The Rolex Daytona Rainbow in Everose gold (reference 116595RBOW) is one of those watches that leaves me as confounded today as it did when it was presented last March. Albeit a ton of the consideration of this year’s Rolex discharges went to their GMT Pepsi , the Deepsea  Sea-Dweller and GMT  bi-shading models , their excessive Daytona Rainbow Everose 116595RBOW was discussed a great deal as well.

Rolex Daytona Rainbow Everose 116595RBOW

In 2012, Rolex presented their Daytona Rainbow in yellow gold (116598RBOW) and white gold (116599RBOW). Amazingly uncommon pieces that showed the abilities of Rolex craftsmanship for setting stones in watches. These watches are barely seen, as they are just delivered in extremely restricted numbers. These watches are regularly replicated, which means a gold Daytona is being modified with reseller’s exchange precious stone setting, however you don’t even must be a specialist to see that they don’t coordinate the first Rainbow. At all.

Where the main Daytona Rainbow in yellow gold and white gold had precious stone set hour markers, this new form in Rolex’ own rose gold compound called Everose has 11 loaf cut, rainbow-shaded sapphires as hour markers. These hour markers shading match the 36 loaf cut sapphires as they have a similar rainbow degree. The 40mm Everose gold case has additionally been set with valuable stones, as you’ll find it adorned with 56 splendid cut jewels set into the carries and crown monitor. A piece of the trouble delivering these watches is coordinating the hued stones.

With a retail cost of $96,900USD, you would feel that purchasing a Rolex Daytona Rainbow Everose 116595RBOW is simply an issue of peddling out the cash. It isn’t. As said over, the creation is restricted and you most likely should be very much associated with an enormous Rolex AD or Rolex themselves to have the option to buy one.

If you want to then again go for a used yellow or white gold variant from earlier years, you have something else coming. As of late, the yellow gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow reference 116598RBOW was unloaded by Phillips in New York for an incredible $212,500USD (unique retail cost was $89,100USD). On the used market, as on Chrono24, the costs for an all unique Rainbow in yellow gold are similar.

It isn’t the first occasion when that Rolex transforms the Daytona into something wild. Albeit the utilization of gold and precious stones can be seen frequently in Rolex’s history, in 2004 they presented the Daytona reference 116598 SACO, otherwise called the Daytona Leopard. A panther print dial with jewel hour markers and a bezel set with 36 loaf cut yellow sapphires showed Rolex’ audacity.

The lash likewise had a panther print to coordinate the dial, and the gold end-pieces were set with splendid cut jewels. The Rolex Daytona Leopard reference 116598SACO can in any case be found on the used market and at barters occasionally, and costs are somewhat north of $50.000USD.

Back to the Daytona Rainbow in Everose gold. In the engine, this Daytona is equivalent to some other present day Daytona reference, so controlled by the Rolex type 4130 development. This development has been totally planned, created and made in-house by Rolex. It highlights a column haggle grip instrument for exact chronograph activity. It has all applicable and present day Rolex advancements ready, similar to the Paramagnetic (combination) Parachrom hairspring, that guarantees strength with regards to temperature changes and – because of its unique permit – isn’t touchy to attractive fields. On top, the development is destined to be precise up to – 2/+2 seconds per day overall and has a force hold of 72 hours. Rolex has never been very ‘show off’ by putting their developments up for show utilizing a sapphire caseback, so likewise on this Daytona Rainbow you’ll locate a strong (Everose) gold one.

An Everose gold case and wristband alone isn’t for everybody, not to mention a bezel and dial set with roll cut sapphires in a Rainbow shading plan. Furthermore, on top, precious stone set drags and crown watches. Presently, you can locate this appalling or if nothing else ‘not your style’, however what confounded me is the fascination this watch has available and maybe the community of Rolex authorities. At the point when I put it on my wrist in Basel, it unquestionably had some fascination for me. In view of the Everose gold, however the sapphires in rainbow tones and the pink gold subdials give a decent differentiation to the dark lacquered dial. The lone things I am not partial to are the precious stone set hauls and crown monitor,  to be honest.

Everything is executed flawlessly, as it is consistently the situation with Rolex. I’m not a Rolex authority, but rather have (and have had) something reasonable of their models and it is really the single brand that never fizzled on me with regards to their items. Rolex guarantees they keep up the best expectations with regards to the use of materials, yet in addition for the choice of their valuable stones and the setting of them.

Whether it is the combination of tones, the utilization of valuable materials or the way that its creation is so unfathomably low, these Rolex Daytona Rainbow watches are high sought after, demonstrated by the costs that individuals will pay for them.  The low creation may be a pointer for examiners that this watch may even go crazier in the future. Although more watches delivered for the current year multiplied in cost for different reasons (think GMT Pepsi for instance), the expansion from its RRP of  $96,600USD to approx. $245.000USD it brought on the Phillips sell off in Geneva last November, is noteworthy, to say the least.

To me, this Rolex Daytona Rainbow ref 116595RBOW is the craziest watch of 2018 I’ve come across. Notwithstanding watches from different brands that are maybe significantly more lavish or more complicated, it simply baffles me how a colorful execution of a Rolex Daytona can set such countless hearts ablaze and simultaneously, can be so atrocious to other people. That, beside how the market “financially” reacts to a significant piece this way, is the thing that intrigues me most about this Daytona Rainbow.

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