Christiaan van der Klaauw is a stand-apart brand in the watch business. The Dutch brand centers exclusively around making cosmic watches subsequently the authority name Christiaan van der Klaauw Astronomical Watches. Close to that they are essential for the select gathering of brands that are perceived as ‘haute horlogerie’ brands by the esteemed Fondation Haute Horlogerie.

At Baselworld 2019 we had the option to observe a portion of the wonderful pieces in the CVDK assortment including a delightful custom adaptation of the Real Moon Joure and a  shocking form of their Planetarium model with an aventurine glass dial. Another expansion to the assortment introduced at Baselworld 2019 is the CVDK Hypernova Gray. The expansion of the Hypernova Gray broadens the assortment with a watch that is somewhat less exemplary in its general allure and in this manner may discover its approach to new potential CVDK buyers.

One thing we can totally acknowledge CVDK for is their consistency. The brand has consistently been steady in their plan that can be characterized as traditional and rich. The brand consistently utilizes round-molded cases, Roman numerals on the dial and since the time their intentional decision to exclusively make cosmic pieces, the traditional plan is combined with developments that include amazing galactic complications.  In request to make the space to incorporate the complications, the brand has decided to consistently utilize the upper portion of the dial to show the ‘regular’ watch capacities like hour and moment files, date show and chronograph capacities. In this way the lower half of the dial consistently includes the cosmic complication at the 6 ‘o clock position. Clearly, the size of the complication characterizes the equilibrium of the genuine dial however indeed there is a consistency in the general plan and specialized methodology that are exceptionally run of the mill for all the CVDK watches.

The Supernova and the Hypernova

As you would have speculated the Hypernova is no special case for that standard. The Hypernova along with the Supernova make the ‘Nova’ group of models that are essential for the CVDK Collection Of The Stars. It is one of two standard assortments with the CVDK Collection Of Astronomical Masterpieces being the subsequent assortment. Also, you can arrange a uniquely designed watch that will be essential for the Collection Of The Atelier. Both the Supernova and the Hypernova highlight a moon stage (Super-LumiNova) as an additional complication that can be found at the 6 ‘o clock position of the dial. The greatest distinction between the two models is that the Hypernova highlights a chronograph work and the Supernova doesn’t. The Hypernova has a 44mm hardened steel case and is fueled by oneself winding CVDK7759 type. The in-house adjusted development has a 48-hour power save and highlights hours, minutes and little seconds to show the time.

The observe likewise includes a day/night sign and a day, date and month sign. The date is demonstrated by utilizing a huge hand that shows the date on the rehaut and the day and month are incorporated into the chronograph 30-minute counter. The chronograph likewise includes a 12-hour counter and the undeniable second counter. Also, as you would have speculated, all the capacities situated in the upper portion of the dial so there is a ton to find there. The lower half of the dial includes a Super-LumiNova moon stage. It’s a complication that shows you the situation of the moon according to the sun. At the point when the Moon is left of the middle, it is in its first quarter. At the point when the Moon is in the middle, it is full Moon and right of the middle, it is in its last quarter. In the event that the Moon isn’t noticeable, it is new Moon.

The precious stone case back shows you the development with the rotor that depends on the ‘Sun with 12 Claws’. It’s the Christiaan van der Klaauw logo that can likewise be discovered engraved on the left side and back of the treated steel case. It’s a detail that grabs the attention quickly however it probably won’t be everyone’s decision of marking. The ‘Sun with 12 Claws’ functions admirably as the motivation for the rotor yet adding the Christaan van der Klaauw logo to the side may be all in all too much and it intrudes on the smooth lines of the lovely round case. It’s a matter of individual taste however I like it better without the logo.

Creating your own Hypernova

With the expansion of the Hypernova Gray the Hypernova you would now be able to pick out of four distinctive hued dials while picking the CVDK Hypernova. There are the exemplary dark and silver guilloche dials and the more impermanent stonewashed blue and dim guilloche dials. The four tones can be coordinated with various calfskin ties and in the event that you need to understand what the Hypernova will resemble with various lashes, you would now be able to make your own rendition with the CVDK online watch configurator. The configurator gives you the alternative for the Hypernova to pick the dial tone, lash tone and the shade of the hands. Close to the four dial tones, you can pick a dark, blue or earthy colored calfskin lash and the hands come in blue and silver. The configurator gives a pleasant outline of the alternatives for the Hypernova and once you discovered your ideal design you can really arrange the watch on the web. Before you really click the ‘buy now’ button it will be acceptable to realize that the cost of the Christaan van der Klaauw Hypernova is 8.950 Euro.

Our First Thoughts

The CVDK Hypernova Gray is a delightful expansion to the Hypernova line-up of watches. We particularly enjoyed the arrangement we saw at Baselworld 2019 with the dim dial and earthy colored cowhide tie and silver shaded hands. It’s a watch that shows that tone can thoroughly change the vibes of a watch and make the Hypernova a more impermanent watch compared to for example the more exemplary adaptation with the silver dial and dark cowhide tie. Close to that, the watch shows the significant degree of craftsmanship and detail that Christaan van der Klaauw uses to create watches with their astounding cosmic complications. On account of the assembling of watches with galactic complications, CVDK is a brand for darlings and gatherers of uncommon watches. In the event that you like the exemplary plan and complications that Christiaan van der Klaauw produces, it will be difficult to pick between the various models the brand offers. The Hypernova is a delightful watch with parcels to offer, particularly thinking about its cost. For under 10.000 Euro there aren’t that numerous brands that offer a watch like the Christaan van der Klaauw Hypernova.

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