I think I even astounded Citizen watches when I had quick interest in the new-for-2016 Eco-Drive Super Titanium assortment of watches. Not well before seeing these new watches, I visited some of Citizen’s industrial facility areas in Japan to perceive how they made a big deal about their most significant innovation. This included both Eco-Drive developments and dials, just as their all around respected “Super Titanium” which is a uniquely treated titanium metal intended to be very scratch-resistant.

What attracted me to the Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium AW0060 assortment of watches was a combination of value, plan, and highlights. This isn’t the last watch you’ll ever need, however it is an extraordinary watch for the cash and, all the more critically, has much more character than most watches at this cost. This is truly significant with regards to reasonable Japanese watches in light of the fact that their plans can now and again come across as being conventional except if you discover things in the $1,000-in addition to value range. Here we have a cool case plan and roused at this point exemplary dial which is anything but difficult to read.

At present, Citizen offers four models of the Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium as this reference AW0060-03E, just as the AW0060-11P, AW0060-54A, and the AW0060-54H. Every one of these four models has a similar case plan, however they have diverse shaded and finished dials, and distinctive lash/arm band alternatives. I should state that truly just the initial 2-3 dial choices have adequate decipherability, and this AW0060-03E model is the most neat of the part given its white-shaded hands. The last three dials appear to be style tests which are serviceable, yet not as ideal. Further, the AW0060-54H variant has a very hard to-peruse “phantom” dark on-dark dial whose allure kind of confounds me. All things considered, just the last two dial variants come with the coordinating Super Titanium arm band which is phenomenal, particularly for the money.




That drives me to an odd proposal for the individuals who like the Eco-Drive Super Titanium as much as me. Get the AW0060-03E dial and afterward one of the models on the arm band, (for example, the AW0060-54A) and trade the wristband for the calfskin lash. The tie is really decent looking, however you may know me as a sucker for arm bands, so I incline toward it. The two calfskin lashes have ostrich-design outwardly, which looks really fair dislike a modest looking phony crocodile design. On the explored watch, the lash is dark with orange sewing to coordinate the seconds hand. Note the custom lash clasp intended to go with the topic of the case design.

I am almost certain that Citizen will need to continue to return to this assortment of Eco-Drive Super Titanium watches soon and will probably come out with extra models – obviously, there is no guarantee or assurance of that. Plan astute, I love the precise case with its 12-sided mathematical bezel. On the bezel are minute pointers and they go with the by and large “sharp looking” plan of the Super Titanium-made case.

For me, this case plan bearing started a couple of years back with the pricier Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100 watch assortment (investigated here) . There, you saw Citizen investigate this magnificent contemporary style that, as I would like to think, exhibited the strength of the brand very well. The F100 was additionally in titanium yet, even at its more costly value, I don’t think it was Super Titanium. In this way, the estimation of the Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium AW0060 assortment is genuine. Once more, to remind you, the purpose of Super Titanium is its scratch opposition. Ordinary titanium is both solid and light, yet it scratches without any problem. Super Titanium is covered to be multiple times as scratch safe (surface strength) as ordinary titanium.

On the wrist, the Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium AW0060 (a truly conventional name which doesn’t loan character to the watch) is 44mm wide and amazingly slight, and furthermore wears comfortably. The case is water impervious to 100 meters and is covered with a mineral (versus sapphire) precious stone. It would have cost more cash to introduce a sapphire precious stone, and given this value, I think a mineral gem is acceptable.

In my assessment, the dial configuration is a cutting edge update on an exemplary topic of reasonable utility. Moderately spotless, we have some decent finishing decisions, for example, the brushed metal hour markers, and by and large great specifying. The hands should not be being skeletonized, yet on the AW0060-03E model you can peruse the time alright. Sadly, none of these watches has luminant – which is truly a particularly odd plan decision given the specific surfaces and shadings that Citizen needed to go with. So, in any event on the looked into model, the elevated level of dial contrast considers great decipherability in low-light conditions.

Inside the watch is Citizen’s quartz Eco-Drive type J800 development. Light enters through the dial to a photovoltaic cell to charge the inside battery. Gotta love watches which permit you to consistently like the photoelectric impact! The development offers the time just as a day/date pointer that numerous individuals find valuable. Citizen Eco-Drive developments aren’t essentially extravagant, however they are dependable, easy to live with, and a keep going a long time.

If you are on the lookout for an attractive yet reasonable watch which will be solid and have some character, the Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium AW0060 is a decent approach – simply ensure you pick the dial style which is ideal for you. On the tie, models like the Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium AW0060-03E have a retail cost of just $325, and on the coordinating Super Titanium arm band (for different models) the cost goes up possibly to $375. citizenwatch.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Citizen

>Model: Eco-Drive Super Titanium (AW0060-03E as tested).

>Price: US $325 – $375

>Size: 44mm wide

>Would analyst by and by wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Lovers of precise or mathematical cases who esteem Eco-Drive developments and like the possibility of a reasonable scratch-safe titanium watch case.

>Best normal for watch: Great esteem for the cash and alluring, character rich plan that offers a non-conventional look from a top Japanese watch creator. Cool-looking and comfortable case, and a decent blend of customary allure with contemporary aesthetics.

>Worst normal for watch: Lack of luminant on the dial isn’t ideal, however not a major issue. Be that as it may, large numbers of the dial plans for this watch are hard to peruse, so pick cautiously. Would be ideal to have both a lash and wristband alternative for all the models. Would be truly pleasant with sapphire crystal.