Italians realize how to go up-to-date. What’s more, Anonimo, the Swiss brand with Italian roots is no special case. With their new model, they enter somewhat new ground with a smidgen more moderate measurements and the correct portion of a vintage contact. The outcome is eye-candy.

Anonimo’s signature comprises of expressive manly watches that as often as possible come in splendid tones. Their solidarity is device watches. What’s more, they like to stroll off in an unexpected direction. They were the first to introduce a plunge watch with a case made of bronze. They have made a few models with outrageous profundity appraisals. Anonimo’s new model isn’t pretty much as uproarious as its sisters. Inspecting its subtleties is an exercise in design.

Even however the brand exists since 1997 and certainly presents huge potential, it constantly held under the radar and was a greater amount of an insider tip. I could envision that this will change with the new Nautilo Vintage.

Meeting Anonimo

During last Baselworld Anonimo introduced themselves on the third floor of the Hyperion Hotel. The Hyperion, albeit found straightforwardly at the Baselworld court, isn’t essential for the fair’s official display territory. Along these lines more modest brands can get in contact with the Baselworld crowd at essentially lower costs than with a corner in the large lobbies. Anonimo was situated among a complex area shaped by the brands H. Moser & Cie. , De Bethune, Hautelence and Vulcain, which, since 2017 is Anonimo’s sister brand.

The region held for Anonimo was shockingly packed. Enormous gatherings of participants were enthusiastically giving near and talking about the new models. Such an interest is positive input for a more modest brand.


The first model of the Anonimo Nautilo Vintage line, which was uncovered to general society is the model with a blue sunburst dial. That dial seriously plays with light. Fine beams are going in shading from dull dim blue to practically white and everything in the middle of spread from the middle. It has a finely brushed surface which keeps it from reflecting like a mirror.

The next detail that stands apart is the slight blue artistic bezel trim. Bezel trims typically cover however much as could reasonably be expected of the bezel’s surface. However, here a meager ring of roundabout brushed steel is left between the bezel decorate and the dial. This, I believe, is one of the critical plan deceives that cause the exquisite impression of this watch. Numerals like clockwork and runs for the 5-minute spans in the middle are a norm for jump watch bezels. No moment scale, not in any event, for the initial 15 minutes is bizarre. With this plan, the Nautilo Vintage loses its ISO 6425 compliance. However, it acquires clearness and style. As you will discover the part of a jumping instrument is certifiably not a fundamental plan direct for this watch. Be that as it may, the bezel must be turned counter-clockwise.

Applied implement hour markers and cudgel hour and moment hands structure a steady and satisfying picture to peruse the time. Don’t stress over the twofold rod markers at 4 and 8. This is an Anonimo signature and with the twofold markers at 12 plans to show the letter A like Anonimo. The dainty second hand is underlined by a jewel molded surface which adds somewhere else to be covered by Super-LumiNova like different hands, the hour records and the zero spot on the bezel. So even in obscurity, you can peruse the time as well as guarantee yourself that your watch is as yet running. There is a date window at six which weakens the vintage hint of this watch. Be that as it may, a date sign is functional, and Anonimo coordinated it in a moderately unpretentious manner. At the six o’clock position, it is in offset with the content imprinted on the dial.

The section ring incorporates minute markers for precise perusing and even a sub-second scale, which is more normal for chronographs. The models appeared in Basel had four sub-second checks between two-minute markers coordinating the five spans each second of a 5 Hz development. Yet, the development inside the Anonimo Nautilo Vintage is the 4 Hz Sellita SW 200-1. First press pictures showed the right number of 3 sub-second ticks. We will check whether Anonimo fixes this in the last plan. It’s simply an insignificant detail. Yet, in the event that you add this detail, kindly, do it effectively. An unmistakable view on that dial is guaranteed by an enemy of intelligent covering on a sapphire crystal.

In the form with blue dial the hour markers, the part ring and the signs in the bezel decorate are hued in a yellowish artificial patina. The radiant paint on the hands is white, similar to the foundation of the date.

