Gavox is a Belgian miniature brand began in 2011 by Michael Happé, grandson of one of the unbelievable Flying Tigers. With DNA like that, Gavox produces, as you may envision, flight situated watches at sensible costs. We’ve covered a couple of their pieces before – the Aurora and the Squadron  – and discovered them to be fit and fascinating watches. Having solidified their position in the miniature brand field, Gavox have ventured up their game by delivering their first programmed watch, the Gavox Avidiver, which represents aeronautics jumper. The half breed name may incense a few people who think Gavox is attempting to satisfy everybody, except the watch end up being a strong day by day wearer.

In terms of actual size, the Avidiver is 43mm wide and 12.8mm thick. The watch wears well for its size and the huge dial and clear plan language make for moment comprehensibility. Taking a gander at the watch, it’s significantly more cockpit than jumping chime notwithstanding its 200m profundity rating. From the curiously large numerals at three, six, and nine o’clock, to the very measure roused blade hands, the watch’s DNA is generally from the universe of aviation.

The dial markers, hands, and even the turning pointer are completely covered with SuperLuminova and the lume performs outstandingly the entire evening. The dial merits some consideration. Gavox has made a four layer sandwich dial with thick lume under the genuine dial’s surface. This gives the dial a fascinating feeling of profundity and brings a specific measure of refinement that’s not totally common at this cost point.

One gesture to vintage jumping is the utilization of two crowns, giving the watch a scramble of vintage Super Compressor style. Sadly, the crowns are horrendously little for a jumper’s watch (or, so far as that is concerned, a pilot’s watch). Inside the flawlessly completed, brushed treated steel case, which is additionally accessible in PVD, and under the maybe pointless display case back, beats the admired Miyota 9015, a solid, hacking, and hand-winding type created by Citizen. This development works at 28,800vph and gives a fair 42 hour power save. Despite the fact that this is a beautiful common and maybe dull development, the Avidiver models I’ve inspected have all kept superb time. Also, winding and setting have been a breeze.

The Avidiver is an ideal illustration of what Gavox progresses admirably. They’ve taken the most basic plan components of numerous exemplary pilot’s watches, flawlessly modernized them, and enhanced make a one of a kind, avionics motivated watch which is equipped for going plunging. The most noteworthy advancement on the Avidiver is Gavox’s response to the pivoting jumper’s bezel. As opposed to the customary unidirectional turning bezel with some kind of supplement printed with passed time numerals, they picked a novel mobile pointer design.

The lumed orange pointer, regularly situated in a reason assembled pattern at the twelve o’clock position, can be spun freely around the dial by methods for a screw down crown situated at the two o’clock position. The crown even has a little orange triangle painted on it on the off chance that you become inebriated or fail to remember. This moving triangle hypothetically permits the watch to be used in an assortment of ways from estimating slipped by time on a plunge, to monitoring a subsequent time region, to denoting an hourly span, and that’s just the beginning. The activity of utilizing the pointer is simple and positive. The crown, in spite of the fact that somewhat little for my taste, screws out effectively and twists the triangle rapidly. This is a cool element and a creative one in this $500 value range. As a side note, this pointer highlight is most handily utilized when the watch is off the wrist. I thought that it was hard to unscrew either crown while wearing the watch.

I feel compelled to comment on the division of the flying jumper idea. Jumper’s and pilot’s watches are innately extraordinary however are both reason assembled apparatuses with explicit working measures. All you truly require to be a plunging watch is competent water opposition, neatness, sturdiness, and a methods for estimating slipped by time. The idea of what makes a pilot’s watch is more dubious and presumably has more to do with style. Fundamentally, with a pilot’s watch, we are regularly discussing a huge, readable dial housed for a situation which is sufficiently tough to go on flights and endure low pressing factor environments.

So, to a degree, any diver’s watch can be a pilot’s watch. In any case, to be a compelling “flight jumper” some thought should exist for the undersea world and the mists above. The Avidiver endeavors that accomplishment by combining water opposition, a methods for estimating slipped by time (and other stuff), and a clear avionics look with obvious legibility.

Having said all that, I can’t compose this audit without addressing the genuine plunging usefulness of this pivoting triangle and the Avidiver all in all. I’m a confirmed commercial jumper and when it comes time to choose a watch to go plunging with, I go after the one which most effectively and dependably guarantees I will know my slipped by time. I frequently utilize a plunging computer also however believe a watch to be a significant backup.

Knowing your jump time and decompression profile is a day to day existence and demise matter which isn’t be trifled with. The odds that I, subsequent to bouncing off the boat, wharf, sea shore, or whatever, will have the option to unscrew the shockingly little two o’clock crown on the Avidiver wearing wet neoprene gloves and some way or another, keeping the now uncovered imperative watch innards dry, to fasten the crown back prior to leaving the surface are horrendously little. In light of this, for genuine plunging, I’d leave the Avidiver at home. On the off chance that Gavox should need to deliver a “genuine” jumper’s watch, they’d need to make a few methods for estimating slipped by time without imperiling the development by unscrewing the crown in or close the water.

The just other little issue with a generally great miniature brand piece is the decision of a silicone lash. While formed in a cool shape which impeccably fits the case and furthermore has the wing theme seen on the dial and seconds hand, the material itself is commonplace silicone, or, in other words it pulls in build up and dust. While truly comfortable, the silicone tie is difficult to keep clean and debases my impression of the watch. At the point when light hits a silicone tie, it nearly shines, sort of like a sticky bear. While not an immense arrangement, few would contend for the creation of watch lashes from candy store materials. In the event that this watch were on a characteristic elastic lash cast in a similar form as the silicone tie it comes with, the watch would feel more worth its 650 Euro sticker price. In spite of the fact that the Avidiver just comes with the one lash, its common 22mm drag dividing makes for simple changing to other better quality tie choices.

My issues with the Gavox Avidiver are, for most of watch wearers most of the time, little and immaterial particularly while considering the value point. By and large, I truly like this watch and it makes them interest highlights like the lumed triangle around the dial, which is something I appreciate. This is a strong and generally sensibly evaluated watch for somebody who appreciates the aeronautics look however perhaps additionally prefers to swim, snorkel, or scuba plunge with his watch. Despite the fact that this value range has a great deal of intriguing alternatives, the Avidiver offers a ton for the cash and splits from the very common miniature brand jumper language to make a close to exceptional plan idea with genuine style and a utilitarian feel.

The Avidiver is accessible with either a dark, white, or blue dial with either a brushed tempered steel case or a PVD covered treated steel case. It comes in a wooden introduction confine with a silicone tie a complimentary tone, and it’s valued at $570.

Necessary Data

>Brand: Gavox

>Model: Avidiver

>Price: $570 (charge excluded)

>Size: 43mm wide

>Would analyst by and by wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone who is keen on flight watches who additionally needs a watch which is equipped for effortless water use.

>Best normal for watch: The pivoting three-sided bezel marker is a delight to utilize and takes into consideration an assortment of timing capacities. It’s likewise lovely novel at the moment.

>Worst normal for watch: The silicone lash. A watch at a value like this ought to have genuine rubber.