Happy Boxing Day! We look again at the Seiko 5 Sports and offer some input on where it fits inside Seiko’s jumper lineage.

I was truly quite extreme on the Seiko 5 Sports line when it appeared this Summer.  I was sitting poolside in Cyprus when the news hit and I chose to pen an article while I sat close to that exact same pool.  With 27 distinct models, everything simultaneously felt like a genuine opportunity to fulfill the “modders” out there who love to specialist their Seiko’s, and yet appeared to be a move towards taking on competition from the design watch set.  After every one of, the watches look like genuine jumpers, yet they do not have a screw-down crown and come in with less water opposition (100 meters) than its 200 meter SKX carbon copy predecessor.

Seiko’s Frankfurt Boutique

Thanks to the Seiko Frankfurt Boutique

And in that lies somewhat of a contention among the Seikophiles – that the Seiko 5 Sports isn’t, truth be told, the replacement to the famous SKX007 diver.  Some say it is and some fight it isn’t, yet maybe it truly doesn’t matter.  Courtesy of the cordial people at the , I’ve presently had the chance to wear one of these new pieces throughout each and every day for longer than a month and I’m satisfied to say that the new watch is really what it ought to be – and that’s a damn decent watch.

A Mesh Bracelet – A First for Me on a Seiko

I had the chance to pick among a small bunch of the new Seiko 5 Sports pieces and wound up with the SRPD73K1 reference you see here.  I needed to attempt it because of the utilization of a 22mm lattice arm band – a first for me with a Seiko – and the white internal bezel.  In conversing with the group at the store, they educated me that the watches have been reliable venders since their delivery with a few selling each day on average.  In my assessment, that’s uplifting news in light of the fact that at a retail cost of 269 – 329 Euros relying upon the model picked, it’s a genuine “gateway drug” that expands pedestrian activity in the boutiques.  Once inside, it’s unthinkable not to see different comforts from the Prospex assortment as far as possible up to Grand Seiko.

Hard to pick among so numerous variants!

But getting back to my choice of this specific Seiko 5 Sports, I was somewhat torn and nearly went toward the green, SRPD61K1…it’s a genuine looker in the flesh.  I investigated a few of different models in the non-demo region and it is fairly stunning to see the sheer assortment that’s now available.  I asked which models are generally mainstream and shockingly it’s the dark cased models with comparing dim dials; the shop was even sold out a few the references.  So indeed, these watches are really hot, however how has the watch been up until now and how can it rank among some fundamentally the same as looking memorable pieces?

Familiar 42.5mm Case, 13.4mm Thick – 100 Meters of WR

The Seiko 5 Sports assortment highlights impeccable watches that come in at a breadth of 42.5mm, are 46mm drag to carry, and are 13.4mm thick.  Those measurements should feel extremely natural to proprietors of the SKX007 as most estimations are inside spitting distance.  And while the watch exchanges away a few particulars from the SKX, for example, the previously mentioned crown, the additional 100 meters of water obstruction and a lumed pip on the uni-directional bezel at 12:00, it’s unbiasedly an obviously better, more current watch that we’re managing here.

A More Modern Timepiece than the Legendary SKX007

For all the adoration and friendship the SKX007 gets, we’re truly discussing somewhat of a behind the times piece.  For sure, the SKX functions admirably, looks great and works really hard of keeping water out from its innards.  On the other hand, it’s an old watch that doesn’t hack, doesn’t consistently keep time especially well, and can’t be handwound.  Again, it’s a pleasant old thing, yet it was the ideal opportunity for something different.  Whether or not the Seiko 5 Sports line is that “difference” is eventually up to you, however in pretty much every regard, this is an improvement.

The 4R36 is a Satisfying Movement – And You Can Wind It

The Seiko 5 Sports gets a comparative case and dial style as the old SKX007, however there are some enhancements.  The case has better completing overall and it gets bored through drags for simpler tie changes: something Seiko wearers are wont to do.  The actual dial is a checked improvement as well.  The lume is truly brilliant, yet those records are not, at this point painted onto the dial.  I question they’re really applied, yet they in any event emit a tasteful appearance.  And then there’s the 4R36 movement.  It’s fundamentally Seiko’s workhorse programmed that has 25 gems, 41 hours of force hold, hacks and can be hand wound.  Accuracy astute, it’s nothing to think of home about (- 35/+45 seconds out of each day), yet it’s ideal to have the option to wind and hack; it’s essentially a more competitive development with those features.  You can likewise see it through the windowed, screw-down case back.  That presumably implies little to perusers here on Fratello, yet I need to envision that it’s a significant selling point for first time mechanical watch purchasers and it’s simply one more element for imminent buyers.  It’s completed to a utilitarian level, yet it’s clean looking.

But I think the best thing about the new Seiko 5 Sports line are the way that purchasers aren’t restricted to only 2 or 3 distinctive colorways.  I certainly don’t like each of the 27 variations on offer (there are much more on the off chance that you head to Japan on the side of some Manga characters), yet I like a great deal of them.  The pieces in intense shadings like green, blue and orange look fabulous in the metal.  And then there’s the way that Seiko stirred up its lash and arm band game with loads of various decisions (alright, the decisions are fastened to the watch you choose…you can’t blend and match at will).  Most are acceptable too.  The lattice wristband I picked isn’t anything special.  truth be told, it’s indistinguishable from a ton of outsider cross section beside the expansion of a stepped Seiko name on the flip catch, yet it’s a cool decision from a brand that’s been truly delayed to move towards fun options.  Plus, the wristband is vastly customizable, so it functions admirably on my little wrist.  And then there’s that dial.  Many individuals complained about the Superman-like “5” logo, however I think it’s cool and I even like it more than the Prospex “X”.  It’s less intrusive and streams pretty well.  I really criticize the content “Automatic”.  I would’ve picked “100 Meters” in red or something like that.  The dial is a significant advance up with its transmitting finish and it stands apart well against a differentiating white inward part ring.  Yes, it’s a sharp watch and same that for a ton of the tone choices.

