real chore.  And you’d be right!  The dials experienced a ton of prototyping before Fred felt things were perfect.  I even ended up seeing some free dials before completely was arranged and they looked great to me – yet not to Fred.  for instance, the improvement group in a real sense got into conversations about realigning slide rule numbers and extending tick marks by hundredths of a millimeter!  Then, the hand-applied lume numerals should have been totally weighted and this was in the long run accomplished.

If you’re a Navitimer fan, you’ll note that there were a few dial variations at some random time during the majority of the Navi’s creation run.  Mine shows a “content B”, some had wings with the “AOPA” inside, and some had an applied gold arrangement of wings.  On the reedition, we have the Breitling content and the gold wings over the center.  “Navitimer” is simply over the 6:00 sub register.  Oh, and simply like the first, the real gold wings are applied to the dial, however they’ve been laser removed of foil in 2019.  And then there are those subtleties like the annoying lume-filled needle hands, the exceptional sub register hands, and the offset on the chronograph hand.  All of these seemingly insignificant details were carefully intended to remain as dedicated as conceivable to the original.

1,959 Pieces and Well-priced

Rounding out the specifics, the watch will come on a dark Nubuck lash with pin buckle.  Apparently the pin clasp will contain the new Breitling content, so that is an extremely minor complaint.  We likewise don’t have subtleties yet on the bundling, so more to come on that.  And now we come to the subject of money.  I can envision that most expect that this watch is well unattainable and really costly because of all the ground-up improvement that took place.  The cost for the Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition will be 7,900 CHF.  You can do the transformations into your nearby currency and will probably be in the ballpark.

Now, I’m generally uncomfortable when saying that anything above $1,000 is a “acceptable arrangement”, yet the 1959 Reedition feels like it’s evaluated correctly and is inside the realm of latest extraordinary edition Speedmasters that we’ve seen.  And, hello, remember that this has a recently planned case and an in-house development – two things we expectation will discover their way into future models.  And for a last reference, this valuing undermines the expense of finding a tolerable all-dark Navitimer where life starts around $10,000.

Final Thoughts

Unless you’re bereft of insight, you can tell that I’m a major devotee of the new Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Reedition.  And in spite of succumbing to another watch this week that gets intensely from a previous plan in the new Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary , I wouldn’t consider any old reissued model an obvious choice to the extent desirability.  With the Breitling, it’s a watch that should cause you to pay attention since we at long last – at last – have a challenger to Omega and TAG Heuer who has chosen to place its full weight into making attractive pieces inspired by the brand’s own history.  One watch doesn’t characterize an arrangement, yet indeed, it appears to be another pony has entered the race.  For somebody like me, this implies it’s an excellent chance to be into watches.

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