Already intensely allured by the model with a blue dial I was much more pulled in by a rendition with an inclination dial in a tone between dull earthy colored and dim dark. Had I not read that this adaptation is classified “Chocolat” I would have sworn that it would be dim and that the warm shade came about because of counterfeit light. It is very unsaturated earthy colored. Furthermore, generally significant: It looks phenomenal! Here all markers and signs and furthermore the hands (yet not the foundation of the date) have a grayish shading which can’t be viewed as some sort of false patina however is another illustration of a plan that regards even the smallest nuances.

In Basel Anonimo additionally gave models of the Nautilo Vintage a non-inclination chocolate earthy colored sunburst dial and one with a plain white dial. These adaptations show further varieties of a pretty much matured white on markers and hands and in the bezel.


All of Anonimo’s watches have a pad molded case, thus does this one. The edges of that pad base line up with the external edge of the bezel so just the corners project. The correct side of the case is reached out by a classy gatekeeper that helps to remember the switch in brief repeater watch to ensure the screw-down crown at four o’clock. Bended hauls which are optically isolated from the case body guarantee a comfortable fit on your wrist.

Most surfaces of the steel case are brushed. A couple of accents are cleaned, which adds the correct portion of artfulness without losing the instrument character and without giving the watch a bling-bling charisma.

The screwed back of the case conveys a sapphire window offering a view on the Sellita SW 200-1. Here, I would have favored a shut back. A lovely etching would have enchanted me more than the view on a moderately dull standard development. Yet, this doesn’t hurt as you can’t see it when you are wearing the watch. What’s more, it doesn’t weaken the 200 m profundity rating of the watch.

The distance across of the case is 42mm. Taking a gander at the watch on my 19cm wrist, I locate this difficult to accept. The Nautilo Vintage appears to be enormous! I have watches with a size of 44mm that seem more modest on my wrist. This is brought about by the pad shape and the flimsy bezel trim. Yet, as the watch, indeed, is more unobtrusive, it rests comfortably at any rate on marginally more grounded wrists.

With a tallness of somewhat less than 12mm the case is neither level nor massive. It is sufficiently thick to be acknowledged as an instrument watch without being cumbersome – the ideal measurement for this watch.


The arm band comprises of three lines of connections of which the external connections are brushed, and the middle connections are cleaned. There you have the bling! I look at this as an admission to the polish subject of this watch. What’s more, I didn’t encounter these cleaned connects too shiny.

The wristband coordinates the watch, is very much established and leaves a connection of strength. It is comfortable. Then again, there are arm band plans that better incorporate the wristband into the watch case.

What I enjoyed about this wristband is the collapsing fasten. It’s a powerful and practical piece of metal, not simply that sort of steel sheet we see over and over again utilized as fastens. It has a particular plan (here we are back in the plan exercise), and a wellbeing cut gets it.

The wristband is wide, 22mm I would figure. This adds to the apparent size and consequently to the manliness of the watch.

Anonimo offers this watch likewise on calfskin ties in a few tones. You may believe that a cowhide lash and a jump watch don’t coordinate. In any case, at that point you would disparage Anonimo. They own a patent for a cycle named KODIAK K to treat cowhide, making it impervious to water. Furthermore, these ties don’t just look great. They are comfortable. The clasp on these ties, similar to the arm band fasten, has an unmistakable Anonimo plan that coordinates the watch and that adds simply one more sign that somebody thought often about the plan of this watch.

Concluding Thoughts

Even however the Nautilo Vintage gives whatever a genuine jump observe needs, there are different watches available that serve better as an instrument for plunging. The delightful dials, for instance, don’t improve decipherability. However, that isn’t the motivation behind this watch. Anonimo adds a remarkable part to the group of rich games watches. I’m rehashing myself: It is damn beautiful.

The Anonimo Nautilo Vintage has a particular plan that is expounded down to the littlest detail. A few different brands with a lot higher regard pitiably bombed in making a rich games watch shipping their mark. Rather than that, they just introduced substandard duplicates of famous plans. Anonimo improves. Much better. Furthermore, they significantly offer their noteworthy outcome for an appealing price.

The Anonimo Nautilo Vintage is reported to be accessible in July as of now. Look at the authority for more data (and direct ordering).