A photograph report of Blancpain’s Night at the Museum event in London

Blancpain has given to various ocean protecting ventures for quite a long time as of now. Since 2014 in any case, Blancpain formally committed themselves to secure the world’s oceans. This brought about the ‘Blancpain Ocean Commitment‘.

Increasing public awareness

Blancpain plans to build public mindfulness through subsidizing of ocean investigation, and through related events. Taking into account the last mentioned, Fratello Watches was welcome to Blanpain’s ‘Night at the Museum’. Held at the noteworthy nineteenth century in London.

Donation to different ocean saving initiatives

The introduction of the ‘Blancpain Ocean Commitment’ in 2014 was sponsored up by the arrival of the Blancpain Ocean Commitment Bathyscaph Chronographe Flyback. Then, the second version of this watch was at that point introduced. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph II (BOC II) on which we did an article here . From the offer of each watch, Blancpain commits to give € 1.000,= to different ocean saving initiatives.

The Grouper Mystery

One of these activities was the exploration by of the Grouper Mystery. The Grouper Mystery happens once every year, during a full moon, in the southern pass of the atoll of Fakarava, French Polynesia. The core of the mission was to catch an extraordinary total of marbled groupers and represent how their spawnings assume a critical part yet to be determined of the lagoon’s ecosystem.

Night at the Museum event

The London ‘Night at the Museum’ event was set off with a mixed drink and the likelihood to find out about Blancpain’s harbinger part in the improvement of expert plunge watches. A fine assortment of unique vintage models, which incorporated the principal Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, was accessible on show.

The rest of the event was set in a supper climate. All visitors assembled in the mind-boggling huge corridor of the Natural History Museum (worked somewhere in the range of 1873 and 1881) and were situated at round tables.

The overpowering enormous lobby of the Natural History Museum

Following a presentation by Blancpain’s CEO Mr. Marc A. Hayek, clarifying the significance of Blancpain in the improvement of plunge watches, Mr. Laurent Ballesta by and by introduced the outcome of the previously mentioned Grouper Mystery research. Supported up by delightful pictures and an inside and out video.

Exceptional watches on show

After the introductions and supper, and during a treat buffet, there was the likelihood to have take a gander at a few phenomenal Blancpain watches. Not simply models identified with Blancpain’s Ocean Commitment, anyway different rarities as well.

A devoted website

Part of the 2014 introduction of the Blancpain Ocean Commitment was the dispatch of a devoted site. Here one can discover all undertakings where Blancpain’s gifts are included. Simultaneously, it’s an instrument which upgrades the attention to a more noteworthy crowd about the significance of saving tasks. The site is a delight to visit and can be found at .

Further data about Blancpain and its present assortment of watches can be found at their site . Recently, Robert-Jan did a fascinating review around one of the most recent Fifty Fathoms models, which can be found here .

Photo Gallery

A photograph display giving a further impression of the event can be discovered in the future. Just as certain photos of phenomenal Blancpain watches, as demonstrated after the introductions of Mr. Marc A. Hayek and Mr. Laurent Ballesta.