Let’s state you are an expert with regards to working with materials like carbon fiber and forged carbon, and you need to combine your abilities with your enthusiasm for watches. What do you do? One alternative, obviously, is to make your own watch using the materials you are capable with. In any case, of course, perhaps you aren’t a watchmaker. In this way, a strong choice B might be to combine your abilities with an existing thing and attempt to make a compelling reseller’s exchange adjustment that combines a quality item you realize individuals like with something exceptional that makes your adaptation of it stand apart from the group. This is actually how Hong Kong-based Alvarae managed some Casio G-Shock watches, offering them with their “Forged Carbon Armour.”

This isn’t the first run through I’ve seen an outfit sell a reseller’s exchange G-Shock watch. The development of Casio’s celebrated “life-proof” watches makes them generally simple to work with since some fundamental instruments are altogether that is important to eliminate the lashes just as the defensive pitch “armor” that shields the development compartment. Previously, a significant number of these reseller’s exchange items were tied in with adding more “bling” to the unassuming G-Shock. For some time, the cool and moderate Japanese action watches were famous in the metropolitan and hip-jump music community. This incited some to spruce up their G-Shock watches with all way of credible or artificial valuable materials and even jewels. You can get a gold case for a G-Shock with precious stones on it… on the off chance that you truly want.

At a similar time, customary fanatics of Casio G-Shock observes likely had practically zero interest in blingy adaptations of the watches, as such augmentations on the G-Shock idea were altogether too far eliminated from the worth that G-Shock has in the lives of the majority of its proprietors. I express this to clarify why I think adaptations like this Alvarae forged carbon model are greatly improved fit to conventional G-Shock fans that need the center wearing involvement in a touch added visual and specialized interest.

Alvarae sent me their Forged Carbon Armor-prepared adaptation of the Casio G-Shock DW6900MS-1 watch. This is Casio’s matte dark “minimalized” form of the renowned DW6900 (DW-6900) assortment that is a smooth look, no uncertainty. It has a retail cost of just $99. The crate is highly not normal for what you’d hope to discover a G-Shock watch in, which is an amusingly particular touch. Alvarae trench Casio’s round metal holder that G-Shock fans know about for an incomplete wooden box with an elaborate hook. You’d never guess that within it was a G-Shock.


Alvarae is mindful so as to regard the base watch and Casio in their item introduction. Truth be told, despite the fact that Alvarae replaces the stock sap case defender, they actually remember it for the packaging, along with a changing device to return it on the off chance that you like (along with guidelines). This additionally makes it conceivable to trade out the forged carbon case with most other DW6900 assortment G-Shock models. I will say that this is the first run through I’ve ever seen a Casio G-Shock watch come with change apparatuses. This is amusing in light of the fact that piece of the purpose of the G-Shock is to be a watch that you never need to tinker with. On the other hand, the budget idea of the DW6900 likewise implies that it doesn’t utilize a “Solar” development which implies it isn’t light-controlled and will require another battery every couple of years. In case you are wondering, the development within the watch is Casio’s 1289/3230 module.



It will cost you about $400 more than the retail cost of a standard DW6900 to get the Alvarae model with the forged carbon case. Indeed, on the off chance that you need simply the case, Alvarae will offer it to you through their site for $430. You get somewhat of an arrangement in the event that you get it with the watch at a complete cost of $499. So how cool is a forged carbon case for a Casio G-Shock watch?

Look over at Alvarae’s site and you’ll notice that watches aren’t precisely their fundamental specialty. The company likes to play with carbon in dazzling manners that incorporate items costing only a couple hundred dollars to furniture like a dining table that costs $6,150 , up to a $37,900 carbon fiber bath . Don’t miss the $12,800 carbon fiber Toto Neorest electronic latrine that Alvarae additionally makes. The watch is truth be told their second least estimated offering close to their $320 carbon fiber shoe horn .

