Last year, Seiko presented the Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8-Day Power Reserve SBGD001 during BaselWorld, however didn’t show it to everybody. It was in plain view, yet accessible to a couple of business sectors as it were. This year, we came arranged and requested that they remove it from the showcase for us to take some nice photographs and mess with it for some time. Not a lot changed about this piece during the current year, however as Grand Seiko turned into a different substance (and association), they additionally changed the dials on existing models. Remembering for this ‘lead’ Eight-Day Power Reserve in platinum. It is currently being alluded to as SBGD201 and traded ‘Seiko’ on the dial for ‘Grand Seiko’.

This watch has been created and produced in Grand Seiko’s miniature craftsman studio in Shiojiri. I visited this production, close to Nagano, in 2015 and was intrigued by the craftsmanship and commitment from the watch creators there. It was there where I was given a full clarification of the Spring Drive instrument, which you can peruse in my visit report of the Shiojiri manufacture . The development inside the Grand Seiko Eight-Day Power Reserve SBGD201 is type 9R01. Ordinarily, the 9R (Spring Drive) type just has one barrel, yet for this 9R01 Grand Seiko connected three spring barrels together, broadening the force hold by over 250%.

Besides the stunningly completed 9R01 development of the SBGD201, the case and dial are heavenly. Grand Seiko utilized Pt950 (platinum) for the case, which has the well known Zaratsu cleaning procedure. Giving the case this delightful sharp characterized edges and shocking completion. Its jewel dust dial is a piece of workmanship also, and as indicated by Grand Seiko, it ought to help you to remember a colder time of year morning in the Suwa locale, close to the Micro Artist studio where this watch has been developed.

Without misrepresenting, this is the most wonderful Grand Seiko watch I’ve at any point seen till now. I love a portion of the models with the Snowflake dial for instance, or the Mt Iwate dial, yet this Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8-Day Power Reserve SBGD201 is something different. The platinum without a doubt has its impact on the heaviness of the watch (which I like definitely) and I found the plan and size (43mm x 13.2mm) to be right on the money. The boxed AR covered sapphire gem gives you a brilliant view on the precious stone residue dial. When putting this piece on, you realize it is a long ways past some other Grand Seiko you’ve at any point attempted. The lone thing that comes close are the platinum Credor (likewise Seiko) models. I would even challenge to go above and beyond and say that this watch is positively fair and square of some free haute horlogerie brands. It is a genuine competitor to the huge and acclaimed very good quality watchmaking houses in Geneva and Glashütte for sure.

Grand Seiko’s SBGD201 weighs 168 grams along with the calfskin lash and the three-crease fasten (likewise platinum). At the point when you think a gold watch is substantial, you need to attempt this. I discovered that it stays to be comfortable and entirely lovely on the wrist. I couldn’t say whether that would in any case be the situation if this watch went ahead a platinum arm band also. The GS Spring Drive 8-Day Power Reserve watch has – despite the fact that it is just a three-hands watch – a great deal of quality on the wrist. I’ve attempted and seen a ton of watches, including some grand complications, however I would lean toward this Zaratsu cleaned Grand Seiko watch over a great deal of them. This is a piece you purchase for yourself, not to dazzle others. In spite of the fact that individuals who understand what you are wearing, will be intrigued (and not just by the sticker price). That is the place where Grand Seiko has an effect compared to a significant number of the Swiss made watches. These are watches that are purchased for your own pleasure and delight, not to satisfy others or to make a ‘explanation’ that you’re fruitful or can purchase a ton of ‘good taste’. No, this watch is something you will appreciate each time you take a gander at the fine sharp lines of the case, the jewel dust dial or when you flip it over to examine the lovely completed and built Spring Drive development. I can envision that individuals who purchased this watch will simply shrug their shoulders when they’re being inquired as to why they didn’t accepting a Swiss or German watch brand. This watch isn’t for everybody, nor should it be.

Even if your heart doesn’t tick quicker as a result of the Grand Seikos you’ve seen till now, if the SBGD201 doesn’t make you eager about the Japanese craftsmanship nothing will.

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8-Day Power Reserve SBGD201 retails for 60.000,- Euro and isn’t accessible around the world. You should ask at your nearby (Grand) Seiko merchant on the off chance that they can arrange one for your market/country.

Now, 60.000 Euro is a terrible parcel of cash and you can purchase your Patek Philippe or A. Lange & Söhne for this sort of cash, or a platinum Rolex Day-Date. I considered what I would do. I love the A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 (in platinum) and I could shake a Rolex Day-Date in platinum, yet I am certain my cash would go to this watch that was fabricated close to Nagano in Japan. In the higher section of fine watchmaking, this was the most amazing watch I’ve seen during the yearly BaselWorld show. It helps that I had the delight and honor to visit their plants in Japan, which certainly opened my eyes.