What’s cooler than a super compressor case? A bronze super compressor case! Alpina delivered their Seastrong Diver Heritage with a PVD bronze case and earthy colored dial. Let’s have a nearer look.

The Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage PVD Bronze isn’t another watch. Effectively in 2016, we checked on the tempered steel adaptation ( here ) and closed it takes after the first 36mm Alpina Seastrong 10 from the 1960s really well. The size is knock up to 42mm, and obviously, there’s a cutting edge development inside. Ideal for today’s diver watch devotees. This year, Alpina (having a place with a similar company as Frederique Constant) comes with a similar watch in a cool bronze shading plan. It isn’t a ‘solid’ bronze watch however made of hardened steel with a bronze PVD treatment. Let’s have a nearer look.

Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage In PVD Bronze

When I unpack a watch for survey, I generally attempt to think about the intended interest group for a specific watch. Who has Alpina been pointing when creating or planning this watch, for instance. As I would see it, vintage watch lovers are trying to convince purchasing something present day. Just periodically they are set up to dish out some cash for an advanced rendition of a particular watch. I’m really persuaded this Alpina isn’t a conspicuous decision for this gathering of individuals. For who is it at that point? Maybe you can’t consistently arrange a purchaser, however I feel that somebody who adores the vibe of a vintage watch with a contemporary touch could be exceptionally keen on a bronze-shaded jumping watch in a super compressor case. I keep thinking about whether it is obvious to them what is the issue here, or have a comprehension of its set of experiences, yet I expect that most purchasers today get their work done prior to pulling the trigger. The main motivation to purchase a watch, obviously, is that you like it. What it looks like, its particulars, and furthermore significant, the incentive for money.

To start with the last mentioned, Alpina has put a €1595 sticker price on this Seastrong Diver Heritage in PVD bronze. That’s €100 more than the standard renditions, in tempered steel. In the event that you like the shade of bronze or gold, the extra €100 won’t keep you away from purchasing this PVD bronze rendition of the Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage, I am sure.

Brown Dial

There are two renditions of the Seastrong Diver Heritage in PVD bronze. The model we have here today for this article (reference AL-525BRC4H4), with a white inward plunging bezel, and afterward there’s a rendition with an inside earthy colored jumping bezel (reference AL-525BR4H4). In the event that you don’t like the two-tone impact of the white plunging bezel, the all-earthy colored form may be an extraordinary alternative.

The dim earthy colored tone goes very well with the bronze shade of the case. The white external ring for the inward diver bezel gives a pleasant difference, and I lean toward it over the all earthy colored adaptation. To every their own, obviously. At 3.30, you will discover a date opening with a bronze-shaded edge. The white date plate compares pleasantly with the white external ring of the dial. I realize a few group like to have the date plate in a coordinating tone with the dial, yet for intelligibility reasons, I think a white date circle with dark printing works better. The middle piece of the dial has a sunburst finish, which works pleasantly in the daylight. On the dial, you will likewise discover the printing of the Alpina logo and the two lines beneath the middle pinion in this overlaid shading. It is quite astonishing that this is discernible under any point, Alpina architects utilized unequivocally the correct tone for an unobtrusive differentiation without compromising its coherence. The earthy colored imprinting on the white inward bezel consummately coordinates the dial tone. The dial of the watch is exceptionally adjusted, and I have nothing to condemn here. A job done the right way by Alpina.

One of the diver’s watch qualities is radiant hands. For this situation, the rose gold plated hour, moment, and seconds hands are iridescent. Albeit not referenced in the details of the watch, I’d say it is Super-LumiNova. You will likewise discover the triangle on the jumping bezel to enlighten, be it less unmistakable than the hands. That may have to do with the surface tone. Regardless, there’s no artificial patina, simply white. In low-light conditions, the hands will sparkle in green.

PVD bronze case

I won’t lie to you; I like the bronze and gold tones on watches nowadays. We’ve been discussing it here regularly, and referenced it more than once in our podcasts , and this Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage in PVD bronze is no special case. It simply looks cool. The tone is somewhat redder than you’d anticipate from a bronze case. This may have to do with the PVD treatment. The watch nearly looks more like it is red gold than bronze, frankly. The two crowns (one of the working the bezel, the other for setting time and date) and the screw-down case back completely got a similar treatment. Typically, you will locate that a ton of bronze watches have a steel case in light of the fact that the skin doesn’t consistently react well to bronze. I trust it is diverse when there’s a PVD bronze case back rather than ‘solid’ bronze. I’ve worn this watch a couple of days straight, and nothing happened to my skin. Likewise, nothing happened to the outside of the watch. Where you’ll discover patina rapidly on bronze cases, nothing occurred here up until now (despite the fact that fingerprints are truly obvious). So if some portion of the fun in claiming a bronze watch is the patina, you need to look elsewhere.

The upper crown is utilized to pivot the bezel, the lower crown to set the time and date. The two crowns are screw-down, to guarantee water obstruction. The Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage has a water obstruction of 300 meters. Looking into it back, you’ll discover the Alpina logo in bas alleviation and all the fundamental data engraved around it. Inside the watch, we discover the type AL-525 development. This development depends on the Sellita SW200, which is a multiplication of the ETA2824-2. A vigorous programmed development that shows time and date. As per Alpina, their AL-525 “may” be undecorated. Given the shut case back, I will expect it is undecorated. This doesn’t impact the exhibition of the development (38 hours of force hold), yet it is only acceptable to know.

Thoughts on the Seastrong Diver Heritage in PVD bronze

This is a lovely simple watch to wear. The size of the Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage is really unassuming (42mm x 10.7mm and a drag to-carry size of 49mm), yet beside that, the watch is only simple on the eyes. It looks great, the measurements are acceptable, simple to work, and the calfskin lash is delicate and comfortable. This could be a day by day wearer for somebody who enjoys the super compressor case and the bronze tone.

My just purpose of analysis is the gleam working on this issue. The surface is extremely smooth, and even the brushed case band has this try to please. It can feel somewhat like wearing a doublé (or gold-plated) watch on occasion. An instrument watch, similar to a diver, ought to be a smidgen more matte. Or on the other hand that’s at any rate what I anticipate that they should be. I can envision that after a touch of legitimate wear, the watch will get a few scratches and becomes somewhat more tangle. At this stage, my concern would be the means by which long the PVD treatment will last with regards to scratches. The watch I got for this audit was pristine, and I didn’t want to scratch it deliberately to perceive what will occur. I don’t figure this should keep you away from purchasing this watch on the off chance that you extravagant claiming one, yet at any rate know that a PVD treatment isn’t scratch resistant.

All-in-all, I like this watch, and I figure I would pick it over the treated steel form that Balazs audited a couple of years prior. The bronze tone looks great, and it is certainly something else. The Sellita base development is a strong entertainer, and at this value point, a decent decision. The individuals who have vintage desires should look somewhere else, yet on the off chance that you aren’t comfortable purchasing a vintage watch (and I can envision) however cherish the vibes of one, this Seastrong Diver Heritage is a cool option with a bronze twist.

As referenced over, the cost of the Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage in PVD bronze is €1595,- . It comes on a delicate and decent looking cowhide tie with a pin buckle.

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