We saw this one coming quite a while past, as we most likely were aware the Cartier Santos was an exemplary from 1978 and removed from creation as of late. Our benefactor George Cramer expounded on that here . The Santos assortment returns similar to 1904, yet it was in 1978 that it was presented as a hardened steel and gold (bi-shading) model. With the wonderful screw-wristband. A watch that was quite possibly the most needed watches during the 1980s in the event that you were fruitful – paying little heed to which business that was – and needed to show it off.

A excellent watch that was suspended and I discovered to be a pity. In any case, the supposition that was at that point that it would be resurrected with an in-house development. What better time would suit the arrival of the Santos than in 2018, at the 40th birthday celebration of this Santos model?

Cartier Santos

There was a light type of envy in me when Gerard Nijenbrinks showed me his bi-shading Cartier Santos from 1978 a couple of years prior. I seldomly feel desirous about other people’s things to be straightforward, however this Cartier Santos was something other than what’s expected. A wonderful (yet little) watch, with a well known design. The little size of the watch really took me back to the real world, however then I gained from Cartier master George Cramer that there was a ‘Galbée XL’ release of this watch too. It never went to a buy, and with the stopping of the model it was a simple answer for me as well.

Now, there’s the new Cartier Santos assortment, in steel, gold and gold & steel (bi-shading). Accessible in medium and enormous. Without knowing the specific measurements, as the press unit doesn’t talk about these things, I am speculating I would need to agree to the enormous variant. One thing is sure however, it should be the bi-shading adaptation with arm band. As far as I might be concerned, this is one of these watches that ought to be worn in the combination of gold and hardened steel some way or another. It bodes well, in any event to me.

All 12 varieties are accessible on calfskin, yet additionally with wristband, making it 24 varieties altogether. 14 in huge size (with date) and 10 in medium size (no date). Costs start at around €6000, however we will come back with the authority & affirmed costs later on. The enormous size model additionally has two models with a skeleton dial and development (in both steel and in gold).

The new Cartier Santos utilizes their type 1847 MC development. This self-winding development was presented in 2015 effectively, in the Cartier Clé collection . The two skeleton watches have a manual winding type 9611 MC movement.

The shape and details of the Cartier Santos have been regarded by the new model, yet it is by all accounts a smidgen more smooth on the edges and bends. We will hit you up with an active article very soon to impart our experience to the new Cartier Santos.

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