When a companion offers you to wear a the extravagance sports watch for seven days, just a moron will say no thanks to it. The present 52Mondayz is about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 5402.

It isn’t the year’s end yet, yet I was unable to fight the temptation to think back on the most recent eleven months. I figured out how to invest quality energy with many for the most part cherished and respected watches, including the generally evaluated Omega Seamaster CK2913 , Rolex GMT Master 1675 , and , that I still can’t seem to audit on #TBT . Every one of the three watches referenced were on my radar for quite a while, so clearly, I took the risk when it came. What I would not have been expecting in my most extravagant fantasies would be wearing the unbelievable original Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Spoiler alert – I, incredibly to me, really loved it a lot.

Royal Oak 5402

Why I thought the Royal Oak isn’t for me

Let’s beginning with a fair disclaimer. My insight into this assembling began and finished with realizing that Audemars Piguet and the Royal Oak exist. I read a couple of articles, by which I mean I looked through them and took a gander at pictures. Indeed, I am blameworthy of overlooking the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, including all the references, ages and re-releases and that’s just the beginning. I generally felt that I don’t care for the shape. I likewise thought the watch case is unwearable and I felt that in the event that I would have to stand by at any rate an additional twenty years to put it on my wrist for the first time.

I thought wrong

But it isn’t what I accept any longer. The frightening part about the 180 degrees turnaround is that I didn’t require a lot of time to change the brain. Multi week to be exact. Furthermore, generally, I’m not influenced without any problem. I thought I abhorred the Royal Oak, and a week ago while wearing the watch on my wrist, I continued attempting to distinguish the motivation behind why. One reason may be the way that if there was a rundown of watches setting off prompt outrageous feelings, the Royal Oak would possess the highest levels. Today, I will attempt to clarify my emotions on the Royal Oak 5402.

Royal Oak Basics

Debuted in 1972, planned by Gérald Genta, it was first delivered in four arrangement denoted A, B, C and D, each with small changes to the arm band or development. From a reference point of view, you should limit your concentration down to the Royal Oak 5402 , 14802ST, 15002ST, and 15202ST . Our partner, Gerard , already composed a piece on ref 14802ST here . Reference 14802ST was delivered 20 years after the first, in 1992. It turned out in a restricted run of 1000 watches, with the development obvious through the sapphire crystal.

RJ’s Royal affair(s)

Let’s not disregard the other man in the group, Fratello Magazine, and #SpeedyTuesday founder Robert-Jan . On the off chance that you read this article completely, you realize Gerard sold him his first Speedmaster 20 years prior. What may amaze you is RJ’s other shortcoming (or strength). In his heart, he keeps a protected and warm space for Omegas as well as for some valuable Royal Oak pieces. You can peruse more about his royal issues here , here and here . Or on the other hand here . Enough! In the wake of perusing everything, you may be prepared to return to the absolute starting point of the Royal Oak story. Everything being equal, it is the first occasion when we have an involved audit of the main Royal Oak 5402 here on Fratello Magazine.

Royal Oak ref. 5402ST

Around 2000 models were delivered from the A-Series, with an underlying run of 1000 pieces followed by another 1000 pieces. As one would naturally anticipate from a first creation discharge, the A-Series models are exceptionally pursued among authorities. The B-Series was restricted to 1000 pieces, which is half of the A-arrangement, making it similarly fascinating in my non-AP instructed mind. Both the A-Series and B-Series have the first type 2121, which was created by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

B-arrangement dial mystery

The Royal Oak 5402 I had the joy to wear for seven days was stepped B1311. The A-Series is recognized by the situation of the AP logo simply over 6 o’clock, compared to later models commonly bearing the AP logo at 12 o’clock. There are a ton of web bunny openings with extensive conversations on whether the B-Series dials with an AP logo at twelve are unique or not. The model on my wrist has an AP logo at twelve, it comes with a lower 1311 chronic number, and we trust it has a substitution dial. UV pictures, as seen beneath, will reveal more insight into that. Likewise, the marked AP crown may recommend that this model has seen a watchmaker before.

AP Royal Oak 5402 on the wrist

Let’s fail to remember the crowns and the various kinds of for some time. Presently comes the feature, or what it resembles to wear the Royal Oak 5402. I had no assumptions at all, approaching it as only instructing myself on this genuine vintage piece. All things considered, it doesn’t happen each week that you will wear a +40K Euro watch. A significant note to feature, I don’t have the Royal Oak 5402 with me any longer. Generally, when I compose my surveys, I have the watch sitting before me, so this time it’s more a walk around memory lane.

Unique wrist feeling

If I were going to capture an essential inclination, I would select the word closeness. Try not to misunderstand me, don’t get dumbfounded. How might one feel private with a watch sparkling as intensely as a HMS Royal Oak ship in your lawn? A large portion of the photos of Royal Oak you see are full-frontal. With a coordinated wristband, the Royal Oak outwardly feels like something major. What amazed me just following a couple of hours was acknowledging there aren’t that numerous watches with such extraordinary contact with your skin. It is level with a roomy case back seeping till the edges. At a 7millimeter thickness, the Royal Oak rethinks the converging of a watch with your wrist.


With most watches, the sentiments they summon while wearing them are moderately simple to articulate. Yet, I accept that wearing the Royal Oak is an un-adaptable encounter, such as disclosing the innovative soul to a full-time representative or the sensation of being a dad to a teen. They comprehend the idea, yet they don’t feel it completely. What’s more, they can’t. In addition, the Royal Oak 5402 is shockingly comfortable. The arm band is so slim, with the last connection coordinated so easily with the case that the watch and wristband become one homogenous smooth component that slides under the sleeve rapidly and without any problem. Obviously, it is almost a fifty years of age watch, so it’s seen something reasonable of mileage. My model stepped B1311 had a marginally harmed catch on where it associates with the main connection. Could the binding position have been improved? You decide.

Shotgun notes

The length of the markers, the outlining, edge adjusting, and dainty luming all help me to remember Van Damme in the “What you see here is a body made to perfection.” I would not expect that a particularly straightforward shape would captivate me to such an extent. Lucidness is simply awesome. I was never ‘that extravagant kid’ who appreciated guilloche or waffle dials, however the Royal Oak’s dial developed on me super-fast.

Up for grabs

A companion that offered me the Royal Oak for a week by week test is all the more a Daytona fellow. At the point when I was giving the watch back to him, he said he is going to sell it. At the point when I inquired as to why he just said he doesn’t care for it that much. Amusingly, seven days prior, I wouldn’t have given AP a solitary idea, yet now I ended up pitching his own Royal Oak to him. I recommended that he should wear it for a couple of sequential days and committed to him that he would get snared. “I wore it for an entire month, yet it didn’t develop on me, so I chose to release it,” my companion answered. Do you smell a chance to invigorate your assortment? Drop me a message, and I’ll associate you to my companion. In the event that he hasn’t sold it yet, it very well may be one of your more fortunate Mondayz too.