You presumably have known about Artisans de Genève lately, with ” La Montoya”, their last customization project where they offered to alter, without precedent for the world, a 4130 development into a skeleton.

The independent and inventive watchmaking workshop situated in Geneva offers a select assistance of watch alteration for private customers. The alterations are made only upon demand in an extremely restricted limit, in their workshops in Switzerland. Artisans de Genève assembles the best Swiss specialists and makers around fundamental estimations of savoir-faire, excellency and uniqueness.

Artisans de Genève targets guaranteeing an immediate and individual communication with its customers to the absolute last details, as exceptional as it very well might be, the watchmaking workshop offers an online adjustment administration, doesn’t possess any stock nor have a dissemination network.

More than a watchmaking workshop, Artisans de Genève epitomizes and addresses the substance of craftsmanship by combining the most front line innovation with the most flawless watchmaking traditions.

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The journey for excellence

The one thing that ties all the experts at Artisans de Genève’s is their obsession. Also, it is that enthusiasm that continually drives them to push the limits of watchmaking.

Their changes are unobtrusive and refined, delicate and exquisite, and all the mechanical and frivolity is acted in full compliance with the watchmaking codes. At Artisans de Genève, every alteration is made by high talented craftsmen.

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Artisans de Genève at times collaborates with driving figures, who likewise end up being watch darlings, to design together their fantasy watch and offer this style to a predetermined number of customers. A portion of their collaborations include, The “Cool Hand Brooklyn” designed with the notable director Spike Lee, as a praise to his darling city NYC. All the more as of late, their collaboration with the F1 champion Juan Pablo Montoya prompted “La Montoya”, a festival of his most dynamic successes.

The Tribute to 6240 Tropical

As genuine watch aficionados, Artisans de Genève likewise gives proper respect to watchmaking legends through the “Tributes” customizations, that comprise in adjusting a current watch to make it look as honest as conceivable to a notable model from the watchmaking history (an art that is classified “predating”). One of their most critical festival was the Tribute to 6240 Tropical, a horological reverence to the Rolex Daytona 6240 model that gained over the long haul an exceptionally unique pursued “tropical”patina. To recreate this exceptionally extraordinary tone, Artisans de Genève sent the dials to the Bahamas to age under the tropical environment for a few weeks.

“La Montoya”

“La Montoya” was designed in collaboration with the dashing legend Juan Pablo Montoya. This undertaking offered to completely alter the famous 4130 development into a skeleton, inclined by hand. Each detail is a reverberation to the automotive world and a tribute to Juan Pablo Montoya’s dashing profession and birthplaces with the counters painted to the shades of the Colombian flag.

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