Just as of late, we discovered our approach to Hamburg, which is the second biggest city in Germany and home of the third-biggest port in Europe. With a welcome from Certina in our pocket, we went there for a selective occasion, the dispatch of something significant for this little Swatch Group brand.

Upon appearance, we are welcomed at the occasion area in the focal point of the city. After certain beverages with our associates in the business, the authority program commences. Adrian Bosshard, CEO of Certina, acquaints us with the brand and its set of experiences. How the brand has created as the years progressed, and their most grounded selling focuses. How their logo has been around for a very long time just as the DS framework.

DS stands for Double Security, which has been essential for their assortment since 1959. So, the twofold security stands for both water-opposition and stun insurance, which are key highlights of the Certina assortment since its dispatch 60 years prior. The actual brand traces all the way back to 1888 when it was established by Adolf and Alfred Kurth in the Swiss town of Grenchen. Around 1906 the siblings made watches utilizing the name “Grana”, Latin for Grenchen. However it wasn’t until 1939 that the name Certina was formally enrolled. Certina is likewise founded on Latin looking like ‘Certus’, which implies sure. Multi decade later this would be the lone name utilized by the brand.

Turtle Shell

Another decade later history was composed for the brand. Picking the turtle shell as a logo and image for their looks just as dispatching the DS idea. The turtle shell is as yet found on practically any Certina watch. The equivalent goes for the twofold security highlights. So it doesn’t come as an unexpected that this occasion is being held at the Tortue Hotel. Discussion about remaining nearby to your legacy!

So after the brand introduction, we discover that the program comprises of a few work-bunches which will prompt the oddity information on the day. Back to the parlor from where we will join a few introductions in little gatherings. During which we rapidly discover that the enormous curiosity is that Certina will utilize the Nivachron hairspring in their watches. Hostile to attraction is something major in the watch world and this can be accomplished severally. Either by having a twofold case development, silicon parts or the utilization of non-ferro metals. The Nivachron hairspring is one of those arrangements that utilization non-ferro metals. Something that was made by the Swatch Group in community with Audemars Piguet. What’s more, presently it is presented by Certina for their watches.

Anti-attraction explained

During the last and most fascinating workshops, we will figure out what attraction means for mechanical developments. Something we as a whole think about yet never truly tried different things with. As a rule, I’m not mindful of the impacts of attraction separated from some particular circumstances. For example, when I go out on the town to shop at a huge games chain, you need to look at yourself and put your things in a huge pail to cripple the security labels. This is the place where I generally try not to utilize the wrist with my watch on it. Other than that, I’m not actually mindful. However, a short exhibit gives us new experiences. With a mechanical watch that runs typically, in the wake of keeping it close to a little magnet of a watch case, it abruptly runs 45 secs moderate. What’s more, that is only a minuscule magnet as you will discover in numerous packs utilized on an every day basis.

Although it’s handily demagnetised with the legitimate devices, who really have the gear to do as such? So in light of that, and always expanding circumstance where attractive fields are around us, it’s no big surprise that brands are doing a ton to make watches that are unassailable to these powers. Also, presently Certina joins by utilizing the Nivachron hairspring. Presented recently with the dispatch of the Swatch System 51 Flymagic , this spring currently discovered its approach to Certina.

Based on titanium material, the spring doesn’t respond to attractive fields. Something that we master during one of the workshops. Here we see 2 plate of equilibrium haggles, one conventional and one with the Nivachron spring. At the point when a magnet is held close, the customary spring sticks to it, even from certain centimeters away, while the Nivachron spring does nothing by any means. One of the primary favorable circumstances compared to more current arrangements is that the creation of the spring is like customary ways, which makes it a practical upgrade.

Traditional hairspring

Nivachron hairspring

Certina DS-1 60th anniversary

For this dispatch, an uncommon DS-1 60th-anniversary model is introduced. As the name as of now parts with it comes with the Double Security development specs with the counter attractive highlights of the Nivachron hairspring. Also, interestingly, it’s still inside the value range you anticipate from Certina. This extraordinary release comes with a dark green sunburst smoke dial with a huge date at 6 o’clock. Fueled by an ETA development which has a force hold of as long as 80 hours. And all that at a cost of well under 1.000 Euro (925 Euro) which is very impressive.

Measuring 41mm in treated steel, this model comes on a coordinating tempered steel Milanese arm band with collapsing catch. Where the dial is covered by an enemy of intelligent sapphire precious stone, the development of the watch is taken cover behind a shut case back which has an exceptional 60th-anniversary logo on it. With a water opposition of up to 100 meters (10 ATM) this watch can go along with you on most occasions.

We will come back soon with a hands-on survey of this new Certina DS-1 Big Date 60th Anniversary.

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