Review by Rick Jacobo

I as of late invested some energy with the DuFrane Bergstrom pilot watch, and on the off chance that you haven’t knew about DuFrane before this is on the grounds that they are another passage to the American-made miniature brand space. Focusing on exemplary pilot watch looks and holding a glad American character, I think DuFrane has worked effectively (particularly thinking about how new they are) at making a watch that hangs out in the sub-$1,000 class. I will utilize this survey as an opportunity to discuss the Bergstrom Matte Bronze watch and furthermore talk about the brand that made it.

The Bergstrom is an American made watch with a Swiss ETA development. The case is produced using 316L hardened steel, has a fixed coin edged bezel, and a specially engraved show case back. It gauges in at 41.5mm and a little bigger when you factor in the crown. The watch is made by Wiegand Custom Watches out of Ohio. They have been delivering looks for near twenty years. On the off chance that that name sounds natural it very well might be on the grounds that they additionally run Lum-Tec. Lum-Tec offers an assortment of watches with some taking after the Bergstrom, for example, their Combat B line of watches.

DuFrane offers either a hardened steel or matte bronze case. The dial is offered in a norm or skyline design, the distinction being the little seconds register. The seconds register not too far off dial is suggestive of a height pointer one may find in the cockpit of an airplane.

The Bergstrom has a dark matte dial and the enormous, decipherable Arabic numeral hour markers are one of my #1 parts of the dial. I likewise saw and valued that the “poire squelette” hands add to the vintage feel and was perhaps roused by those seen on pilot watches from the ’30s and ’40s delivered by brands, for example, Longines, Zenith, or Lemania. That being stated, something that I wasn’t excessively content with was that the C3 Super-LumiNova on all fours the numerals encompassing the dial didn’t seem, by all accounts, to be a similar shade except if the lume was charged. It’s not something that truly pestered me while wearing the watch, however it is something I thought merited pointing out.

The Bergstrom utilizes an ETA 6498-1 development. The 6498-1 is the more youthful sibling to the ETA 6498 pocket watch development that has been around since the 1950s. The 6498-1 showed up in 1967 as a manual breeze, non-hacking development with a 46 hour power save. One of the indications of the development’s pocket watch genealogy is the situation of the seconds hand at the 6 o’clock position – an arrangement that can be found in watches, for example, the Highline Aviator arrangement by the previously mentioned Montana Watch Company and the 150-P by RGM.

As a manual breeze watch, I had the chance to interface with the Bergstrom such that I don’t generally get to with watches in my assortment. I lost my solitary manual watch a couple of months prior while holiday and failed to remember how wearing a manual watch becomes a piece of what your identity is, and I unquestionably mourn the way that they are not often utilized any longer and have become to some degree “specialty.” indeed, I’m so used to wearing automatics consistently that now and again I would take a gander at my wrist and notice the time was off. I have become familiar with setting my watches and wearing them without stressing over changing the time, except if the watch has been off my wrist for some time. As per DuFrane originator Steven Lee, a few people have complained that their watch quit working. He sympathetically reminds them the Bergstrom is a manual breeze watch and should be twisted consistently. To keep a vintage feel to his watches, Steven plans on utilizing a manual development going ahead. Actually, I think the manual winding development adds to the watch’s charm.

The Bergstrom is fitted with a 22mm earthy colored custom calfskin tie and comes with an extra blue softened cowhide tie. I truly acknowledge the two lashes and the care that went into their determination. The screw bars making sure about the calfskin tie to the watch hauls require two Allen torques to eliminate the lash. The cycle is very awkward, however I truly like the earthy colored tie more than the blue softened cowhide one and don’t transform it regularly. In any case, this is something worth considering.

As you can find in the photographs, the immobile coin edged bezel suits the watch and assists with adding to the watch’s vintage claim. Taking a gander at the watch from a side profile, one will see the crown is endorsed with the DuFrane logo. It’s a 3mm crown bringing the case size up to 44.5mm. I don’t typically like the manner in which bigger watches feel on my wrist, yet the bended hauls and the cowhide tie help the Bergstrom feel more modest than it really is – something that my wrist increased in value, too.

Now I’d prefer to talk about the brand a smidgen, since it’s new and this audit is probably going to be a prologue to DuFrane for a large number of you. Steven Lee, Founder of DuFrane Watches as of late sold his Porsche 993 out of a push to help assemble DuFrane Watches. The deal was ambivalent, however on the off chance that the brand removes, the deal can be credited to the cost of beginning another watch brand.

DuFrane expects to separate themselves from other American miniature brands in the pilot watch field in their moderateness and style. Both RGM and Montana Watch Company are making pilot watches utilizing a similar development, yet they are offered at a significantly more exorbitant cost range. RGM’s watch begins at $3,000 and Montana Watch Company’s has an arrangement going from $3,000 to $30,000 dollars. While Montana Watch Company is pointing towards an authority ready to pay more for a legacy piece, DuFrane is coming out with a pilot watch that is inside everybody’s grasp.

If you know about the Austin territory, there is no uncertainty that you are additionally acquainted with the name Bergstrom. From the decommissioned Air Force Base to the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the name Bergstrom is an Austin apparatus. For those of you who aren’t, Captain John Bergstrom was Austin’s first WWII loss. Soon after Captain Bergstrom’s demise, as an approach to respect him, Lyndon B. Johnson, at that point a US Representative from Texas, battled to rename the Air Force base after Captain Bergstrom. On March 3, 1943 it turned into a reality and the base was formally renamed the Bergstrom Army Airfield. As an approach to give recognition to Austin, something he anticipates doing with every single future delivery, Steven Lee named his first line of watches after Bergstrom.

DuFrane Watches shows up with the presentation of their first watch. On the off chance that you are on the lookout for a pilot watch with a vintage feel, investigate the Bergstrom. Contingent upon the choices, you can get one from their site for $875-$950 with this model at the upper cost limit.

Necessary Data

>Brand: DuFrane Watches

>Model: Bergstrom Matte Bronze w/Standard Dial

>Price: $950

>Size: 41.5mm without crown; 44.5 with crown

>Would commentator by and by wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone searching for a perfectly planned, vintage roused, manual breeze watch.

>Best normal for watch: Simple plan using a Swiss manual development makes for an enchanting and amusing to wear watch.

>Worst normal for watch: Lume on the numerals and hands have all the earmarks of being distinctive shades.