“War is heck, as is Baselworld” is something the aBlogtoWatch team likes to laugh at during our yearly sending to the world’s greatest watch and gems show in Basel, Switzerland. The Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition “The War of Baselworld 2016” watches we had made for ABTW team individuals are a play on that thought. I’ll clarify. The vast majority who are regulars at this more than week-long career expo occasion concur that it isn’t precisely the most comfortable experience. The notable and curious city of Basel in the German-talking district of Switzerland is a genuinely wonderful and loosened up spot to be until a large number of extravagance industry purchasers, dealers, journalists, and makers swarm into too barely any lodgings and facilities.

Squad aBlogtoWatch doesn’t so much go to Baselworld, as we battle through it. Accordingly, we like to musingly allude to each occasion of the significant occasion as “Baselwar” (we likewise prefer to state “Basel tov” when feeling happy). The most troublesome inquiry to reply while at the occasion is… “what time is it?” Sound odd? What else do you expect in a spot with a huge number of watches all set to various times… on the off chance that they are running at all.


Now, I don’t intend to complain to such an extent as I mean to show a portion of the more dynamic components of being a watch blogger. I can say without a doubt that each Baselworld experience is, if nothing else, a magnificent holding experience for our team. Shared torment (absence of rest, openness to worldwide germs, human barriers, corner chaperons, Swiss web, hefty packs, cosmetically unphotographable model watches, extravagance grandiosity, and 17-hour work days) will consistently make individuals who suffer it together closer as companions. In this way, toward the finish of each Baselworld occasion, I attempt to accomplish something pleasant for our team individuals who experienced it together. For 2016, we at last got a few watches made, and they are pretty badass.

The above content is really far of assisting with clarifying the “joke” that we applied to the watches. Working with Swiss watch producer Eterna that we incredibly respect, we made a bunch of novel, limited-edition Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 watches that were initially delivered in 2010 . I had actually been needing one of these since the time they came out. They were a re-arrival of a model from 1973, which had acclaim in being a watch that was authoritatively given to individuals from the IDF (Israeli Defense Force).

Some of these vintage models are still near, in the possession of energetic authorities. I had an occasion to get one for around $6,000, complete with the markings on the back in Hebrew of the first class warrior that the watch was given to. I left it behind, tragically, not having the additional money at that point, and realizing that it would, sadly, simply sit protected in a container. Also, what right do I need to wear somebody else’s war story when I had my own – allegorically talking, that is, with incredible regard to the individuals who put lives on the line in genuine world conflicts.



It accordingly carried me incredible delight to have some uncommon renditions of the Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition watch made for the fight solidified heroes of aBlogtoWatch who battle with zeal to bring watch popular government and horological opportunity to the world. What we did first is have Eterna etch “The War Of Baselworld 2016” on one side of the case. On the opposite side of the case, we customized every one of the looks for the particular team part who got it, complete with their favored decision of false military title. A few individuals even decided to have their “rank” written in Hebrew, in accolade for the watch’s foundation. I was named to be “General Ariel Adams,” an honor that I couldn’t refuse.


Eterna provided the Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 with a valid vintage-style network metal wristband which is… indeed, hard to estimate. Every one of our team individuals decided to wear their Eterna in an unexpected way, yet I really chose to utilize an alternate cross section metal wristband additionally from Eterna, yet that accompanied a more current model. I acquired the arm band from the Eterna Super KonTiki Date watch (aBlogtoWatch audit here) . Initially these watches are fundamentally the same as. Surely both of these Super KonTiki models come in 200m water-safe, 44mm-wide cleaned steel cases and have comparative tone themes.

Interestingly, the cases are not actually the equivalent but rather really contrast in minor manners fit as a fiddle and measurements. One distinction, for instance, is the length of the drags. I express this to just call attention to that Eterna isn’t simply utilizing a similar case and another dial/bezel for these fresher non-limited-edition adaptations of the Super KonTiki.

I really favor the retro-modern look of the first dial, and the bezel is, as I would see it, somewhat more tasteful on the 1973. Applied hour markers and date window outline add welcome profundity to the dial, and the hands are hard not to cherish. In the same way as other jumping style watches of the time, Eterna went with a super noticeable moment hand, and a less unmistakable hour hand. Readability is incredible, yet you additionally have a fascinating dial configuration permeated with a huge load of character. Utilitarian inclination, that makes it a decent war watch for me.

Inside the Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 limited edition is a base Swiss ETA 2824-2 programmed. This isn’t an in-house-made development, yet I do get a kick out of the chance to remind individuals that Eterna really began ETA once upon a time (discover everything to think about that in David’s ETA history article here ), so having an ETA development in an Eterna really feels very fitting. I should add here that around the dial of the watch is a uni-directional turning bezel, and over the dial is an AR-covered sapphire crystal.

I end up preferring taking this watch to the sea shore while swimming. The Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 additionally ends up looking truly executioner while wearing it with a wetsuit. One reason I like having watches like this with unmistakable characters is that they assume the disposition of the circumstance they are in. As an easygoing end of the week watch, the Super KonTiki functions just as it does as an outside, plunging, flying, or driving watch.

It did right by me to offer a limited edition Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 watch for The War Of Baselworld 2016 to individuals from the aBlogtoWatch team. We do fun stuff like this as much as possible. Not exclusively to ensure our team has objects of high wistful incentive for the future, however to likewise advise us that by the day’s end, watches are toys, and we are here to have a good time. Presently, on the accompanying page, we’ll let every beneficiary individual from the team have their own interpretation of their Super KonTiki.