Hard to Argue with 269 – 329 Euro Pricing

For 269 – 329 Euros, there’s minimal out there available that can compete with the form quality and dependability found on these Seiko 5 Sports watches.  Gerard and RJ did a decent video audit of these pieces and Gerard even wore one during plunging without issue.  We need to recollect that a screw-down crown is a truly pleasant add (similar to a lumed pip), however they’re not the finish of the world.  Watches like the second-gen DOXA SUB 300 had a push/pull crown and I swam/shallow pigeon with a Swatch up until the age of 18 without problems.  Are they proficient jump watches?  No, yet a large portion of us aren’t proficient jumpers or even jumpers besides; we’re simply searching for something practical and stylishly satisfying that meets our day by day needs.  I think these pieces fit the bill well and I’m satisfied that we have so a wide range of variants.  If you’re searching for an extraordinary blessing or something a good time for yourself, advance toward the closest Seiko shop or look at the .

Seiko History – Some Similarly Shaped Pieces

But stand by, there’s more…  I own few comparatively cased looks as the new Seiko 5 Sports and figured this would be the ideal spot to give a little summary on them.  Then, you can choose how this most current piece fits inside Seiko’s heritage.  Now, before you advise me that I am feeling the loss of certain models, I did exclude any of the fair sized jumpers or an alleged 6309 “slim case”.

Seiko 7548

It’s difficult to accept, however more than 40 years before the introduction of the Seiko 5 Sports jumpers we checked on today, Seiko uncovered its first plunge watch with this amazing case shape.  Oh, and they did it with a quartz watch!  The 7548 appeared in 1978 and ran until 1985 when it was basically supplanted by the 7C43-7010.  This is an impenetrable watch and it’s become – here’s a banality – a genuine “grab and go” piece.  Figure on burning through $250 – thousands relying upon the rendition you purchase (the uncommon blue green variation is the really costly one – all the other things comes down to condition).  interestingly, this was one of the last plunge watches made by the brand in the 70’s (here’s our article on the 7548 and everything previously) and for a few, that denotes the finish of a brilliant era.  In my assessment, it was just the beginning!

Seiko 7002

From 1988 to 1996, Seiko delivered the 7002 arrangement of jumpers utilizing a similar case we presently see on the new Seiko 5 Sports watches.  It was not quite the same as all that preceded and after it, however, in light of the fact that it just contains the date window.  Some gatherers like this straightforwardness alongside the somewhat extraordinary dial records that are a smidgen more stark.  The 7002 has been unfathomably mainstream with modders and that makes finding an untouched piece far harder than one would might suspect for a watch that was initially made in such quantities.  Of the multitude of watches with this case shape, the 7002 is presumably my top pick; you can peruse more on one here .  Figure on $150 – 300 relying upon condition and the model chosen.

Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar

Here’s a peculiarity in the pack of everyman’s programmed or quartz pieces utilizing the case shape.  The SBCM023 was created from approximately 2003 until 2010 and utilized a 39mm impeccable case.  It utilizes the ceaseless schedule 8F35 quartz development that fluctuates by +/ – 20 seconds for each year!  Even more than that, the watch utilizes a lithium battery with 8-10 years of life.  I discover the SBCM023 to be an amazingly downplayed specialized powerhouse.  Relatively costly when new, the watches didn’t sell well and were semi simple to discover at the $300 – 400 territory up two or three years back.  Now, consider $500 – 600 for what is one of Seiko’s cooler pieces in the last 20 years.  Oh, and orange forms and blue with Pepsi bezel variations exist.

Seiko SKX007

Introduced in approximately 1996 as the substitution for the 7002, the SKX007 is presumably perhaps the most famous watches in watch history – in any event among watch people.  Like bogus superstar eulogies, its destruction has been supposed for years.  However, it appears to be that with the presentation of the Seiko 5 Sports arrangement that the SKX007 has at last been discontinued.  This watch, in its standard structure, has soldiered on with basically no progressions during its long term lifetime.  Available in a couple of various variations (dark, pepsi bezel, and orange), the watch had a couple of nearby market choices, yet those are since a long time ago gone.  I can review seeing these on spots like Amazon for $110 – 125 5 or 6 years back, yet they’re now twofold that price.  interestingly, they are as yet accessible and ought to be until stocks at last run dry.  It’s still an incredible watch that fills in as a go-to relax piece, first mechanical watch, or even a fine every day wearer.  Just don’t anticipate astonishing exactness, the capacity to hand wind, or an attractive tie or bracelet.  Still, it’s a legend for an explanation because of its straightforward great looks and robustness.  You can head back here to see it take on another Japanese work of art, the Citizen NY0040.

We trust you appreciated a short glance at a portion of the archetypes fo the Seiko 5 Sports watches.  While the freshest models may exchange away some more no-nonsense specs, they compensate for this with a more current bundle, better completing and a plenty of shading choices.  Some won’t excuse the brand for traveling toward this path (I was vacillating!), however the vast majority of us (and that presently incorporates me) consider this as progress.