For years we’ve been providing details regarding the best in class from Armin Strom here on Fratello.

The brand doesn’t just comprise of very agreeable and professional watch industry specialists, yet they additionally end up having a stunning line up of genuine haute horlogerie watches. Armin Strom is an exceptional brand as in they just produce skeletonized watches. This is a major piece of their DNA since the organizer Mr. Armin Strom is a specialist in these sorts of watches. Notwithstanding, their strength doesn’t just lay in skeletonizing however planning developments that solitary a not many brands are doing nowadays. Take the Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance looks for instance. Basically; the watch has two autonomous developments working freely from one another yet sharing “data” and synchronizing each other consequently improving accuracy.

Mirrored Force Resonance

When you take a gander at any Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance watch the main thing that likely comes to your psyche is that they look pretty advanced. In spite of the fact that this might be valid, the framework – or rather the thought behind a reverberation development – is in no way, shape or form an advanced creation. To such an extent, that the primary patent of such a watch came from the mid 1800s. Estimate, who the creator was! Precisely, it was the French/Swiss watchmaker virtuoso Abraham-Louis Breguet. Despite the fact that the thought came significantly sooner than Breguet. Yet his pocket watch with reverberation, the development was route not the same as any advanced watch the thought was fundamentally the same as; two developments cooperating at the same time, continually “amending” each other’s beat mistakes to make a watch that is really precise. The primary wristwatch to have a reverberation development is the Chronométre á Résonance from the 1990s by contemporary watchmaker F.P. Journe.

Armin Strom

The essential thought is basic; two autonomous developments inside the watch working intently together. These two developments should be synchronized in the end, to get a more grounded, more precise sign. This sign is utilized to show a more exact and adjusted time on the dial. This synchronization is the test where Armin Strom’s licensed grasp spring framework comes to play. The Armin Strom grasp spring is situated between the two hairsprings (you can see it at the 9 o’clock) interfacing and, as it were, offsetting the errors of them. This data at that point showed on the dial, which is at 3 o clock. The first of such Armin Strom watches was the Mirrored Force Resonance watch in 2017. Here, you could see the 2 hairsprings and furthermore two running seconds, each associated with one development. The base was is running clockwise and the upper one counter-clockwise.


Last year during SIHH, the brand dispatched their second assortment with such a development, the Armin Strom Pure. From numerous points of view, this assortment is more refined and improved on then the Mirrored Force Resonance line is. To begin with the watch is a lot more modest than its archetype. It is just 42mm compared to the 43.5mm of the Mirrored Force Resonance. The thickness is 12mm compared to 13mm, not a very remarkable change but rather still. The watch just shows one running second, which you can discover somewhere in the range of 6 and 7 o’clock. With everything taken into account, the face is though still skeleton much cleaner and to some degree rich than it was previously. Armin Strom offers to adaptations of the Pure; Fire and Water. I had the joy of utilizing the Fire for half a month and I need to say it was a stunning encounter. The watch is just about as comfortable as some other timepiece.


I say this regardless of the way that it is Haute Horlogerie, enveloped by a major piece of 18K rose gold. This is the more costly form of the two since the Pure Water has a steel case. The Fire has a sapphire precious stone front and back with hostile to intelligent covering. the back is much more moderate as the front with the 2 barrels (one for every development) in view, one at 12 the other at 6. Despite the fact that the watch has a thick case the water opposition is just 50m. Not that you’d at any point take the Pure Fire submerged. While the Pure Earth has a blue dial, the Pure Fire comes with a dark dial with gold roman numerals. The hands are similar rose gold tone as the numerals and records. A few group revealed to me they figure the Roman numerals don’t fit the cutting edge look; I really like them.


The unique Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance’s type was the ARF15. The new Pure Fire’s development depends on the ARF15 for certain changes. It’s ARF16. This type has 60 minutes, moment and little second showcase, no date, power hold or AM/PM sign. It’s a manual breeze watch and because of the twofold barrels, this interaction may take somewhat more than ordinary, yet the force save is “just” 48 hours. This is reasonable as the developments need a great deal of energy. As you’d have with most skeleton watches the plates and extensions have adornment on both front and back. The recurrence of the ARF16 is at 25,200 Vph with 38 gems and 206 individual parts inside the development. It’s an exceptional type both stylishly and actually, put in a watch that is a delight to wear. On the off chance that you can manage the cost of the sticker price that is.

What else to say?

As far as the cost goes, the Armin Strom Pure assortment begins at 49,000 CHF and this alludes to the steel model. As we are talking 18k rose gold on the off chance that you extravagant the Pure Fire that sum is altogether higher. The watch comes on a dark croc calfskin lash and an additional dark elastic tie on the off chance that you extravagant a sportier look. The clasp is only an ordinary steel or gold pin clasps anyway you can get a deployant in the event that you’re searching for added security or need to save your tie. while the Pure assortment may seem like the younger sibling of the Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance that is not exactly the situation. The two models have similar essential standards, yet they play in an alternate group look and size-wise. While I loved the Mirrored Force Resonance my most loved has the be the Pure for its size and simplicity.

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