Not some time in the past while surveying a specific controller style jump watch , I communicated the significance of gathering and encountering watches outside of your comfort zone as a watch devotee. Not exclusively did the watch empower me to find recently concealed aspects of my preference regarding watch gathering, it likewise end up being something that was basically amusing to wear. Prior to getting my hands on the  Brew Darkbrew HP-1 watch, I saw it as a piece that would essentially never discover its way into my day by day pivot and for a great deal of authorities, I’m sure the inclination may appear to be common on the off chance that they haven’t encountered the watch face to face. Notwithstanding, this end up being a watch that, by and by, found me napping and the experience of revealing new and undiscovered inclinations as a watch devotee was practically more significant than investing energy with the watch in the first place.

For those that aren’t acquainted with the brand, Brew Watches was begun by Jonathan Ferrer and enlivened by the sacredness of ordinary quick rests, modern coffee machines (simply take a gander at that espresso channel style crown), and moderate plan reasoning. Back in 2015 he had the stones to dispatch the brand on Kickstarter and keep away from pushing some sort of phony legacy combined with the run of the mill “go anyplace, do anything” jump watch the community is developing tired of. Obviously, the plans are polarizing yet the way that he entered the market with something that was 100% his was something I was constantly pulled in to. Presently, while Brew has delivered various related watches since the brand’s presentation, the HP-1 actually fills in as the leader arrangement and subsequent to seeing them direct in NYC a year ago, I realized I needed to test one out.


I’ll start by saying that I’ve consistently had a sort of adoration/disdain relationship with PVD-covered watches. Whenever executed inappropriately or in weird setting, it’s simple to wind up with a truly modest looking item and that’s something I was interested about before test driving the Brew Darkbrew HP-1. Fortunately what we have here is a brief and fitting interpretation of a passed out PVD steel case. Indeed I’d state that in this specific circumstance, it even outwardly expands the subject encompassing the watch and the remainder of Brew’s item line.

The extents were likewise a genuine treat and at 38mm, I’m so happy that the watch was kept at a particularly limited arrangement of measurements. Else I feel the that the adjusted square case would not have deciphered well in a bigger size. Along with the thick bezel and caseback, the whole case is produced using standard 316L treated steel and gives a liberal 100m of water opposition. That equivalent bezel referenced already advances upward flawlessly and gladly fills in as the stage for the watch’s most unmistakable feature –that enormous sapphire gem arch. It’s practically comical when you at first handle the watch yet after some time, I found that it truly complimented the ease of the watch’s whole plan, particularly the dial.


This is the place where things got a good time for me and you truly need to utilize a genuine “look closer” reasoning in the event that you need to take advantage of this dial. The “HP” in HP-1 really represents “high pressure” and the general dial configuration was roused by modern pressing factor gauges –practically like what you’d find on an old Unic coffee machine from the 1970s. It’s unpretentious, yet between the 10 and 12 o’clock hour markers, you’ll even locate a bunch of gently carved moment markings, which speak to the “high pressure” zone. It’s about as geeky as you can get with a watch like this yet most importantly, the idea is unique and that’s becoming progressively uncommon in the realm of youthful watch brand new businesses. Difference is additionally incredible with extended, slender hour lists and a strong dark & white tone scheme.

The hands were additionally an ideal fit and the length of each hand was absolutely on point. At 6 o’clock, Brew incorporated a prudent, yet pleasantly outlined date window and unfortunately, this is the place where I discovered my greatest issue with the watch –regardless of whether the issue is somewhat clever. The trouble here is that the arch of the domed sapphire precious stone is extraordinary to the point that the twisting present over the date window completely clouds the real date show at certain points. It’s minor, I know, however with a date show as pleasant as this, I would have adored for some unhindered utility. Beside that the dial is simply even, clear, and offers a look that watch darlings truly won’t find anyplace else.


The arm band, while somewhat nonexclusive, was fairly comfortable to wear and accompanied a pleasant butterfly fasten component that didn’t feel fastidious or modest. I’d frequently stress over the trustworthiness of the completing nearer to the catch, however it appeared to hold up well even twilight of sitting at a work area and pecking ceaselessly my console. In the photograph above you’ll additionally notice some light scrapes nearer to the outside edges of the connections. Regardless of whether these were brought about by contact with another surface or the connections scouring against one another is something I haven’t had the option to sort out. All things considered, this is the degree of the mileage I figure a great many people will insight with this bracelet.

It likewise didn’t feel like corners were cut. Without a doubt, the watch is less expensive and the arm band is typically the primary territory to endure yet all that appeared to fit well, particularly where the case met the wristband. I’d likewise prefer to add that this is only one of those watches I’d actually never trade the arm band on. Brew has delivered a couple of forms on calfskin (I think), however this simply feels like a particularly complete bundle that I’d nearly feel like I’d have to a lesser degree a watch on the off chance that I eliminated it. At the point when shut, the fasten seems consistent and the arm band feels adjusted overall –regardless of whether the watch may seem awkward from the outset glance.


Inside the Darkbrew HP-1 is the consistently famous Seiko NH35A automatic development with hacking and hand-winding. For reasons unknown it appears as though these nonexclusive Seiko developments are beginning to get up to speed to the influx of Miyotas miniature brands went crazy for two or three years prior. Whatever the explanation might be, I’ve never interfaced with one that I didn’t appreciate and from my comprehension it’s something along the lines of an unbranded Seiko 4R36. I’m likewise speculating the 27.4mm measurement permitted Jonathan a few freedoms while trying different things with the more modest, adjusted square case. While there is no presentation caseback, the Darkbrew HP-1 has a halfway opening on the caseback to allow you to get a little look at the mechanical glimpsing development inside. Like other passage level mechanical developments, this one is fundamental in its activity at 21,600 bph with a 40-hour power reserve.


There’s actually no chance I might actually persuade a watch aficionado to begin to look all starry eyed at the Brew Darkbrew HP-1. I think, in the same way as other watches, the vast majority will know whether the watch is ideal for them very quickly. What I truly need is for additional individuals to find the opportunity to deal with the HP-1 in person –in light of the fact that it truly is not normal for anything most “micros” are putting out today, and that’s something we a need significantly more of. The vast majority of all, it’s a watch that may even show you some things about your own opinion with regards to watches. The Brew Darkbrew HP-1 is evaluated at $

Necessary Data

>Brand: Brew

>Model: Darkbrew HP-1

>Price: $495

>Size: 38mm measurement, 13mm thick

>Would commentator actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone with miniature watch brand weariness that’s searching for something beautiful, yet held and mindfully designed.

>Best normal for watch: The impossible source material that roused the watch’s plan. Great quick rests truly are sacred.

>Worst normal for watch: The significantly domed sapphire gem can now and then dark and misshape a precise date readout.