I am excessively eager to inform you regarding our new shop and the vast majority of, about our coordinated effort with Frederique Constant for this Manufacture Moonphase exclusive for Fratello.

Let’s beginning with the shop. As far as we might be concerned, the shop is (another) approach to keep our magazine filling in the most ideal manner. Conventional promoting is gradually disappearing, and we would prefer not to have paid articles like most different titles out there do. It is something I’ve generally said to myself as well as other people: when I need to expound on watches that I would prefer not to expound on, I’d prefer end up accomplishing something other than what’s expected. We need to have the option to bring you autonomous surveys and reveal to you as is it (as we would see it). However, other than that, we likewise need to have some good times and I figure a shop will do that without a doubt. One I had always wanted used to be to become the proprietor of a watch shop, and it is quite I begun Fratello in any case in 2003. A site on which I offered open vintage watches (when I was as yet an understudy). It halted as I likewise had a typical day work in IT that necessary my consideration. In 2004 I transformed it into a watch blog and the rest is history.

A shop needs to bode well however, and we need to utilize our shop to offer you the things we’d prefer to have ourselves. Also, we need to do it the correct way. This implies we aren’t after a brisk and simple off-the-self webshop, however we have a shop framework grew particularly for Fratello. We need to have the option to educate you in the most ideal manner conceivable about another watch (or extra) and we’ve invested a great deal of time and energy into making something great that will bring you amazing internet shopping experience. A tremendous thank you to the architect and engineers of the Fratello Shop. Likewise, we do buy all stock ourselves. No transfer or different sorts of offers. We will look for chosen joint efforts with watch brands and makers of frill and update you as often as possible here on Fratello Magazine on the off chance that we have something cool in store.

Frederique Constant Manufacture Moonphase

The first watch we have to bring to the table is something unique and exclusive for Fratello, the Frederique Constant Manufacture Moonphase. Simply restricted to 29 pieces, and every one of them engraved with their extraordinary number (x/29). This watch typically comes with a blue or silver dial, yet we offer you a form with a lovely dim dial.

Finding a dress watch isn’t simple, particularly when you’re not into these exemplary little measured models. This Manufacture Moonphase model is a more contemporary proportioned dress watch without becoming too enormous and cumbersome. It comes on a delightful croco calfskin tie with Frederique Constant marked collapsing buckle.

The Frederique Constant Manufacture Moonphase has a hardened steel case (with a measurement of 42mm) and a wonderful dark dial with white Roman numerals. The moonphase opening is situated at 3 o’clock and is entirely in offset with the date gap at 9 o’clock. It is an exemplary plan, yet the size of 42mm and the cleaned steel bezel become wildly successful enough to not exclusively be worn with a suit.

A moon stage was one of the principal complications that I at any point saw on a wristwatch. I was only a child and one of our neighbors showed us his recently gained watch, and it had a moon stage on the dial. It resembled wizardry to me. Just a lot later, I comprehended the complexity of a moonphase show on a (mechanical) watch. In any case, beside the stuff to build up this complication for a wristwatch, I just love having something wonderful like the moon on a dial. The moon is a mystical thing to me, and each time there’s full moon I notice it for a couple of moments from our condo’s window. What’s more, at whatever point my little girl is as yet alert, she regularly comes up to me and I will get her so we can appreciate the moon together. These minutes are so valuable to me. The dim anthracite dial of this Frederique Constant Classic Moonphase Manufacture combined with the blue moon stage plate looks as serene as the genuine moon does during a brilliant evening. The moonphase stays to be one of my #1 complications for a watch, not in the last spot since it helps me to remember those magnificent and tranquil minutes at home noticing the full moon.

Frederique Constant, much the same as Fratello, has Dutch roots. Originators Peter Stas and Aletta Stas-Bax established the company in 1988 and created it to what it is today: an assembling having the option to deliver and offer intriguing mechanical watches with in-house developments for a reasonable price.

The Frederique Constant Manufacture Moonphase for Fratello has an in-house development dependent on their FC-700 types, with a moonphase complication and we offer it in the Fratello Shop for €2595,- (counting VAT and including safeguarded delivering). This watch will be just transported inside the EU, because of the croco calfskin lash and the import limitations these have in different nations. In the event that you are outside the EU and keen on buying this watch, shoot an email to our shop group by means of .

As referenced over, this Frederique Constant Manufacture Moonphase is created in a restricted run of 29 pieces and is accessible exclusively in the Fratello Shop. They are largely separately numbered working on it back. For the pictures of this page, we utilized the model, which doesn’t show a number.