From Segen Mishne (Second Lieutenant) James

With its military foundation, I like to wear the Super KonTiki 1973 on a green NATO, which deals with the size and weight of the case. Baselworld is a pound, yet you do it for the love of watches and that unquenchable need to see and experience more, to learn new points of view in watch appreciation. I’ve been with ABTW for a couple of years at this point, and these exclusively engraved Super Kontiki jumpers are an update that when we need to do extraordinary things, we need to do them as a team.


From רנ”ג (Chief Warrant Officer) Mark

The network bracelet’s catch might be real and retro, however it’s just too difficult to even think about using. So I eliminated the wristband and put a dark gator lash with a deployant on my Eterna. I frequently wear the watch on Sundays when I make a stockpile hurry to a woodworker’s look for my wife’s business. I know it’s sufficiently intense to deal with stacking/dumping boxes, and I utilize the bezel to time the round trip.

Baselworld: individuals and the watches are incredible, and I will miss both immensely in 2017. Then again, the lodging costs and accessibility, the stopping, the washrooms, and the groups, in truth, I won’t. The ABTW team is remarkable and an extraordinary gathering to work and spend time with. It’s a disgrace I typically just see these companions once every year, except that simply causes the time we to have together that amount more special.


I like and wear my Eterna KonTiki a ton and with the unique “War of BaselWorld 2016” etching in addition to the name and false IDF rank etching this is both an exceptionally close to home watch and furthermore one that helps me to remember the time we spent together as “Team ABTW” – and furthermore of the time we spent at the Eterna stall in 2016, the last corner we visited that day.

From אל”מ (Colonel) Max

This was my first Baselworld, and keeping in mind that the team had set me up with subtleties on what’s in store and not expect, I need to state that my assumptions were met and outperformed. While it’s an active time for anybody at aBlogtoWatch, if on location, I think it’s an encounter I will treasure everlastingly – and consequently to have a watch that so pleasantly commemorates the event makes it simply that amount more special. It’s likewise a token of the last gathering we had, with Eterna, which was truly outstanding. No pressing factor, extraordinary moderate watches, and incredible people.

I truly like the exceptional plan of the Eterna Kontiki 1973 and the set of experiences that it conveys with it. While I likewise like the cross section arm band that accompanied it, I thought that it was difficult to change it to my wrist size so I searched for a supplanting network with similar measurements yet more flexible. After much looking, I discovered one on eBay from Hong Kong bespoke dealer. Interestingly, not exclusively can I currently wear it, however it looks precisely how it came yet fits well, and I can change the size when the climate shifts and my wrist extends. I wear this for work so it’s generally work area jumping, however I’d love to take it to some outing, maybe next summer.

From First Officer Neil

When I destroy this watch, regardless of whether it is for business with a suit or nonchalantly, I generally get positive input on the tie as an idea, at that point on whether it is real vintage or a relaunch, and afterward everybody cherishes the story and etching – even potential competitors.

I never get comments with an Omega or Rolex; I imagine that non-watch individuals like to be tactful, so they generally comment on the look and feel of what they see to be vintage, as opposed to new.

From Sergeant Zen

Baselworld and team ABTW’s difficult yet shared experience is a yearly test, and that is similarly valid for me despite the fact that I wasn’t on location in Switzerland. All things considered, this exceptional edition watch is a serious proper identification, and I sincerely wear it a ton. There is something in particular about wearing a watch got for an exceptional explanation that can never be duplicated by a watch one cautiously decides for oneself. That and the way that it’s damn cool all alone has made it a top choice in my humble assortment. It is likewise perfect realizing that our team individuals across the world have and wear their own forms of a similar watch I am wearing for the equivalent reason.

It’s intriguing that each team part appeared to have had their own translation of the watch communicated through the lash or wristband they decided for it. In spite of the fact that the safety belt like lock specifically is abnormal, I wound up loving the included lattice arm band much after I found an inventive method to make it fit, however I additionally appreciate it on a delicate dark silicone tie. The peculiarity of the deemphasized hour hand is something that seems like the certified result of another period that just couldn’t be made today in a devised exertion to be “retro.” It’s exceptionally cool and even gutsy that Eterna decided to stay with that, and it helps give the watch a ton of character and appeal – and, indeed, you do get familiar with understanding it. You can wager I’ll be wearing it straight through Baselworld 2017.

From Private “Crash Test” David

Watches, when done right, convey a great deal of nostalgic incentive for their proprietor. After a seemingly endless amount of time after year, we deal with and expound on many them (an enormous segment of which we see during Baselworld), which, for some odd reason, leaves me kind of deadened to discover a watch that I can genuinely call my own. I have a couple of watches in my little assortment, however they scarcely get a lot of wrist time and thus there is likewise to a lesser extent a bond with them, as new audit watches come and go all the time.

This streak reached a conclusion with this Eterna Team aBlogtoWatch exceptional edition, a line of watches just a small bunch of us on the planet own, making it an extremely extraordinary belonging that will everlastingly convey incredible criticalness for me – while additionally helping me to remember the (generally fun) times that we had together during Baselworld 2016. Furthermore, why “Crash Test”? Since I crash a considerable amount (just with myself, not with vehicles – thump on wood), and furthermore in light of the fact that when Ariel and I visited Bremont , I nearly wound up as a life sized model for Martin Baker warrior stream launch seats. Almost.

There you have it, this was a brisk wrap-up and everyone’s take on their very own Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 Limited Edition “Team aBlogtoWatch” (unique retail cost of $3,300) watches… Do not, notwithstanding, confuse this with an end part: team ABTW will be back on the Baselworld grounds in less than seven days to present to you all the best in class. Onwards!  eterna.com