For a long while, aficionados of Grand Seiko have been expecting a more unified presence in Europe. Lastly, it appears to be those supplications have been replied. On April 1st, 2020, another auxiliary of the Seiko Watch Corporation, Tokyo, will settle in Paris. Make proper acquaintance to Grand Seiko Europe S.A.S., the Japanese giant’s subsequent stage on its walk around the globe.

The entirely claimed arm of the Asian business will deal with all the deals and showcasing of the brand and its items across the mainland of Europe. For those of us that a) adoration the brand, and b) work occupied with covering its moves and deliveries, this is unimaginably welcome information. The actual items are infrequently being referred to. In any case, the methodologies for successfully communicating them to an undeniably energetic crowd could every so often be improved. Having a devoted European station can just assistance impel the standing of Grand Seiko upwards in the personalities of an inquisitive clientele.

Name recognition

Information is critical. Making extravagance buys isn’t something individuals manage without a lot of thought. Buying a brand that has a gigantic measure of regard bodes well. Grand Seiko produces items in a comparable value section to Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, or Breitling, for instance. Those brands have dauntless name acknowledgment. Competing with that degree of acknowledgment requires a more immediate and comprehensive communication strategy.

And that is by and large the course Grand Seiko is seeking after. Therefore, our inclusion of a brand we at Fratello love will keep on inclining up throughout the next few months as we work increasingly more intimately with communication chiefs currently exclusively centered around our home market. Energizing occasions lie ahead.

One of Europe’s elite

Led by recently designated president Frédéric Bondoux, Grand Seiko Europe S.A.S.’s expectations are absolutely clear: To build up the brand as one of Europe’s first class. Introduced as administrator of Grand Seiko Europe S.A.S. is the current Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Akio Naito.

Chairman and CEO of Seiko Watch Corporation Shinji Hattori said, “The production of this new company is another significant advance forward for Grand Seiko. I accept that we are toward the beginning of another brilliant time for Grand Seiko.”

And for anybody wanting to visit a Grand Seiko store, you are in karma. Walk 2020 welcomes a new Grand Seiko Boutique in the Place Vendôme, Paris. See you for the most part present! Find out more .