What is likewise interesting is that the Forged Carbon Armor case for the Casio G-Shock watch has all the earmarks of being the main forged carbon offering from Alvarae, rather than carbon fiber which they use for their different items. I’m not a materials master, but rather my nature reveals to me that is on the grounds that forged carbon loans itself better to exactness machining with tight resistances which is important for a good-looking watch case.

I need to concede that the forged carbon watch case looks fabulous. Forged carbon in the watch world became well known quite a long while ago as Swiss watch creator Audemars Piguet began to utilize the material (delivered in-house by them) in some exceptionally high-end extravagance sport watches. I visited the room at the Audemars Piguet production to perceive how the material was delivered. My memory is that forged carbon begins with carbon fiber, which is cut and afterward compressed into a square. It is then prepared (the forging part), and the warmth evidently makes it exceptionally hard and strong. From that point, forged carbon squares can be accuracy processed to work as alluring and nitty gritty watch cases.

Forged carbon is light and exceptionally hard. It additionally has a warm, smooth material experience that I truly like. A nearby gander at the material shows a wealth of surfaces which is both outwardly unmistakable, and especially one explanation carbon is refreshing in extravagance men’s items. It isn’t the weave example of carbon fiber, as should be obvious, yet something extraordinary and more organic in the manner that wood grain is.

The detail that Alvarae had the option to accomplish with the its Forged Carbon Armor for the DW6900 is great. Resistances are good, and the general rendering of the case is superb. Not at all like the one-piece infusion model gum of the original Casio part, the Alvarae forged carbon case is three sections. I need to add here that the DW-6900 case is 50mm wide, 53.2mm tall/long, and 16.3mm thick with 200 meters of water resistance.

A awesome inquiry that I don’t have the response to is “how a very remarkable strong G-Shock is it with this new case?” The inquiry is the way does this reseller’s exchange case defender admission compared to the stock gum one created by Casio. My gut intuition reveals to me that Casio’s pitch case is most likely better for shock assurance, in light of the fact that essentially the adaptability of the tar assimilates more shock than the harder forged carbon. This implies that the Alvarae G-Shock isn’t going to be as strong in all manners as a stock G-Shock (though this is only my guess), yet for by far most of day by day use and even game exercises, clients won’t see any considerable solidness distinction among tar and forged carbon. Besides, for certain applications the forged carbon armor could be much more strong than pitch, given its toughness.

I took a practically prompt liking to Alvarae’s forged carbon post-retail Casio G-Shock watch, despite the fact that I was at first incredulous of the idea. The case, obviously, doesn’t incorporate Casio’s branding, and replaces it with “ALVARAE.” Little subtleties looking into it make it a victor, for example, including the content that goes nearby the side pushers which communicate their motivation. I could see a company in a surge simply skip subtleties like this and spotlight on the general state of the case, however these minor subtleties show that the individuals at Alvarae paid attention to this task, and as I would see it, it is a reasonable demonstration of the enduring mainstream society intensity of the G-Shock timepiece.

Alvarae at present offers three adaptations of the Casio G-Shock DW6900 watch with their Forged Carbon Armor case, just as the case by itself. These are good enough that I accept they will appreciate achievement, and Alvarae will be back with additionally interesting work on Casio and maybe different watches later on. On the off chance that you love G-Shock, the appearance of carbon, and need something humble yet still select, this is a great approach. Cost for simply the forged carbon case is $430, and with the watch, the cost is $499. alvarae.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Alvarae/Casio

>Model: G-Shock DW-6900 with reseller’s exchange “Forged Carbon Amour”

>Price: US $499

>Size: 50mm wide

>Would commentator actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Design sweetheart with in excess of a weakness for carbon materials and Casio G-Shock watches. Ideal for somebody who needs to stay hip, yet with an upmarket twist.

>Best normal for watch: Forged carbon case is a commendable option in contrast to Casio’s stock tar one for a high-end look that isn’t irrationally valued. Great detailing looking into it and good item presentation.

>Worst normal for watch: Without a more profound understanding of how these cases are made it is anything but difficult to guarantee this is excessively costly. It additionally an extremely cool cycle performed on a generally standard watch – so it very well may be elusive that ideal target purchaser demographic.