Epos is one of those brands that doesn’t have prompt name acknowledgment among the more extensive gathering of watch aficionados, however it has a steadfast after that habitually refers to the brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and how they stand apart from the group as reasons they were at first attracted to it. It’s anything but difficult to come to this meaningful conclusion and proceed onward, yet I conversed with a companion of mine who is an Epos proprietor about his experience possessing his watch, and he for the most part concurred with this agreement. Hello, it’s episodic, however I went through two months with the Epos Sophistiquée 3424SK watch. While not great, I can report back a general item that it is deserving of thought and even fringe out and out reasonable at just shy of $2,000.

For those new to them, Epos is a freely possessed watch band established in 1983 by Peter Hofer. In the same way as other watch idealists in that decade, he was progressively annoyed by the possibility that his adored mechanical watches were at risk for going terminated. In this way, he began Epos with the aim producing timepieces that grandstand the excellence of mechanical developments at (generally) moderate costs. Since esteem is the thing that purchasers are after, particularly in a period where watch costs keep on moving in spite of diminishing deals, I believe it’s consistently worth giving a more critical look to the more modest players who are holding their own.

The Epos Sophistiquée 3424SK intends to be a skeletonized dial dress watch that costs around what you’d pay for a mid-range Frederique Constant as opposed to the Maurice LaCroix Masterpiece Squelette Skeleton Dial watch which the Epos is unmistakably intensely motivated by. Presently, the Maurice LaCroix asks something like $7,500 which is around multiple times the expense of the Epos. Obviously, the completing, subtleties, and generally nature of skeletonization won’t be at levels that approach the work done by these pricier brands, yet that is exactly how it goes. The parts are machined without premium completes that you may see in better quality skeletonized dials. In an ideal world, I would have jumped at the chance to see the watch have even more an excellent completion since the point of convergence is the movement.

That being stated, when you’re not dissecting the dial with a loupe or taking a gander at full scale shots and simply wearing the piece, it seems like a solidly all around fabricated watch. The Epos Sophistiquée 3424SK utilizations a brushed tempered steel development (however different completions are accessible) with a sapphire precious stone on the front and mineral gem on the back. The size is an innocuous 42mm wide and 10.4mm thick. The more traditionalist side of me enjoys the possibility of a 40mm piece yet with such an extensive amount the watch’s personality depending on the skeletonized dial, you’ll at any rate need the 42mm size to get a decent look.

There’s one worry that quickly comes to mind when I consider watches with skeletonized dials, and that is readability. Here, the watch hands are cleaned treated steel with white (non-glowing) embeds and the hour markers are file style with a similar completion as the watch’s hands. Luckily, the hands stand apart enough that decipherability isn’t compromised, and I could promptly tell the time in all occasions regardless of how bright it was outside or some other ecological factor.


Epos utilizes standard Swiss developments and adds their own contacts like completions on the developments as we find in this watch or adding modules for different complications. The development is a hand-wound Unitas Cal 6497 (additionally made under the ETA standard) and has been being used since the 1950s. It is indistinguishable from the ETA Cal 6503 besides with no date function. It has a Lepine arrangement and was initially planned as a pocket watch development. The cal 6497 works at 18,000vph and has a respectable force save of 46 hours.


As significant as the specialized parts of the development is the way the skeletonizing and improvement on the plates look. Once more, the work is all around done however misses the mark regarding amazing. The inclination that a machine cut this is clear, however there truly aren’t any genuine imperfections or modest inclination wraps up. The examples squeezed onto the plate may be my most un-most loved part of the watch, however. It would appear that a reconsideration and I figure Epos would offer themselves an immense kindness with some refinement in this area.


The watch comes on a 22mm crocodile tie with delicate cowhide backing. The clasp is an Epos-decorated hardened steel clasp. A dark tie is the solitary tie alternative for all the various models of the Epos Sophistiquée. Certainly, you can go to the second market for a tie yet a few choices from the brand would be nice.

The watch is intended to accompany business clothing, for example, a suit. I for one like watches that can ride the line of easygoing and dress clothing so I can wear them for different events. I discover the watch sits more in the dressy classification, particularly with the dark croc tie and coordinating dark face. I for the most part discover dark croc lashes pull a watch toward the dressier side at any rate; with the intricate dark face, it updates the Epos Sophistiquée 3424SK to a dress watch. Outside of this, the watch feels light, and the 42mm case gives enough size without predominating my medium-sized wrist.

One thing I saw is that the watch ticks boisterously. It compares to the tick of a Hamilton pocket watch, so I surmise for the individuals who like the calming comfort of a ticking watch, it addresses all issues. For the individuals who are utilized to the nearly quiet tick of numerous mechanical watches, it will be observable (or truly recognizable for a few, even from across a calm room).

In the start of this survey, I referenced asking somebody I realize who is an Epos proprietor about their involvement in the watch. I’ll leave him unknown here, however he has possessed an Epos for a long time (however not this specific model) and he reacted with these musings: “The watch keeps sensational time. I’ve consistently felt it was a ton of value for the watch money. I like having various styles of programmed watches. They don’t spend a ton on development completing yet they ensure it is all around worked to keep precise time and is fascinating to take a gander at through the showcase back. Despite the fact that this is the just a single I own, I’ve took a gander at different other Epos looks after the years and all are of a similar high caliber and scrupulousness.” As I suspected, we both arrived at a similar general conclusions.

Overall, I discovered the watch to be lightweight, wear well, and have a lot of excellent pieces and parts noticeable to make an extraordinary discussion piece. I wish there were somewhat more to be said for premium completing on the development, yet by and large it’s still an incredible looking watch that utilizes a dependable development found in significantly more costly watches. The Epos Sophistiquée 3424SK is valued at $1,800. epos.ch

Necessary Data

>Brand: Epos

>Model: Sophistiquée 3424SK reference number 3424. (as tested)

>Price: $1,800 USD

>Size: 42mm wide

>Would commentator by and by wear it: Yes, but as a dress watch. It wouldn’t be my ordinary watch, as I favor something that mixes in somewhat better as a regular wear.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: One who wears suits each day for work yet needs to show a smidgen greater character in their dress watch.

>Best normal for watch: Overall put-togetherness (not including loupe perspectives on multifaceted skeleton work) is entirely all around done. Individuals frequently thought it cost much more than it does.

>Worst normal for watch: The completing on the development can look unmistakably machine-done into close. It likewise has an uproarious tick.