Today we go active with the Baltic Aquascaphe jumpers watch. After the achievement of their Bicompax (three-hander and chronograph models), they presented their jumpers watch some time back for pre-request. Baltic sent us a watch and we take a nearer look.

Crowdfunding is a magnificent activity. It permits individuals or little companies who have extraordinary thoughts however not the way to in any case rejuvenate those activities. At a certain point, Kickstarter (and Indiegogo) were the most sizzling thing around on the web. Numerous brands that we these days know and use came from those destinations. They gave (and still give) openings for those brands as well as for us, the “swarm”. A chance to be a piece of something unique, new, uncommon. You could discover an extraordinary contraption, get it at a moderate cost and afterward perceive how the company thrives and agrees the world. Also, obviously, there are watches. Before all else few – commendable – watch brands came to Kickstarter. being quite possibly the most eminent names. . likewise began there, and obviously Baltic. However, eventually, these tasks transform into genuine watch brands with their own specific manners of subsidizing their new watches. Today, we’ll take a gander at the new Baltic model, the Aquascaphe, that can be requested straightforwardly from their website.

Baltic Chronograph 001 in the left, Aquascaphe on the right


We have covered Baltic various occasions on our pages previously. Their-first – chronograph, the Baltic Bicompax 001, made it to both Bert’s and Mike’s collection . RJ announced about the Aquascaphe’s dispatch about a month prior. Indeed, even Gerard shrouded it in one of his “ You Asked Us ” article. So it’s protected to say that we have given you however much data about the brand as could be expected. Despite the fact that it might appear to be that we have an astoundingly blazing affection for Baltic, it’s truly not the situation. The brand accomplishes something that merits appreciating and announcing probably as numerous different companies do, and we are glad to discuss their endeavors. Like the new Aquascaphe, which we at long last got the opportunity to take a gander at somewhat closer. First and foremost, it’s a pleasant looking watch. The plan is new with enough dashes of vintage to make it look interesting to a bigger audience.

Vintage Looks

The most conspicuous vintage highlights of the watch are the situation and certainly the arm band. Unquestionably, the dial additionally has a few components from past periods as well. The case takes after those original jumper watches that turned out in the last part of the ’50s and ’60s. Round shape, thick carries, no crown monitor except for huge screw-down crown for simple access with the jumping gloves on. The Aquascaphe is 39mm in distance across and 47mm from carry tip to drag tip. Indeed, even with the domed precious stone, it’s just 12mm thick. Wonderful size that is adequately large to be present day yet not an over the top 42mm+ monster. It’s a 316L steel watch with brushed completion. The lone cleaned territories of the watch are little brightening parts and the middle dots of-rice connections of the arm band. I love that look. Basic, and clean yet with the huge sapphire unidirectional bezel, it’s somewhat sporty.

We have seen comparable watches previously, simply think about the Tudor Black Bay family. In spite of the fact that those are reeditions they most likely have a lot of closeness to the Aquascaphe. I locate that the bored carries are a vintage gesture as well as make it simpler to trade between the tie and the arm band. Our audit watch is a preproduction model, so it has a vacant case back. The last form will clearly be extraordinary. The typical subtleties are there like the model name, precious stone sort (sapphire), the water opposition (200m) and the way that the watch comes from France (Assembled in France). Baltic prides itself of being a brand that does gathering in their country. While parts are coming from everywhere the world, as it’s the situation with numerous other enormous brands as well, they set up each Baltic watch close to Besançon.

Cream, silver or gilt

The Aquascaphe comes in 3 unique dials. This in itself is no enormous information. Notwithstanding, I feel that every single dial variety takes into account an alternate crowd. In reality, the format on every one of the 3 is the equivalent. You just discover one numeral which is the huge 12, the remainder of the hours have file markers. 3, 6 and 9 are the vintage-style long triangle file. They are likewise opening records, making the Aquascaphe’s face a type of a sandwich-dial. The “enrichment” is likewise very moderate; you have the brand name at 12 and the model name in addition to water obstruction over the 6 o’clock record. A cool detail that I like a great deal is the candy second hand. As I referenced above, arch gem ensures the dial, giving the Aquascaphe’s dial an amazing 3-dimensional look from side points. In any case, the most captivating component of the watch is the dial variations.

You can pick between Blue Gilt, Black Silver or Black Cream dials. The plan of every one of the 3 is the equivalent. However, the manner in which they change the Aquascaphe is something different. Blue Gilt is a mix of current and matured look. The dial has this velvety sparkle that Baltic calls gilt.  It’s a unique tone and the one I presumably like the best. At that point we have the Black Silver adaptation, similar to the one in the photographs. Taking everything into account this is the most contemporary look. Silver, dark and steel goes together consummately changing the Aquascaphe to an advanced jump watch. To wrap things up, the most conventional look; Black Cream. Fundamentally the same as the Black Silver yet his time you have fake patina. That is a thing which watch-folks either love or disdain. I’m on the wall with it yet I feel that on the off chance that you don’t try too hard, it’s fine.

Miyota Inside

When a watch is pretty much as moderate as the Baltic Aquascaphe, or any Baltic so far as that is concerned, you realize it comes with a compromise. One of the significant concessions of such brand is the development. This time it is a Miyota (Citizen Group) 9039. That is a 24-gem programmed development with 42 hours of force hold and 28.800 Vph. Not that anything isn’t right with a Japanese development. Unexpectedly. The 9039 is an extraordinary type, a workhorse of a development and in the event that it encourages Baltic to keep the cost of the Aquascaphe low, I’m holding nothing back. We ought not be so snooty about these things as long as they are working at any rate. What’s more, the Miyota is turned out great. It turned out great for the 3-hander Baltic and it’s an incredible expansion to the Aquascaphe as well.

Rubber as well as Steel

Another factor that I featured toward the start of the article is the incredibly durable dabs of rice arm band on the Aquascaphe. It shouts “vintage” from 1,000 miles and gives huge loads of character to the watch. Pleasant thick connections, cool old fashioned catch, strong end-interfaces, all the way. On the off chance that I could have one perception, and you realize I will, is the engraving on the catch. I would’ve either left it off or done in a more complex manner. It looks excessively conventional, yet it very well may be distinctive on the end result. Another decent touch is the fast delivery spring bars that come with the wristband for simpler evolving. Obviously, in the event that you favor an elastic tie, Baltic additionally got your covered. Their vintage Tropic-style lash is in reality overly decent, totally fitting to the watch. On the off chance that you request the Aquascaphe on the wristband the elastic comes with it too.


You can arrange the Baltic Aquascaphe, however you will not have it before the late spring kicks in one year from now. The conveyance time is set to June 2019, ideal for the mid year excursion. In the event that you request any dial minor departure from an elastic lash, the pre-request cost is $550 (roughly €482) without VAT. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you conclude that you need the wristband, and you ought to, just as the elastic (it comes with it at any rate) the cost is $626 (€549), VAT barred. Baltic offers a 2-year guarantee and free delivery with each watch. That is an incredible arrangement if you were to ask me. The watch looks pleasant, has an extraordinary wrist presence. You can truly pick the form that fits you the best. Value savvy I accept that the asking sum is reasonable, taking into account what you are getting. On the off chance that you are available for a jumper, the Baltic Aquascaphe is a power to be figured with.

Today is the latest day you can pre-request this watch with a huge rebate, .