In what has become an exceptionally fruitful model of giving restricted version models, today we’re eager to declare the quick arrival of the DOXA Sub300 Silver Lung.  The most current extraordinary release follows a comparative arrangement as last year’s Black Lung version with the accessibility of just 300 pieces accessible for request by means of the DOXA site at a preorder cost of $2,190 ($2,490 should they not rat preceding August delivery).

The DOXA Sub300 Silver Lung, like the Black Lung, is a reedition of a short-run of watches delivered in 1967 in association with the jumping hardware brand Aqua Lung.  As the name states, however, it’s on a silver dial, which implies it conveys the Searambler moniker.

Also, not at all like the Black Lung that was made in a type of amount, the Silver Lung is madly uncommon – practically to a greater degree a legend than an uncommon reality.

I’m sure that my web looking wasn’t 100% complete, however the solitary illustration of a Silver Lung that I saw was on a new Instagram post from gatherer/vender showing a semi-harmed free dial (see above).  So, indeed, this is really a “geek” piece, yet it likewise turns out to be incredible looking.

There will in general be solid assessment from Doxa stalwarts on whether the orange-dialed Professional, black-dialed Sharkhunter, or silver-dialed Searambler is the favorite.  For some, the Professional is the most critical because of its splendid tone, the Sharkhunter is the most conventional, yet it appears to be that the Searambler has a noisy fan base because of its hot transmitting dial and high differentiation orange hands. With this, a cool and uncommon variation on the first “no T” subject for the sake of the DOXA Sub300 Silver Lung shouldn’t disappoint.

The DOXA Sub300 Silver Lung comes with the renowned dabs of-rice arm band, the chronometer-grade ETA 2824-2automatic, and everything rotates around that dazzling 42.5mm 50th Anniversary “thin” case.  I plunked money down on the previously mentioned Black Lung and it’s a phenomenal piece.  Since the Black Lung sold out in less than 24 hours (and was reviewed in different magazines because of a purported “small brand” causing a ripple effect with its re-discharge), the Silver Lung currently gives clients a new opportunity to get a piece in the first case design.

We as of late investigated a unique Searambler in our two-section 60’s Diver Shootout and discovered that it’s a champ that positions with the large brands.

With the DOXA Sub300 Silver Lung, the brand is allowing fans to get a watch that’s about 95% devoted to the first, yet about 25% more affordable and undeniably more available.

The DOXA Sub300 Silver Lung will be accessible for request at the hour of distributing on the .