The company was established by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860 at the delicate youthful age of 24, in the Swiss town of Sonvillier. Their unique center was fabricating exactness pocket watches and creative chronometers and delivering all the different mechanical parts in-house along these lines guaranteeing their perfect standard.

In 1976, Chopard disclosed the now-popular Happy Diamonds assortment to the world, and during the 1980s the brand dispatched the Gstaad assortment of timepieces.

In 1988, Chopard cooperated with the Mille Miglia as an authority accomplice and started making the yearly uncommon version Mille Miglia watch—a symbol of vintage vehicle racing.

In the mid 1990s, Karl and Karin Scheufele’s youngsters became fundamental parts in the family business.

In 1996, the brand set up itself as a complete Manufacture with the launch of a development processing plant in Fleurier.

In 2001, Chopard started supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation, making restricted release Elton John watches whose deals would profit the foundation.

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