The Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition models are here and we’re treated to amazing engraved details that are meant to summon Shizukuishi — the home of the brand.

Shizukuishi is the location in Japan where Grand Seiko watches are expertly crafted. It also happens to be a mountainous area notable for its natural beauty. To celebrate the area and the birthday of Seiko’s upper level marque, we have the Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition models. Two watches were created for this anniversary and we’ll see that both boast some amazing detailing.

SBGW263 — Platinum and Engraved by Hand

The first and most exclusive piece inside the Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition contributions is reference SBGW263. This watch features wonderful hand engravings on both the dial and hands. The shapes you see are propelled by the “Shizukuishi” name itself. Shizukuishi translates to the peaceful hints of water trickling from a cave ceiling onto rock. That’s a beautiful relaxing sound, correct? Simply contemplating it can chill a man out. The hands show these water beads while the dial shows the graceful splashing onto a rock surface. Apparently, this handiwork takes days and it made considerably more difficult on the 18k white gold dial because of its curved surface. Indeed, even the Grand Seiko logo has been inscribed! The artisans of GS have left no stone (or splashed-upon rock) unturned as they continued looking for esthetic mastery.

The SBGW263 has a 39mm platinum case. The basic shape debuted on the Elegance line in 2019 and it’s one of my favorites. The hand-winding caliber 9S64 forces the watch. This form has a strong case back that’s decorated with the 18-karat yellow gold Grand Seiko lion medallion. A black crocodile strap balances this dress piece. There might be 20 of this Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition and it will sell in boutiques starting in July for €101,000.

Genuinely limited editions

Last year, Grand Seiko introduced the , a platinum cased watch with an engraved “snowflake” case and dial. That was an absolute shocker. And I have almost certainly that this SBGW263 will be the same. Is it ridiculously costly? Goodness, yes. But that’s the thing with really limited versions. I’m certain that all 20 pieces of this Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition will sell out immediately. This is the sort of very good quality workmanship that I appreciate seeing. Regardless of whether just from afar.

SBGW264 — Rose Gold with a Green Engraved Dial

The second model, reference SBGW264, comes in 18-karat rose gold and utilizations the same 39mm case shape as the platinum adaptation. The centerpiece of reference SBGW264 is its machine-engraved green dial that echoes the backwoods of white birch trees in Shizukuishi. Grand Seiko makes reference to that at certain angles the intricate edges of the dial engravings look white like the bark on these trees.

The hand-winding 9S64 appreciates another run out in reference SBGW264. The development is visible via a display back. This model is available from July. In the event that you want one, you had better be quick. Just 120 of these beauties are because of hit boutiques. Pricing is a bit more approachable at €25,000. The case material looks great close to the brown leather alligator strap.

It’s rare that I like the more affordable form of anything, but of the two Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Editions, the SBGW264 is my choice. The dial looks hypnotizing with all of its detail and it works beautifully close to the rose gold case. At this price, it’s not for everybody, but rather I’d gladly take this over a more costly Patek Philippe Calatrava.

Final Thoughts

I think the brand has paid a fitting tribute to its set of experiences with these Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition pieces. The details look awesome and really show the artistry that’s possible inside the Shizukuishi studio. Also, I’m a big fan of this case. I genuinely believe it is one of the better shapes on the market today. We’ll ideally be back for certain hands-on photographs once the boutiques have these in stock.

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