When inquired as to whether I was keen on evaluating the Emile Chouriet Challenger Deep, I had the genuinely uncommon experience of having never heard even a murmur of the brand or watch. Thus, off to Google I went. Beginning with a little foundation, Emile Chouriet is a Swiss producer established in 1998 by Jean Depéry, a watch industry professional previously associated with the assembling of development components. Named after a seventeenth century watchmaker for whom Depéry’s progenitor delivered components, Emile Chouriet has commonly been worried about more rich upscale feel than tough utility. Along these lines, the Challenger Deep speaks to Emile Chouriet’s first trip in a games watch. Along these lines, we should back fold off this early on boat and into the Challenger Deep itself.

The dial on the Emile Chouriet Challenger Deep is inky sparkle dark, giving distinct difference to the dainty, shockingly long, lumed hour markers, which are applied straightforwardly onto the dial with no edge or sketching out. At twelve, three, six, and nine o’clock, the stick hour markers are bent over to arrange the watch in low light circumstances. Needle hands, additionally in white and covered in Super-LumiNova (I think), compliment the long and restricted topic, and give the watch an all around incorporated plan sense. As far as I might be concerned, it nearly seems as though they planned this watch considering tritium tubes, so pervasive is the utilization of cylinder formed components on the Challenger Deep dial.

At six o’clock, a cracking anchor, adapted to complement the hour markers, holds court on the dial and gives a point of convergence you simply don’t see each day. An anchor on a watch dial, or truly whatever else graphical, is really uncommon nowadays except if you’re into Vostok or possibly my much darling Doxa . A lot to the shame of the OCD set, dial text is jumbled, with the producer’s name at twelve of every a fake bygone textual style, differentiating the words Geneve, Challenger Deep, and the profundity rating, which are imprinted in genuinely direct square content. A red tipped seconds hand, additionally wearing a little aiding of lume, and a genuinely customary dark on-white date wheel at three balance a sensibly fascinating dial design.

Thinking of Emile Chouriet as generally a dress watch creator, assists with sorting out the Challenger Deep’s elegantly estimated 42mm wide, 49mm high, and 13mm thick tempered steel case. What we have here is actually what happens when a brand zeroed in on refinement falls in line of watch utility and winds up somewhere close to the two. Considering that, richly etched, Art Deco-roused, ventured drags and an exceptionally cleaned case bode well in a watch class where you don’t ordinarily experience this sort of plan language. Crown watches which help me to remember an old Monnin-made Heuer 844 give assurance to the fairly little 6mm marked crown, which additionally includes a red stripe to coordinate the second hand.

I am a sucker for caseback inscriptions and here the Challenger Deep presents a gigantic, exceptionally cleaned, fouled anchor set against a matte completion foundation, establishing the nautical subject into the front and back of the watch. For those with interest in nautical legend, the fouled anchor is an image utilized by the US Navy as a rank emblem for Chief Petty Officers, and which by and large represents the hardships Chiefs face in enrolled administration. On the Challenger Deep, the fouled anchor is apparently utilized on the grounds that it looks boss, and they will get no contention from me on the matter.

I appreciated the first rate, sixty snap, coin edged bezel with an artistic addition and lumed twin-stick twelve o’clock markers. The bezel has an astounding feel to it, lines up consummately (this is significant), and has positively no play, which is by all accounts shockingly hard for watch makers to nail. My solitary issue with the generally great bezel is some unevenly applied lume on the twelve o’clock position, which can make it look somewhat modest when you’re checking the shine. Nonetheless, all things considered, this watch and bezel would be totally satisfactory for diving.

Finally, a somewhat domed sapphire precious stone keeps things feeling extravagant and adds to the jump watch toughness contention. This entire dress jumper idea makes for an intriguing piece with regards to that it may make a watch which suits a more expert climate while additionally keeping up adequate energy (and a 300m profundity rating) for everything except the most gutsy water-man. The sensible case size makes for simple wear on most of wrists, however I found the watch to “look” marginally bigger than the measurements propose. A piece of that is no uncertainty due to my 6.25″ wrists. Such a lot of marine plan stuff, obviously, relies upon a skilled engine to keep things running.


The Emile Chouriet Challenger Deep depends, as you could likely theory, on the close universal ETA 2824-2, this time renamed (with no change) the EC9316. While I won’t really expound, the ETA 2824-2 is quite possibly the most common Swiss development decisions for jump watches as a result of its standing for solidness and competent timekeeping. Honestly, the consideration of this type bodes well for the Challenger Deep. Additionally, the 25 gem ETA development is effortlessly overhauled if need be and can be directed to keep amazingly great time. The Challenger Deep gave has been keeping entirely sensible time on the wrist at a couple of moments moderate per day.

When I took a gander at the Emile Chouriet site for data about the Challenger Deep, I was satisfied to discover it was accessible both on an elastic tie with a marked deployant catch notwithstanding a hardened steel wristband alternative. I stupidly accepted, given the value purpose of the Challenger Deep at around fifteen hundred dollars, the elastic tie would be of the characteristic elastic assortment, as different watches in this value range. Be that as it may, regrettably, it looks, feels, and acts like silicone, in spite of the brand’s affirmation of its normal elastic development. Without yelling too uproariously from my platform, I believe silicone to be a less expensive decision in both feel and cost, settling on it an improper decision for a watch like the Challenger Deep, particularly given its price.

