Eqvis Varius is likely a brand you’ve never knew about. Neither did we, so don’t stress. The Eqvis Varius helped me a piece to remember playing with LEGO: switch and trade ties and bezels on this watch (yourself).

The varieties are unending and permit you to modify the watch to your clothing, disposition and, obviously, wallet. A few brands offer customization by changing the lash of your watch. Others may have a bezel trading highlight. You infrequently discover one available that has both however… and then some. The Eqvis Varius is such a watch. I will begin at the beginning.

Eqvis Varius – From Germany with Love

Eqvis is the affection offspring of two German men of their word – Björn Matthiesen and Simon Schmidt. While Björn is the business mind behind the brand, Simon is the creator and inventive scholar. He was additionally my contact all along. He is a cutting edge time Renaissance man, one who gathers contemporary watches, is into underground rock and drives vintage vehicles. Since I have his watch we’re relating routinely. I became acquainted with his character somewhat, comprehended what drove him when he made the Eqvis Varius. You infrequently have an understanding like that while assessing a watch multiple times out of 10. It causes you to value the piece more; comprehend it through individuals behind it. This isn’t Simon’s first venture as a watch originator; he’s been in the business for a very long time. Nonetheless, it’s his initially own image and model. The creation he’s most pleased of.

Eqvis Varius

So what is by and large the Eqvis (Emotion Quality VISion) Varius? It is a strong move to make one watch that ideally gives you the likelihood to fulfill your necessities with regards to a watch for most situations. Eqvis accomplishes this by offering you the likelihood to change the lash and the bezel of the watch. You should simply to take the screwdriver that comes with the watch and make it work on the hex screws that you discover all around the Varius. One screwdriver to run them all. From the clasp to the tie and the bezel each screw is a similar size and exchangeable. The alternative to trade things out isn’t sufficient in itself however. You need to offer a ton of choices. Eqvis does, that is the reason you can browse a tremendous determination of bezels and straps.


The Eqvis Varius’ case is a mix of titanium (grade 5) and steel (316L), which makes it shockingly light (117g) for its size (45mm wide and 16.3mm thick). The appearance of the watch is current. An equivalent blend of brushed and cleaned surfaces slopes and edges. From the outset, the edges appear to be sharp, an inclination that rapidly sneaks away when you hold the watch close by. It is has a strong and quality feel. It feels extraordinary on the wrist. 8 screws hold the bezel (“changeling” as indicated by Eqvis) set up. In the event that you unscrew them you can trade it just as its divider between the case and the changeling. The immense showcase case back, much the same as the front is sapphire precious stone. It additionally has 8 screws, positively no content giving a modern look of the rear of the Varius. All content is on the rotor, a particularly shrewd touch.

Valgranges Inside

The uncommon look requires an exceptional development. For that Eqvis picked the ETA Valgranges A07.111 as the base of their type, EQ-111. It is a period just development with date at 6 o’clock. Valgranges is a fairly new plan from ETA, a greater development following the watch business’ pattern of bigger watches. It has 24 gems, 28.000 vph and 46 hours of force hold. Fine Perlage finish completes the appearance of the type. I previously referenced that all the content one would expect looking into it back is on the rotor on the Eqvis Varius. Data like the name, the restricted version number – the watch is restricted to 500 pieces – the water opposition (100m) the reference number, etc. The body of the rotor is something different itself. It is ruthenium (Google that) and has the state of the Eqvis logo.


While the primary point of convergence of the watch is the bezel the dial is additionally worth a couple of sentences. We are discussing a sandwich dial with cut out files and the number 12, all Super-LumiNova painted. The top dark layer has silk finish; the base layer is silver with Côtes de Genéve enhancement. To show a bigger piece of the base layer’s completing there is an enormous removed at 6 o’clock. This is additionally where you can discover the date. Once more, the principle highlight of the dial is the changeling encompassing it. Eqvis offers various shapes, shadings and materials to look over. Simon provided me with an immense number of those. They come as titanium, aluminum, steel bronze and my #1 ebonite, a kind of solidified elastic. Tones incorporate gold, pvd dark, blue, red and can be glossy or silk. The rundown is endless.

From Leather to Velcro(tm)

The same sharp hex screw framework that is on the bezel features the tie evolving. My #1 detail is the underside of the hauls. They have cuts in the size of the screws. When you put the screw bars through the ties, you place them in these cuts, bringing down the bars into the carries. At that point just screw the 4 hex tightens through the bored carry openings. The plan topic of the watch goes onto the clasp. The body comprises of 5 pieces; 2 side sections and 1 clasp pin all titanium. Likewise 2 of a similar steel screw bars you place into the lash. On the off chance that you need to change the 24mm Italian calfskin tie to a dark nylon Velcro(tm) you can just unscrew the clasp, eliminate the pin, re-screw at that point utilize this section to bind the Velcro through it. This is additionally a decent plan highlight and enjoyable to adjust.

What’s inside the box?

As you would expect by the nature of the watch, the bundling isn’t your ordinary container box ether. The Eqvis Varius shows up to you in a huge pecan wooden box. It has a holder for the watch with a plaque that has the restricted version number and a bigger compartment to the cowhide travel case. It is a hurdle up case very little bigger than an identification holder. You can store a couple of additional changeling or dividers in it, a little cylinder for additional screws, a couple of lashes, and the screwdriver. While a case is something you seldom use once you purchased the watch the consideration regarding subtleties of it enlightens a great deal concerning the item. The Eqvis Varius is a 100% Swiss Made watch and all things considered, it satisfies the hopes regarding plan, quality, and usability.

Final Thoughts

If you need to claim the Eqvis Varius you need to pay €6,500. For this, you get the watch in the wooden box with the calfskin travel case. Besides, you get the 2-piece instrument, the titanium clasp, the glass tube with additional screws and screw bars, 2 lashes (one calfskin one nylon) and 2 changelings. In the event that you extravagant more changelings you can arrange them through the Eqvis site. The saying of the brand; “your one watches” shows that once you buy one (given that you extravagant the vibes of it) you needn’t bother with some other watch. Clearly, on the off chance that you are content with one watch yet need to zest it up every now and then the Eqvis Varius offers you limitless alternatives to do as such. Simon disclosed to me that their future watches would have complete compatibility with the Varius.

If you wish to look at the site of Eqvis, you can do as such by clicking .