When I consider this the “Kikuo Ibe” watch, I don’t intend to infer that this is an extraordinary restricted release or any of that gibberish. This Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 is your bog-standard, non-restricted G-Shock that is near what turns out to be every day worn by Kikuo Ibe, the creator of this rugged, go-anyplace endure anything watch. The significance of the way that it’s additionally claimed by yours genuinely could not hope to compare; however it furnishes us with the chance of a full review… so here goes!

First, a disclaimer: I am hardly ever at all worried by “who wears what watch” and absurd “style alerts,” yet when the genuine maker, designer, lead engineer of a significant brand or product (in any industry) picks one explicit model basically solely, since I find important. Mr. Ibe wears a more established G-5600A-7 which is not an accurate match to the one audited here, however the two are of the very essential design that likewise goes back to that of the original.

About G-Shock

I have a sense of security in saying that regardless of whether you have never claimed one, you actually have a lovely exact thought on what the G-Shock is. For the longest time, Casio’s shock-safe G-Shock watches have been synonymous with tough, trustworthy, moderate and, truly, at times somewhat over-the-top-looking watches. Somewhat later, I’ll talk about how such a watch can by and by make a very flexible regular wear, however now a touch of history:

G-Shock was born from the engineer Mr. Ibe’s fantasy about “creating a watch that never breaks.” The story goes that he was wearing a regular, yet by and by highly esteemed watch when he incidentally banged that watch into a passerby’s watch as they strolled past one another in the city. Long story short, Ibe’s watch tumbled to the ground and broke, and from that second he began his interest to make a wristwatch that could endure thumps and bumps… and a ton more.

G-Shock designer Kikuo Ibe wearing his white 5600-arrangement – one of just two G-Shocks he said he owns.

Over the course of two years, Ibe and his group of eight delivered 200 high quality examples that were made and tried to devastation until at last, in 1983, the first and now famous G-Shock hit the roads of Japan and began to set up itself as “the toughest watch of all time.” Each G-Shock today encompasses 7 standards: electric shock obstruction, “gravity resistance,” low-temperature opposition, vibration obstruction, water opposition, shock opposition, and toughness.

If you need to perceive how G-Shock’s are made and tried today as you have never seen, look at Ariel’s very inconceivable G-Shock fabricate visit article here . For additional from Kikuo Ibe himself, look at this short video meet here , and for some more amazing G-Shock reading, (in the event that you haven’t as of now) look at Ariel’s recent report from the evening he went through in Tokyo with G-Shock designer Mr. Ryusuke Moriai .

About This G-Shock: Functions

This $150 G-Shock GWX5600C-7 is really one of the most recent, freshest increments to the G-LIDE tide graph arrangement, you know, the one packing somewhere in the range of 100 pre-set tide locales and client site setting capability… However, I am no jumper or surfer or boat chief, so other than enjoying this capacity as a visual component, I am yet to figure out how it can improve my ordinary life.


Speaking of not so much dark but rather more useful elements of the GWX5600C, we’ll need to make reference to the Tough Solar rechargeable battery that runs for around 10 months on full charge minus any additional openness to light – in the far-fetched occasion that you put it in a cabinet and don’t wear it frequently. This recharging ability saves you the difficulty of having the battery supplanted each two or so years and keeps your brain calm when using a portion of the more force parched functions.

Even at $150, your cash gets you Casio G-Shock’s 3222 Module (actually the 3222 “movement”) which packs Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping, a great usefulness that permits the watch to rapidly, in the matter of a couple of moments, get time alignment radio signals in the US, UK, Germany (and in most other European nations I suspect), Japan, and China where these radio signals are sent. The module naturally “asks” for these signals up to 6 times each day (up to 5 times each day in China) and there is likewise a manual get work. The module without radio syncing offers +/ – 15 seconds out of each month accuracy.

You additionally get the typical G-Shock goodies including a World Time show with 31 time regions (48 urban areas + UTC) with a city code show, a 1/100th second chronograph measuring as long as 60 minutes, two commencement clocks, four every day alerts, “Moon Data,” a full auto unending schedule pre-programmed until 2099, EL Backlight for 1 or 3 seconds, a battery power marker, power saving capacity, Tide Graph, and obviously 200 meters of water obstruction and shock resistance.

The G-Shock GWX5600C-7 is stuffed with Casio developments and technologies to keep it from suffering direct shock; this incorporates inner components secured with urethane and suspended timekeeping modules inside the watch structure.

Wearability & Design

Phew, that was nevertheless a significant piece. In regular use, this usefulness comes at a cost though: an awkward and troublesome UI, and here are the fundamental guilty parties. The capacities you can work and peruse using three of the four pushers – two on the left and the lower one on the right. While the pushers look minuscule, practically flush with the case, they are fairly hard to use.