Now there are the individuals who state silicone is experimentally better, and that it really scores better in various logical tests when compared to common elastic. Yet, in the event that silicone basically doesn’t feel as great on the wrist and is continually dust covered, do logical tests dependent on the presentation of the material throughout the span of forty years of drenching in salt water truly matter? I think not. Fortunately, the genuine plan of the elastic tie regarding the shape from which it was projected is extraordinary and compliments the watch well. Being a dress watch brand, the deployant is expectedly superb, if somewhat finicky to utilize given the thickness of the elastic lash, particularly when changed in accordance with my spindly wrist.

Though I wore the treated steel arm band less, it is of high caliber and feels great on the wrist, however experiences a higher bling factor than I typically go for given its cleaned focus joins. In any case, this being a genuine dress jumper, the cleaning bodes well and praises the likewise exceptionally cleaned, bling-tastic case. Tragically, the arm band doesn’t include an augmentation of any sort, which may make for an issue were a jumper to actually need to take the Challenger Deep plunging, which I particularly question. Likewise of significance is the reality Emile Chouriet went with a 21mm size for their tie and wristband. In this way, if neither of these included choices turns out great for you, you have vitally scarcely any other choices.  Besides these little issues with the ties, there is a far bigger issue which needs addressing.

Emile Chouriet’s Challenger Deep, regardless of the dress-jumper title I’ve given it, is likely a totally able plunging watch and, worn on a NATO tie, would presumably make a genuinely sensible substitute base clock for the extraordinary few non-watch geeks who really take their watches plunging. Along these lines, plunging savvy, there’s most likely nothing horrendously amiss with the watch. Notwithstanding, Emile Chouriet chose for consider the watch the Challenger Deep, a title with some passionate reverberation among watch fans, and a title which looks bad for this watch.

Challenger Deep, in the Marianas Trench, is the name given to the deepest point is the world’s seas at over 35,000ft or very nearly 11,000 meters. Incredibly, a few individuals have been there. In 1960, the Swiss-planned bathyscaphe Trieste made the excursion, monitored by Jacques Piccard (the Trieste planner’s child) and US Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh. A lot later, in 2012, movie chief James Cameron effectively made the jump on board his motivation assembled Deepsea Challenger sub. In case you’re a watch individual, you’re probably seeing where this is going. These undertakings vigorously included Rolex , who gave watches to be worn both inside and outside the submersibles.

Without beginning a Rolex history exercise, they are, as I would see it, the solitary brand with the “right” to utilize any verbiage related with the sea’s deepest point, on the grounds that their watches have in a real sense been there on a few events and with extraordinary achievement. Emile Chouriet’s choice to consider their jumper the Challenger Deep is somewhat similar to naming a watch the “Everest” without one of their watches having ever been there or surely, being equipped for going there.

At a similar time, I need to attempt to comprehend where Emile Chouriet is coming from. The plunge watch universe existing apart from everything else is packed with legacy and history. Think about Doxa and their Cousteau association or Tudor with their previous French Navy interface. Legacy obviously tallies, and it basically seems as though EC get this and just attempted to get a few. So despite the fact that the Challenger Deep is a fine watch, their model name is a gnawed off-putting to a jumping history and watch geek like myself.

Viewed all in all, Emile Chouriet’s Challenger Deep is a sensibly decent first endeavor at a jumper’s watch, particularly for a brand with no involvement with the class. Premium highlights like a sapphire gem, earthenware bezel supplement, and Swiss programmed development make the watch a reasonable worth while visual components like the dial anchor and caseback etching address the brand’s meticulousness and eagerness to be somewhat out of control to stick out. Some little slips up like silicone for the elastic tie, 21mm haul width, and somewhat of a heartbreaking name, are presumably not major issues for most, particularly given the previously mentioned genuinely sensible value point for a Swiss made diver.

On predisposition, I delighted in wearing the Challenger Deep, however it’s somewhat outside my ordinary instrument watch comfort zone. Wearing a silicone lash, which as I referenced isn’t my top pick, neglects to completely wreck the Challenger Deep, which actually speaks to a jumper from a dress watch company for certain fascinating highlights. For those keen on the dress jumper thought or basically the individuals who need a work proper watch which can without much of a stretch handle some water time, the Emile Chouriet would be an above and beyond decision. While there are some significantly more economical and likewise highlighted Swiss jumpers out there like the Glycine Combat Sub or the Alpina Seastrong arrangement, the Emile Chouriet Challenger Deep gives some refinement and uniqueness in an industry where many individuals are basically making and revamping something very similar. The Emile Chouriet Challenger Deep retails for $1,370 on the elastic tie or $1,450 on the hardened steel wristband. emilechouriet.ch

Necessary Data

>Brand: Emile Chouriet

>Model: Challenger Deep

>Price: $1,370 on elastic lash or $1,450 on bracelet

>Size: 42mm wide at the bezel

>Would commentator actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Friend who is generally inspired by extravagance or dress watches yet needs to add a sportier watch with water protection from their collection.

>Best normal for watch: The dial is unique, fascinating, and utilizes some plan components you don’t see over and over.

>Worst normal for watch: Strap and arm band have opportunity to get better. 21mm is a pointless and restricting haul width. Silicone shouldn’t be used at this value point and the arm band ought to have an augmentation or some likeness thereof if it’s being known as a diver’s watch.