One of the main things that you gain from watch magazines, sites and authorities is that quartz watches are off breaking point. They need soul, they are modest or possibly degrade the watch and essentially can’t be paid attention to when you’re into gathering watches.

Whenever somebody asks what my calling is, I advise the person in question that I expound on watches. Mechanical watches. As this makes the clarification that I am just expounding on genuine watches excess. Yet, it is obviously not reality, there’s more to this than the development of a watch. Gerard expounded on his adoration for G-Shocks various occasions, including in one of the new You Asked Us features . Yet, shouldn’t something be said about more costly watches that have a quartz development inside. Like the new Cartier Santos for instance, or a Grand Seiko with 9F movement.

Our question today comes from Mark from Germany.

Does It Make Sense To Spend So Much On A Quartz Watch?

Mark isn’t completely new to gathering watches, yet the way that specific very good quality watch brands proceed (or begin to) offer watches with quartz developments confound him. Let’s examine his letter (interpreted from German):

Dear Fratello team,

It is with incredible joy that I read your You Asked Us points on the magazine, it gives important bits of knowledge to gatherers like me. I’m not a specialist yet, but rather additionally not a fledgling authority. Nonetheless, when taking a gander at the Cartier oddity from this year at SIHH or one of your audits of the Grand Seiko with quartz development, I am somewhat befuddled. I was constantly encouraged that quartz developments are not to be paid attention to with regards to costly watches. However the completion appeared on the Grand Seiko quartz developments is something that can’t be overlooked. What is your opinion about extravagance watches with quartz developments? Does it get sense to go through such a lot of money flow on a watch with a quartz movement?



In request to address Mark’s question in the most ideal manner conceivable, let’s examine a portion of the reasons why a quartz development can be interesting.


Just all things considered, I don’t think there’s anything amiss with a quartz watch. The way that a planner watch (Daniel Wellington, CK, Fossil, Diesel and so on) watch has a quartz development is something sensible, as it has a lot to do with cost. In any case, there are additionally watches with a mechanical development that I likewise don’t pay attention to very. So first off, I would say that you need to pass judgment on the watch all things considered, not just founded on the way that it has a quartz movement.

Some watches have quartz developments since they have usefulness that fundamentally requires one. The computerized watches from Breitling, Omega and Tissot come to mind obviously. As a proprietor of a Speedmaster X-33 myself, I can just underline how unfathomably all around constructed this watch is, and that the quartz development offers usefulness intended for space travelers and pilots that can’t be finished with a mechanical watch. However, these experts need a dependable watch that will actually want to take some genuine maltreatment. The equivalent applies to the Breitling Aerospace, B1, Emergency and the Exospace for example.


Some individuals incline toward truly slim watches. Furthermore, despite the fact that brands like Bvlgari and Piaget for instance, offer unfathomably slight watches with mechanical developments, these unquestionably come at a specific cost. At the point when Cartier presented their Santos-Dumont recently, we were entirely dazzled by its magnificence. Some portion of the excellence was because of the components of this watch. Simply 7mm thick, an ideal companion for somebody who cherishes a super slim dress watch. The steel model comes at a cost of $3900USD. The programmed form of the Santos in steel is practically 9mm and has a > $6000USD sticker price. At that point, likewise understand this isn’t your customary quartz development. More about that later.


In all trustworthiness here, each assortment needs a battery worked watch. Maybe even with radio controlled activity, or GPS even. You need to have at any rate one watch that can be the reference with regards to setting the entirety of your mechanical watches. I utilize my Casio G-Shock Multiband for that. However, just a quartz watch isn’t an assurance that it doesn’t lose or acquire time. Modest quartz developments will undoubtedly have a higher deviation than the supposed High Accuracy Quartz developments. Instances of those are obviously the Grand Seiko 9F, Breitling’s Super Quartz and Longines VHP (Very High Precision) quartz developments. The more costly quartz developments use thermo-compensation, for instance. The Grand Seiko 9F development checks for variety in temperatures up to 540 times each day, and naturally compensate for these progressions to guarantee high accuracy.

