It’s not news that Ball Watch Co. makes probably the best under the radar and excellent incentive watches out there. Their stun opposition, amazing lume, and relationship with the American railroad framework has been the foundation of the brand’s personality, yet I was not hoping to be as taken with a watch that highlights two complications that I infrequently acknowledge together, particularly at a value point simply over $4,000. The Ball Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph takes what could be a watch that’s blasting at the creases and through inconspicuous plan and shading decisions presents a watch that I wanted to wear as a dressier choice that doesn’t have the tasteless character or that is old news plan of so numerous dressy chronographs out there.

This is a refreshed rendition of the Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph with generally minor refinements. The complete bundle is a strong and attractive watch with a great arrangement of complications, yet in a watch that can wear somewhat thick and frequently be without some character (however I’ve seen a lot of worldtimers with too much character). That being stated, Ball is likely focusing on an unmistakable purchaser type who is likely a knowledgeable authority looking for a remarkable watch that pulls off being an unobtrusive worldtimer chrono. In light of everything, the Ball Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph offers a ton of great horological slashes, attractive plan, and great completing for the money.


The Ball Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph comes in a 42mm wide cleaned steel case that sits at a robust 13.7mm thick. It isn’t near being a thin watch and on a more modest wrist, I can see it being somewhat of an issue. You’ll see the pocket-watch style crown that looks to some degree like a work area chime. Alongside the ventured bezel, the crown adds some character to the case. What this crown won’t assist with is water opposition, which is 50m so this is certainly a watch you need to keep on dry land. Not that a world time chronograph on a calfskin tie is the thing that one envisions wearing while at the same time taking a dip, yet at the same time worth noting.

World Timer

Looking at the dial, you can see the peripheral city ring which remains set up. The slant of the city ring and clear dark content on a white foundation makes for the names of urban communities to be effectively coherent. In truth, there are likely just a modest bunch of times where I really utilized the world time capacity, and I like the readability of all the city names here.

By unscrewing the crown and pulling once, you can propel the date with one upwards turn while one downwards turn moves the day of the week in reverse. This is the best way to change the day and date since by hauling the crown out once more, you can propel the time advances or in reverse. By propelling the time forward, the 24-hour ring (directly underneath the city ring, with evening time assigned with a dim blue foundation) moves counterclockwise. Moving the time in reverse doesn’t influence the 24-hour ring.

So, expecting a GMT time region, I turn the crown forward until 12 on the 24-hour ring relates to London (GMT) and afterward move the crown in reverse so the time is early afternoon. Presently, since I live in Los Angeles/PST (GMT-7:00), I would turn the crown in reverse and set the chance to 4 o ‘clock. Generally speaking, simple to use.

I had perused that past models of this watch had issues with the 24 hour plate having a bit “give” while going from changing the world clock back to changing the time. Which means, the 24 hour circle would wobble when the crown started to move the alternate way which I can see being a major agony. Ball more likely than not helped that issue with this refreshed model, as the plate didn’t falter at all for me. I likewise need to add that the minutes hand on this watch is astonishingly consistent and permits the most moment of change with no wobble by any stretch of the imagination, truly. In general, it’s a delight to set and deal with. Super all around done straightforward, and clear; and I acknowledge how clean the dial is compared to a great deal of world clocks out there that have an over the top “Rand McNally” roused design.

Ball Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph top view


Ball cleverly chose to keep things as moderate as conceivable on the dial of the Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph, which isn’t simple thinking about the innate complexity of the watch. There are two bigger chronograph sub-dials at 12 and 6 o’clock and a more modest seconds sub-dial at 9 o’clock. The spotless, clear, and straightforward sub-dials are executed effectively, and the moderately little Ball logo inside the 12 o’clock sub-dial shows some invigorating restraint.

Ball Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph sub-dials

There’s an unobtrusive guilloche ring around the applied and excellent hour markers, and that is truly about it to the extent any improvement goes ready Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph. The profound dim blue chronograph hand has the typical Ball RR stabilizer, which I’ve consistently cherished and it’s a decent method to help one to remember Ball’s set of experiences and legacy with the formation of the railroad framework that associated the United States.

Ball Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph wrist shot

The cleaned dauphine-formed hour and moment hands are very much measured and furthermore profoundly clear with assistance from the counter intelligent covering on the dial precious stone. This being Ball, we can’t disregard the tritium lume utilized on all fours lists. The hour, moment, and chronograph hands have yellow lume with a green lume utilized on the hour files. The lume is sufficiently energetic however the thin cylinders that are utilized make for a repressed enough lume to coordinate the character of this watch yet this isn’t the standard striking lume you’d expect.


The development utilized in the Ball Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph is the programmed type RR1502, which is an altered adaptation of the commended ETA 7750 development. Similarly as with other adjusted Ball developments, they have added a module onto the ETA/Valjoux development to suit their necessities. The RR1502 works at 28,800vph and has a 48-hour power reserve.

Turning the watch over uncovers the presentation caseback which is a decent touch, despite the fact that it’s not going to take anybody’s breath away. The 7750 is held in very high view as a chronograph development, however it’s never truly been the most appealing development out there. Ball has added perlage all through and the brand logo/text is done in gold, in spite of the fact that it’s difficult to peruse or make out as it’s done over the perlage. It’s simply a little troublesome on the eyes, however generally speaking Ball worked really hard in making the development somewhat more upmarket.

Competition & Final Thoughts

Worldtime Chronograph watches are, generally, not typically delegated moderate. Contributions from pricier and more lofty brands like the IWC Pilot’s Timezoner Chronograph  ($11,900), the Girard-Perregaux Traveler WW.TC ($12,000), and the Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime are generally right around multiple times the cost of the Ball. Nearest in competition would be the Bremont ALT1-WT which additionally utilizes a changed ETA development. Regardless of whether the $1,600 value premium on the a lot sportier Bremont (evaluated at $5,795) is truly up to the buyer.

To expand the degree to the individuals who may need a world clock yet needn’t bother with the chronograph, the Montblanc Heritage Spirit Obris Terrarium is entirely very much valued at $6,100 yet doesn’t have a chronograph and has a stylish that probably won’t engage many individuals (myself included). The Nomos Zurich Worldtimer is likewise estimated at $6,100, and the Baume & Mercier Capeland Worldtimer is considerably pricier at simply over $8,000. To place the estimation of the Ball in context, the additionally non-chronograph Frederique Constant Classic Worldtimer Manufacture  is evaluated at $3,500 or $800 not exactly the Ball.

I was charmingly shocked with the Ball Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph. The refinements in style, finish, and development are on the whole obvious here and Ball merits acclaim. The converging of a world clock with a chronograph is once in a while effectively accomplished in a particularly downplayed at this point intelligible and appealing bundle. Once more, this watch on a crocodile calfskin lash (which is very decent, may I add) is estimated at $4,

Necessary Data

>Brand: Ball

>Model: Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph

>Price: $4,299

>Size: 42mm wide and 13.7mm thick

>Would analyst actually wear it: Absolutely.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone who claims a few watches as of now and needs to add something horologically complex and uncommon to their assortment without the five-figure sticker price they frequently carry.

>Best normal for watch: Design and intelligibility (usability is a nearby second).

>Worst normal for watch: Fairly or not, some discover the Ball character to be somewhat level and may pine for greater character or “soul” from a timepiece.


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