It is Moonwatch Weekend here on Fratello, and at several different places, as it was exactly 50 years ago that Armstrong and Aldrin set foot on the Moon. Accompanied by the Speedmaster Professional.

We usually attempt to save our Moonwatch enthusiast for a Tuesday, however we feel we’re allowed to do so this end of the week as well.

From the authors of the book Moonwatch Only, you will currently also locate this smaller hardcover book called ‘A Moon Watch Story’. It’s anything but an addition to Moonwatch Only ( we explored the second release here ), yet an alternative for the individuals who don’t want to push out €250 (or more, since it is officially no longer in production and costs rapidly increased for a duplicate on eBay and somewhere else). And although I wholeheartedly propose you discover a duplicate of Moonwatch Only when you’re genuine about purchasing a vintage Speedmaster or gathering them, this smaller ‘A Moon Watch Story’ is a beautiful addition for your shelf. Especially when you gather all that there’s to gather around Speedmasters, you will want this as well.

A Moon Watch Story

So, what’s great about it? Indeed, the cost of 49 Euro for starters. This small book contains the basics around the Speedmaster chronograph in general, chronological request of all space missions and which Speedmaster watch was included and last yet not least, an outline of the development of the Speedmaster from 1957 till today. It doesn’t add any profundity in the event that you already have the Moonwatch Only book, however it without a doubt is an easy book to grab and turn things upward. It can also be viewed as a prologue to the Speedmaster and its space program connection.

The book contains 224 pages and 276 illustrations. All relevant. It is a short however packed clasped of information that’s easy to keep in the workplace or with you, when traveling. Perhaps in combination with their iBook of Moonwatch Only , a great alternative to the more costly Moonwatch Only book.

The ‘Conquest of Space’ area, where the history with NASA is talked about as well as the outline of missions and their relating Speedmaster references, is my absolute favorite of the book. I feel that the outline of models is also something you will discover in the iBook, yet it is a decent addition. The ‘Conquest of Space’ is something that you can read in your comfy chair with your favorite beverage. The information can also be found in the Moonwatch Only book, however I thought that it was hard to read that book in my comfy chair because of its weight. It is always placed around my work area or eating table when I need to gaze something upward or what to read something.

The ‘Evolving Models’ area, where the authors give a walk-through of all significant and important Speedmaster variations is a pleasant to-have feature of the book. The information is stripped down to the bare least, however at least you have the vital information at hand. In the event that you want to have more details, you can allude to their iBook, purchase Moonwatch Only, or search for the reference here on Fratello, of course.

Unless you have Moonwatch Only and that’s all you need basically, this book probably won’t be for you. On the off chance that you love everything Speedmaster, make sure to place in your request. In the event that you don’t have the Moonwatch Only book or their iBook and want to have an incredible and easy read on the Moonwatch, this 49 Euro book is a no-brainer.