Sitting by the sea some place along the shoreline of Menorca, I look down at my wrist and spy the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005, a watch that is not excessively commonplace of anything that I’d decide to wear because of its technique for showing the time. All things considered, because of the consideration of a cover, I wanted to follow this JDM-just piece down and add it to the assortment. It’s a peculiarity, however it’s a watch that has been making waves online for a ton of reasons. We should get into it, talk about what it is, the thing that it isn’t and my in general impressions.

The Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 is one of three customary creation renditions of an all-advanced Landmaster inside the Prospex line of watches (a SBEP001 with silver equipment and specifying is accessible alongside the SBEP003 with Pepsi bezel – ah, and there are 2 more restricted releases being sold at explicit Japanese retailers). I picked this variation since I like the gold subject for my non-mechanical Seiko “jumpers” and fortunately have a companion in Japan who assisted with the buy. Planned related to Japanese plan firm “lowercase”, it’s intended to be somewhat astounding. All things considered, it brings the goods.

Even however the guidance manual advises us to try not to pour water straightforwardly onto the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005, it’s still acceptable down to 200 meters and highlights a bi-directional turning bezel to assist with the circumstance of errands. It’s a sun based fueled watch utilizing the S802 type that runs for a very long time when completely energized and can “rest” for as long as 20 months when changing to control save mode. At almost 50mm right around, it’s not little, but rather it’s generally thin (in light of everything) at 14.1mm thick. The silicone lash is 22mm in width and the Digi Tuna contains helpful spring bar apparatus openings to help changes.

Interestingly, the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 is fitted with a “scratchproof” plastic cover fastened with four dark covered hex-key screws. The bezel and mid case are apparently made of a similar stuff. The precious stone is just depicted as “glass” and incorporates a capacity that illuminates the non-illuminated showcase when tapped while the watch is on the wrist.

It’s not until one flips the watch over on its rear that steel is found. For this situation, it’s an essential cover that is hung on with four screws. Data is meager with just the Seiko name, Prospex “X”, chronic number, water obstruction, the way that the watch is made in China and a copy retelling of the catch usefulness probably to guarantee the caseback is returned on correctly.

With four fastens, the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 contains some run of the mill advanced watch usefulness like caution, 44-city world time work (2 time regions are programmable and shown – they can be flipped to the middle or lower part of the screen by utilizing the 9:00 catch), and stopwatch. The mode can be changed with the catch at 4:00. That catch’s area, incidentally, permits the watch to keep a very Seiko-esque profile.

Many are alluding to the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 and its brethren as Seiko’s initial salvo against Casio and its vaunted G-Shock line. I get that and it’s almost outlandish not to make that comparison, but rather I imagine that is doling out altogether too much duty to this piece. As a matter of first importance, the presentation for this watch isn’t illuminated and, practically, that makes it somewhat questionable as a watch you’d rely on in low-light circumstances. The tap work works and the affectability can be changed, however it just lights things up briefly or thereabouts. With regards to the real presentation, I love the straightforwardness and the way that everything is gotten into a conventional round case (the G-Shock I’ve worn running and to the rec center for approximately 10 years is a JDM piece with simple hands that emits a comparable vibe). In addition, the minutes are likewise shown along the edge simple style, which at that point empowers the utilization of the erosion fitting turning bezel as a planning apparatus. It’s all cool, pretty darn straightforward, and a piece kitschy.

Some have denounced the utilization of what feels like lightweight, to some degree fragile inclination (read: non-rubbery) plastic for the cover on the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005. All things considered, Prospex watches should take an ass-whipping and afterward come directly back for additional. More probable, however, I’m certain there are likewise the Seiko unwavering who review mid-80’s H558 “Arnies” with their handily broken plastic shrouds.   Preconceived ideas aside, the watch feels strong, yet honestly not as impenetrable as a Casio. Maybe the way that the Casio has a rubbery vibe or comes off as one strong square aides the matter. All things considered, however, the development of the Seiko is predictable with their common degree of put-togetherness. The catches represent this with some cool outspread and crosshatch wrapping up. They’re light to the touch yet not in any way sloppy.

When I travel for an all-encompassing period, I continually bring my Casio for running and for exercises close by some mechanical pieces. I ruled against it this time and picked exclusively for the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005. On Day 1, I lashed it to my wrist and brought it along on a boiling mid-30’s Celsius run. I’m demanding with regards to running with watches since anything with any weight feels like an anchor in such temps.

Thankfully, the Seiko is pretty much as light as a plume and the delicate and malleable silicone lash makes it a decent athletic accomplice. I barely saw that it was on and that is something worth being thankful for. Some complain about the way that the tie and clasp go unsigned, however it felt truly pleasant to me. The equivalent can be said for the Digi Tuna as a pool/sea shore watch. The watch felt breezy and never appeared as though it was adhered to my wrist or catching any sandy debris.

The Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 is definitely not a genuine Tuna obviously, yet it is a truly fun watch that plays on the topic. It denotes somewhat of a return for Seiko to this market – indeed, I realize they’ve been making digitals for quite a long time – with the presentation of this semi-strategic piece that probably has barely sufficient making it work looks-wise to attract devotees of the brand alongside some easygoing programs. Furthermore, at 30,000 Japanese Yen, it’s not excessively costly. Naysayers could contend, to some degree legitimately, that there’s an extreme an excess of style over substance with its lightweight plastics and dim screen, however I truly like the distinctive “not so geeky” advanced look. Presently, we just need to trust that Seiko chooses to offer these cool pieces all through the world.

For more on the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 and different variations head to the authority Seiko site .