If there’s one thing that Grand Seiko totally aces, it is the specialty of dial making. This cooperation piece between Texas-based dealer Timeless and Grand Seiko is the ideal example of that.

Grand Seiko needs no presentation here on Fratello, we shrouded them a great deal over the most recent couple of years, and in light of current circumstances. It took us a while to get to know the top of the line watches from Seiko (and since 2017, Grand Seiko is working as a different legal element). All things considered, when this bug has messed with you, it becomes extreme not to compare them to top of the line Swiss watch brands. In light of their outrageous endeavors in completing dials, hour markers, hands, and fundamentally any remaining parts, Grand Seiko is an energizing brand for lovers who truly value watchmaking instead of purchasing a brand name on the dial.

But, I am certain you are now mindful of Grand Seiko’s expanded prominence over the most recent couple of years dependent on the inclusion here and somewhere else. I’ve additionally been educated by Grand Seiko and some of its retailers that the sales numbers have been nothing less except for great. Right away, let’s view the Grand Seiko SBGE249 restricted version that has been done in close joint effort with Timeless, an authority Grand Seiko dealer in Texas, USA.

Grand Seiko SBGE249 Silver Blizzard

This Grand Seiko SBGE249 may look natural, however it is unquestionably another watch in the Grand Seiko collection. It has been vigorously affected by existing Grand Seiko models, like the popular Snowflake (SBGA211, that we assessed here ) and the SBGA125 (in view of a 62GS case with a snowstorm dial). What I didn’t like about the Snowflake SBGA211 is the titanium case and bracelet, which has been fixed with this Grand Seiko SBGE249. It has a similar 41mm case and bracelet as the SBGA211 yet in stainless steel. I don’t mind the material thusly, yet I just don’t like the light-weight on the wrist to such an extent. I need a watch to be noticeable on the wrist when wearing it, and with titanium, it is light to the point that I want to (fanatically) check in the event that it is still there.

The silver snowstorm dial isn’t new, as referenced above, yet staggering. Grand Seiko (and Seiko) like to take the environmental factors of their workshops and produces as motivation for their dials, like the Mt. Iwate, blanketed mountains, and a snow snowstorm. The snowstorm dial is shiny white, and from a good ways, it may help you to remember the platinum dial of a Rolex Yacht-Master, yet very close, you will perceive how much detail and profundity has been made on this dial.

Even however the commonplace Spring Drive design (with a force save pointer situated at 7.30) has been utilized, the dial additionally helps me particularly to remember the GMT Hi-Beat models, for example, my own SBGJ201 “Mt. Iwate” . This, obviously, has a great deal to do with the blued GMT hand on this dial and the 24-hour scale on the rehaut. The dangerously sharp hands and perfectly cleaned hour markers give a lovely differentiation with the Blizzard dial of this Grand Seiko SBGE249. There’s no utilization of iridescent material on the dial, like Lumibrite, yet from my own insight, I can reveal to you that the dial is truly readable, additionally in low-light conditions. This has to do with the high clean completion on the edges of great importance markers and hands. Indeed, even the smallest measure of light is being reflected on those little surfaces. Five hands on this dial sound like a ton, however it is very much done and not upsetting by any stretch of the imagination. The excellent sharp hour and moment hands have a silver tone, while the other three hands are blued, giving much more difference to the silver snowstorm dial.

I imagine that Timeless settled on some excellent choices on selecting the dial and hands. They impeccably combine on the Grand Seiko SBGE249. The design of the dial is, obviously, likewise relying upon the kind of development that is being utilized, and as should be obvious, it is a Spring Drive (due to the force hold pointer) with a GMT complication.

Caliber 96R66 Spring Drive

A part has been said and expounded on the smooth running Spring Drive development, which combines conventional watchmaking with an electric speed control instrument (Tri-Synchro controller) and a quartz precious stone to give exact timekeeping (+/ – a second out of each day deviation all things considered, with a limit of 15 seconds out of every month). A customary fountainhead controls the type 9R66 (so it doesn’t utilize a battery notwithstanding the quartz precious stone), just the mechanical escapement has been supplanted with the Spring Drive one, which produces electricity that controls the IC. This IC cows the electromagnetic slowing down that controls the speed of the wheel train. Subsequently the extremely quick turning float wheel that can be seen through the sapphire precious stone presentation back and the smooth running seconds hand on the dial. Spring Drive isn’t just utilized for Grand Seiko, yet you will likewise discover it in the Seiko Prospex arrangement, for example, or in the top of the line Credor sub-brand of Seiko.

As you can see underneath, the wavering weight is pleasantly enlivened and engraved with the Grand Seiko name. It is likewise just here that you can see that the Grand Seiko SBGE249 is a restricted release of 250 pieces in particular. On the gem, you will discover the ‘Limited Edition’ phrasing (and the Grand Seiko lion), and the remarkable number of the watch has been engraved on the steel bezel of the caseback.

A Real GMT

The type 9R66, yet in addition their high beat type 9R86, is viewed as a genuine GMT by aficionados (and us). What’s the significance here? Indeed, it implies that the GMT hand will progress comparing the normal hour and minutes hands. So on the off chance that you right time, the GMT hand will simply track. Be that as it may, these sorts of GMT developments additionally have a crown setting where you can just progress or converse the neighborhood hour hand, without moving any of different hands. An autonomous hour hand. This implies that on the off chance that you are in an alternate timezone, you just need to change the nearby hour hand so you can peruse the hour of the area where you are. The blue GMT hand at that point shows your home time and demonstrates whether it is day or night over yonder. It is the manner by which a GMT watch should work as per many, and how I like it actually also to work. The other variety that’s out there are watches (or developments) where you can freely set the GMT hand, however not the ordinary hour hand that shows nearby time. Setting those sort of GMT watches feel a digit unlogical in their setting and operation.

Some Thoughts

This 41mm watch is a staggeringly versatile watch and an ideal companion for the individuals who head out broadly to places with an alternate timezone than their own. It very well may be worn with a business clothing however is without a doubt likewise truly wearable with more easygoing outfits. The popular Zaratsu (reflect sharp edge) cleaning may see a scratch or ding when you wear a watch like this every day, except it will add some character to it too, obviously. I wind up frequently befuddled when I experience somebody with a watch the person had for quite a long time, however without a single indication of wear. On the off chance that scratches trouble you, it is acceptable to realize that Grand Seiko is likewise preparing its nearby watchmakers and administration focuses to perform Zaratsu cleaning. So it doesn’t need to return to Japan for administration for that.

With the Grand Seiko SBGE249, Timeless made a beautiful variety dependent on existing elements, for example, the snowstorm dial. Where the Snowflake is the most well known Grand Seiko model right now, this Blizzard adaptation is for the individuals who don’t need to have a titanium watch (like me) and like to have a GMT complication. The quality is awesome at the retail cost of $5900.- USD. I don’t think there’s anything out there that can top this right now. The completion on all fours markers, for example, are on the level of a portion of the haute horlogerie brands from Switzerland and Germany.

And sometimes, shockingly better than those brands. The case and bracelet are perfectly wrapped up (by hand) and are hailed by many. Not certain on the off chance that I am a fanatic of the Speedmaster style bracelet, however that’s just in regards to the plan and has nothing to do with the completing or quality. The catch works flawlessly and highlights the GS logo. The Grand Seiko SBGE249 is water-impervious to 100 meters, additionally because of the screw-down crown.

The Grand Seiko SBGE249 was at that point presented last May, and it is restricted to 250 pieces as it were. Despite the fact that conveyance began in September, Timeless lets us realize that there are as yet a couple of available. More determinations can be found in the graph below.