Rolex took a strong action this year by presenting their Sea-Dweller in Rolesor. Rolesor is Rolex’ meaning of combining tempered steel and gold, as it combines the words ‘Rolex’ and ‘Or,’ French for gold.

Although you can anticipate anything from Rolex, a bi-shading Sea-Dweller was not something I was ready for. The Rolex Sea-Dweller is a watch I generally saw as their genuine jumping watch. The Submariner was accessible in various forms, going from a stalwart jumpers watch in steel to gleaming games observe completely executed in 18-carat gold. Furthermore, in bi-shading, obviously, with a few dial alternatives incorporating one with valuable stones (serti dials).

And, guess what? I think the new Rolex Sea-Dweller with reference 126603, is really glancing acceptable in bi-shading. There, I said it. Nonetheless, it implies that the Sea-Dweller changed from this bad-to-the-bone apparatus watch into a watch that mixes in pleasantly when visiting Le Club 55 Beach Club in Saint Tropez. Along these lines, in the left corner, we have this Rolex Sea-Dweller bi-shading, and in the correct corner, we have the Rolex GMT-Master II bi-shading. The form that was presented in 2018, with reference 126711CHNR. Tempered steel and Everose gold, making it a hotly anticipated replacement of the watch nicknamed Root Beer, or Clint Eastwood. A watch with the delicate tones of Everose gold combined with brushed hardened steel and earthy colored ceramic.

Sea-Dweller versus GMT-Master II

In the past, things were less complicated. All these Rolex sports models, had a 40mm breadth, aside from the women forms obviously, and the Explorer (36mm). In any case, since 10 years or something like that, Rolex began to come up with their games models in a few unique sizes also. The Explorer expanded its breadth to 39mm, and from the outset, Rolex neglected to build the size of the hands too. The Explorer II went from 40mm to 42mm, and the Sea-Dweller ends up partitioned into two unique forms. Not any more 40mm case breadth like it used to be previously, however now we have a 44mm Deepsea Sea-Dweller, for the expert jumpers, and the Sea-Dweller ‘4000ft’ with a 43mm distance across. As yet following? Making the assortments somewhat more complicated, as there are various sizes to look over, it additionally makes it less difficult to pick one of them. Particularly when the case size, or width, is your beginning stage to settle on a decision. Thus, the bi-shading GMT-Master II 126711CHNR is somewhat more modest than the Sea-Dweller 126603 with its 40mm case breadth rather than 43mm.

Rose Gold versus Yellow Gold

If you’d asked me a couple of years prior to pick between rose (or Everose for Rolex) gold and yellow gold, I would have decided in favor of rose gold. It’s a touch more lenient on a fair skin like mine and maybe thought to be less shabby. Today however, I am not entirely certain. I have both rose and yellow gold watches in my assortment, and I don’t have a solid inclination towards either. Between the Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR and the Sea-Dweller 126603, it comes down to the accompanying tones. For the Sea-Dweller, it is dark. An exemplary looking watch that helps me to remember the bi-shading Submariners (and maybe some GMT-Masters) from the 1980s and 1990s. Ten years prior, I wouldn’t even think about this combination. Presently, I feel somewhat unique towards it and think it is very OK. Notwithstanding, the GMT-Master II, with its Everose combined with the dark and earthy colored conditioned bezel is something different. I feel it is an incredibly done shading plan, and it has snatched me from the second I looked at it. To be honest, I would choose this particular combination over the full gold and the Pepsi/Batman models.


In the end, it involves taste. Also, comfort. In the event that you feel comfortable with a 43mm case, you have two great alternatives here from Rolex; If you think 43mm is excessively, at that point the Sea-Dweller can be checked off the rundown. It is an astounding watch with stunning specialized particulars, however on the off chance that a watch is uncomfortable on the wrist, I figure you ought to never buy it, regardless of whether you extravagant different highlights of this watch. I used to have a Sea-Dweller 16600, and I barely wore it (and possessed it for a little more than 10 years). It wasn’t the size, however the case back that was simply too ‘fat’ that made the watch somewhat unstable on my wrist. As far as I might be concerned, it needed wearing comfort, and I wound up getting the GMT-Master II 16710 or Yacht-Master 16622 way more often.

Both watches have the comfortable and much-adulated Oyster-wristband. The fastens are extraordinary however, with the 5mm augmentation interface for the GMT-Master and the Glidelock expansion framework for the Sea-Dweller. The fasten of the Sea-Dweller is somewhat more, and may therefor be a touch more uncomfortable on a more modest wrist. Notwithstanding, if a 43mm case isn’t an issue to begin with, neither one of the wills be the clasp.

Instead of steel

I don’t need to re-try the discussion on the accessibility of tempered steel ( as we did so here ), which has been a dramatization for around two years now, however we would all be able to concur that those market costs don’t bode well. On the off chance that somebody truly needs a tempered steel Rolex Submariner, Sea-Dweller or GMT-Master, you either must be on the holding up rundown, be an incredibly very much treated customer (=returning client) or simply willing to follow through on route over its retail cost. The last is for some individuals a genuine choice. The bi-shading Sea-Dweller 122603 and GMT-Master II 126711CHNR are somewhat simpler to acquire, holding up records are more limited and in the event that you will pay over retail, the sum could be seen as being satisfactory. You can check at the costs yourself on sites like Chrono24, for instance. The retail cost of the Sea-Dweller in bi-shading is almost €15000, though the GMT-Master II 126711CHNR is to some degree more amicable with its €13000 sticker price. That’s a considerable amount over the retail costs of their steel reciprocals, yet compared to the market costs, the increase isn’t that huge. Particularly in the event that you will dish out genuine cash for a steel watch and arranged to address over retail cost, the bi-shading models may come into play again.

Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR

Whether the Sea-Dweller 122603 tick a great deal of boxes for you, or the GMT-Master II 126711CHNR , the main thing is to address whether you are prepared for wearing a bi-shading watch. Steel is the standard in numerous nations and societies with the goal that you may expect a few comments or undesirable gazing. In the event that you can live with that (you shouldn’t truly care about others’ opinion about your watch at any rate), and just like the glow of a bi-shading watch, these two games models are intense options.

If I needed to pick between the Everose GMT-Master II and the yellow gold Sea-Dweller, my pick would be the GMT for an assortment of reasons. The rose gold and earthy colored combination, the size however I additionally like the eventual fate of an extra timezone. However, that may be altogether unique for you. Simply realize that there are a few options in contrast to the treated steel sports models from the Geneva brand and that these watches aren’t saw as cheap any longer like they were 10 years ago.

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