Talking about the 9F development from Grand Seiko, these likewise have a component set up that guarantees that the second’s hand stop precisely at the markers, with no vibration. Additionally, Grand Seiko just uses the most impeccable quartz gems for their 9F developments. Much the same as precious stones, there are contrasts in regards to the lucidity of these gems, influencing the exactness of the movement.

Although the creator of did a few tests on the exactness of quartz developments and presumed that even the less expensive developments had the option to keep time inside a second of the day, this may in any case amount to a couple of moments a month. The High Accuracy Quartz developments like the 9F can be pretty much as exact as a deviation of 10 seconds every year maximum.

If this is similarly as critical to you as the completion of any remaining pieces of a watch, and the expense isn’t, [luxury] brands like Grand Seiko, Longines, Breitling and Cartier for instance, offer the most awesome aspect both worlds.

Mechanical Versus Quartz

Or better said, mechanical versus high precision quartz. Back in 2016, I commented on the Grand Seiko SBGV019G with 9F quartz development that I was glad that they set a presentation back on this model. Along these lines, individuals can perceive how very much completed and stylishly satisfying their top of the line quartz development really is. Quite recently, we got the new Grand Seiko SBGN005 (GMT) with 9F86 development. This watch has a shut case back, which I find for this situation even somewhat of a bummer. It would show that quartz doesn’t equivalent cheap.

When it comes to magnificence, we can’t circumvent the Oyster Quartz developments utilized by Rolex till around 2000. Gerard expounded on these OQ movements:

The Rolex Oysterquartz developments are among the most wonderful quartz calibers at any point made. In addition to the fact that they have 11 bearing gems, yet the guideline is indeed done by a bed fork and wheel. The specialized plan of the 5035 and 5055 calibers unmistakably shows that Rolex proposed this development to be as useful, and keep going as long, as their mechanical movements.

Still, notwithstanding the exertion that brands put into these quartz developments, regardless of whether they are stylishly engaging or simply too precise, it is unimaginably hard to emphatically impact the view of quartz developments that (genuine) gatherers have. The main inquiry we posed to Cartier when they showed us their Santos Dumont observe last January, was if there are plans to deliver it with a dainty hand-twisted development as well.

Observing a mechanical development resembles a live symphony in amazing congruity though, for quartz, the music has been blended in the studio, giving maybe a more wonderful outcome. Having the option to tune in to the symphony in a show corridor is a completely unexpected involvement with comparison to placing that CD with a similar music in your vehicle sound system. It isn’t just about the experience however, yet additionally about the craftsmanship expected to make it so perfect.

Even however a quartz development can be delightfully completed, it is frequently the principle plate that there’s consistently the battery and some other important parts present that ruin the view. There’s minimal that should be possible about that,  I presume. Eventually, it involves what you – as a watch fan – find generally significant. I do feel that bad form is being done when individuals express that all quartz watches need soul. That may be relevant for the modest 100 USD quartz watch or the average designer’s piece that we as a whole love to skip, yet it is similarly as material to mechanical watches that are gravely planned and built. The spirit of a watch isn’t in the development, it is in the exertion and craftsmanship that went into planning and making it.

Answering The Question

In the passages above I think I addressed the first question of Mark about how I feel towards quartz developments in extravagance watches. His fundamental question, Does it get sense to go through such a lot of money flow on a watch with a quartz movement?, is something that is more hard to reply. In the event that there’s a decision, let’s say two indistinguishable watches and one has a quartz development (be it a High Accuracy Quartz one with thermo-compensation and wonderful completing) and the other one has a pleasantly completed mechanical development, I would consistently go for the mechanical development. When the factors change, my answer may change as well.

As an extraordinary model: let’s say a Grand Seiko with 9F development versus a $1000 USD watch with a mechanical development (be it Miyota or even a standard Sellita or ETA), I’d go for the Grand Seiko with quartz movement.

So in specific cases, indeed, it can bode well to spend a great deal of cash on a watch with a quartz development. Be it for usefulness, tasteful preferences (flimsy at an adequate cost) or when precision is too essential to you. I trust I have shown you, and Mark, that not all quartz developments are waste or ought to be overlooked by default.

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