Although they are anything but difficult to track down both outwardly (their dark coating makes them contrast the white case) and by contact, the pushers for reasons unknown travel too long, meaning that you generally need to push them more profound than the patterns would permit you to. The final product is that you need to utilize your nails to push on the elusive and little pushers, which is annoying. It likewise makes them hard to work when the watch is on your wrist and you’re progressing and simply need to gaze something upward rapidly, start or stop a chronograph, or what have you. All the additionally annoying is the way that this is a straightforward design botch that would not be a costly fix to get right from the get-go.

The menu framework is moderately straightforward however just on the off chance that you get the hang of which catch to use to enter submenus, to change a setting, or to affirm what you are seeing at this point. I truly wish the pushers were named as Next Option, Change Setting, Confirm. The backlight can be set to work for one or the other 1 or 3 seconds most extreme (if this is your first G-Shock simply forget about finding and changing that setting all alone, you’ll unquestionably need the manual) – which, again, isn’t exceptionally useful, as you continually need to switch it back on again to perceive what you are doing. I wish there was a 5 or even 15-30 second light on mode – I assume it generates heat or potentially requires a ton of energy, however I couldn’t explain why a longer backlight alternative was impractical with the Tough Solar recharging.

A good shot illustrating how the digital showcase remains generally legible under various lighting conditions. Information of genuine significance is shown in large, strong text.

When it comes to legibility, you will require the help of the backlight a great deal of the time as the gray on more obscure gray showcase can be hard to peruse under some lighting conditions (and not simply in low light). The digital display’s numbers are large and simple to peruse, though, and the green backlight is only probably the coolest capacity on a watch that I don’t figure I will actually get exhausted of.

Okay, so those were my reactions, however how is it to simply wear the GWX5600C-7? In short: it’s fabulous! The white tar case estimates 48.9 by 42.8mm, is a manageable 13.4mm thick, and weighs a simple 56g, making it one of the more modest G-Shocks out there. The octagonal design of the bezel functions just as it practically consistently does on a watch – regardless in the event that it costs $150 or $15,000. The angled design of the bezel and the lug structure make it one of the more genuine looking G-Shocks.

Looks at home close space…

G-Shocks are accessible in both glossy and matte white tones and this specific one is glossy – all things considered, this very G-Lide model you can just purchase in glossy white or red. What I got with companions who possessed one was that the matte white simply gets filthy and loses its fresh shading rapidly, while as far as I can tell, this glossy white is a whole lot more safe. Indeed, even a month or so of wearing it under the scorching sun in Dubai and in Florida, scraping it on stuff while traveling through around 16 air terminals in the course of the most recent month, and simply banging it onto a table to perceive what it can endure, this GWX5600C-7 looks good as new! No scratches, no gouges, no staining of any kind.

…and on the ground, up ’til now outside the tummy of this beast.

This drives me to the point of design and wearability – it is a fairly “loud” watch in spite of its generally more modest size and fresh white tone. Over the previously mentioned period I wound up wearing it at a somewhat formal occasion, matched it with a brilliant easygoing suit and, in all honesty, I didn’t think the watch was at all strange. I was among individual watch geeks and writers, however even that notwithstanding, I feel this watch can be worn with anything less formal than a tuxedo (and, hell, it might even work with that)!

Last however not least, there is something empowering (for the absence of a superior word) about wearing a watch that is practically indestructible. Wearing a plunge watch impervious to hundreds if not great many meters is something comparable, but rather a key contrast is that with this watch you could in a real sense go going 4×4 romping on a bicycle, ride a jetski in the Atlantic, climb a mountain, or tumble down a flight of steps (if that’s your thing) and still consistently, and I mean always, discover the watch simply ticking ceaselessly, unscathed.

G-Shock GWX5600C-7 mid-flight.

This feeling of indestructibility makes me regard and be in wonderment of the engineering that went into this $150 G-Shock a similar path as I feel when looking at a six-figure valued complicated mechanical watch. Even better, the low cost doesn’t mean a seriously made watch either: the lash shrieks a touch when new however that goes away rapidly and the manner in which the case and tie are assembled and how they feel on the wrist don’t leave anything to be wanted. It’s simply a basic, comfortable wear – and again, the not exactly ideal design of the pushers is more an issue of how the pushers are built and not the expense of production.


In embodiment, at that point, the G-Shock GWX5600C-7 is a great regular mixer, costs as meager as an appropriately made straightforward watch can, is flexible enough to go well with most any occasion and clothing on the off chance that you, when all is said and done, feel comfortable wearing it, packs a couple of highly helpful highlights that make your regular day to day existence simpler – and furthermore a not many that would require a touch of tweaking. The Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 expenses $150, making it a ton of bang for your buck. gshock.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Casio

>Model: G-Shock GWX5600C-7

>Price: US$150

>Size: 48.9 x 42.8 x 13.4mm

>Would commentator actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone looking for his/her first G-Shock and needs something that is more wearable and limited than most others from the brand.

>Best normal for watch: Fun to wear, solid, reliable, indestructible, cheap.

>Worst normal for watch: Pushers and menu framework can be annoying to utilize; wish the backlight could remain turned on for longer to improve legibility.