Two electronic watches on Fratello Watches the very day, what are we thinking? The one I’m wearing this week, nonetheless, is entirely unexpected from the Grand Seiko Robert-Jan covered here today however. The Casio G-Shock GST-W130L is 52Mondayz week #7 watch.

Casio G-Shock GST-W130L

Showing the World Time work, with here UTC in the upper two round computerized displays

Hence, what ís so very surprising about these watches? I wouldn’t say that the development Casio utilizes here, their type (Casio utilizes the term ‘module’) 5515, isn’t very good quality. In a very surprising manner, nonetheless. It’s most likely not

Purpose Build

And obviously, the motivation behind the Casio G-Shock, or named G-Steel also, GST-W130L is a very surprising one than that of a Grand Seiko. The G-Steel GST is important for Casio’s G-Shock line. Watches made to toward the end in threatening conditions. Antagonistic in its broadest importance, for the most part unfriendly to a watch that is. Supreme strength, prepared for anything – with the exception of compromise. That’s what is the issue here. I did a compact review on the historical backdrop of the first G-Shock idea, and how it created to the current day here .

Except for being utilized in unfriendly watch conditions, G-Shock made it to the common ordinary wrist also. Indeed, even as a design proclamation one may say. Never denying its family, notwithstanding. How intentionally popular a G-Shock may at any point have been introduced, it can withstand circumstances that one never needs to experience.

Urban Vintage

So that can be said of the GST-W130L too. The G-Steel assortment is one of the most recent in Casio’s G-Shock line-up. Others, similar to the Master-of-G, MR-G or Baby-G have been around for an any longer period. The G-Steel GST-W130L to me has been plainly focused on the (youthful) metropolitan expert. Jazzy material combinations and a vintage-roused intense cowhide lash. Nothing to be embarrassed about when worn in the workplace with a suit. Neither while hitting the skateboard pit or surging down cold inclines. At the point when style meets work, Casio will in general say 🙂

The Casio G-Steel GST-W130L on my wrist

Regular Functions

Time sign: hour and minutes (simple, and advanced upon demand supplanting the date) and computerized seconds. Schedule: day, month (advanced) and date (shortened) indication(*). These fundamental highlights are for the most part present in one look. Pushing the ‘Mode’ button over and again shows the accompanying extra capacities individually, in the upper two computerized windows. Word Time (counting UTC as found in one of my photos), Stopwatch, Timer, and Alarm. Not much or startling here.

Personalized Settings

What I like especially is that a considerable lot of the elements of the Casio module 5515 can be customized. I’ll notice a couple, however presumably all. The tones for utilizing the pushers can be turned on or off while saving the tones for alerts and clock dynamic. The hourly blare sign can be turned on or off. The backdrop illumination can, or can’t, be naturally worked by a spot of the wrist. Sunlight saving time can be naturally, or physically, changed (for what reason would you do that physically?). Furthermore, the advanced time sign can be picked for in 12-(with the sign of am and pm) or in 24-hour format.

(*) What can not be changed – and I have never seen one Casio which could – is the request where the date and month are carefully shown. So today is 2-11. Which isn’t the second of November, anyway February eleventh. Why not giving clients a likelihood to change this? It should even be possible along with the difference in 12-and 24-hour configuration of the time.

No brand name or logo on the clasp. Within shows ‘Casio Thailand’ though

Some Strange Things

Although by and large extremely sure, I referenced some peculiar things about the Casio G-Steel GST-W130L also. That begins with lashing the watch on your wrist. The intense cowhide (vintage calfskin sewed to delicate elastic inward covering) lash is long enough for a huge wrist. Notwithstanding, there’s only one attendant to hold the length of the tie which isn’t utilized. Ordinarily there’s one guardian straightforwardly after the clasp, and a different one to keep the remainder of the strap.

Low-res light shot by iPhone 🙂

The backdrop illumination is wonderful. Illuminating the entire dial and 3-D file markers, just as the computerized shows. Anyway not the hands. those are not really lit by the backdrop illumination, and truth be told possibly show up marginally when the light has diminished once more. It simply looks somewhat odd, notwithstanding, there has not been a circumstance in which I wasn’t ready to decide the time. So it’s not that terrible as well.

The case back educating some specifications

Move Out Of The Way

A last slick element I need to make reference to is the capacity to move the hands far removed. With a press of a catch, hands are moving and grant a free perceivability of capacities in the little round advanced presentations, similar to stopwatch or date.

Specifications and Pricing

And then I’ll end here with the specialized particulars and the cost of the Casio G-Steel GST-W130L. Albeit the most extreme width of the tempered steel and gum packaging may simply surpass 50mm, the bezel measurement is 44mm. What’s more, that’s the believing the watch gives also being worn. A fairly, yet not excessively, enormous watch which wears comfortable. The cost in Europe presently is € 299,= (counting VAT), which as I would see it is a bargain.

More data and specs on the Casio G-Steel GST-W130L can be found at the (European) G-Shock site here:


No brand name or logo on the clasp. Within shows ‘Casio Thailand’ however The case back educating a few details