I am wearing Armin Strom’s littlest (41mm) watch, the Gravity Equal Force for a week.

The magnificence around 52 Mondayz, taking everything into account, is the way that we have no limits. Particularly with regards to what watch to wear for seven days. It very well may be vintage or not, straightforward or complicated. Likewise, we can highlight brands from enormous aggregates yet additionally non mainstream producers. My last 52Mondayz article was about an as of late obtained vintage piece, my Eterna 852. That was a great piece to compose, however this time around, I needed something completely unique. You should switch your watches up every once in a while at any rate. On account of Armin Strom, this week I figured out how to lay my hands on something exceptional. Not altogether new, as it’s been out for some time, however something we hadn’t yet got an opportunity to invest energy with. I’m discussing the Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force — the subject of the present column.


One of the reasons I picked this watch for the week is its size. On the off chance that you need to wear something for a more expanded period, it must be very comfortable. While I like “more established” watches, they will in general be on the bigger side with cases often surpassing 46mm. The new Gravity Equal Force, then again, is a truly comfortable 41mm watch.

The case size makes it an effectively wearable watch regardless of whether you have a more modest wrist. Because of the short hauls and slight bezel, the watch face shows up more critical, however I can guarantee you it is no bigger than 41mm and 12.6mm in thickness. Size, be that as it may, isn’t all that matters. While the Gravity Equal Force doesn’t have any old style complications, it has an enormous offset dial. The dull tone against the hardened steel hands makes it uncommonly legible.

Gravity Equal Force

Let’s talk somewhat about the actual model. On the off chance that you’ve read our past inclusion of Armin Strom , you’ll realize that the Biel-based maker is celebrated for its enormous watches. This, much the same as the way that their models have skeletonized dials and developments, is one of their brand names. An Armin Strom is a 44mm+, open-work, Haute Horlogerie timepiece.

Or so it was. With their new System 78 assortment, the brand is attempting to offer improved on watches to their fans without losing the Armin Strom DNA and extraordinary superior grade. The main model of this assortment is the Gravity Equal Force. It looks comparatively unassuming from the start. Yet, it houses a lot of highlights that you need to look near find in present day watches. There is a miniature rotor at the 2 o’clock position and a huge barrel at 4 o’clock. Both obvious on the dial side.


We’ll speak somewhat about the type, the miniature rotor, and all beneath, yet briefly, we should return to the case. We’ve previously settled that the Gravity Equal Force is the first of its sort in a more modest case. What is additionally fascinating to see is that it’s a more humble distance across, yet in addition a lot more slender. That is something independent brands often battle with. Therefore, the watch is simply water-impervious to 30 meters.

The case is tempered steel with an enemy of intelligent sapphire precious stone and show case back. That comes in convenient when you need to flaunt your watch and the outstanding completion of the development inside. Because of the case size, the short carries, and the crocodile calfskin lash, the Gravity Equal Force can undoubtedly be worn with a suit too.

Blend of past and present

The Armin Strom type ASB19 is an in-house development. The fundamental highlights are a 72-hour power save, an irregular 25,200 working recurrence, 28 gems, and an aggregate of 202 components. The motivation for the plan comes from vintage pocket watches — you can perceive the equal extensions on the dial side. I saw this during Watch Time in New York a year ago and having a pocket watch development in my mind as my underlying suspected. I was correct. The barrel at 4 o’clock has a force hold pointer on it, the solitary “extraordinary component” of the Gravity Equal Force. The type is furnished with a stop-work declutch instrument as well.

Indie brand: Yes or no?

As a watch columnist, I have the advantage of seeing, wearing, and utilizing numerous watches, often more than one simultaneously. I don’t recognize €200 or €20,000 pieces. I’ll attempt to discover something on the whole of them. At the point when the Gravity Equal Force came out, I did a Hot Take article about it. I called the watch “wallet-accommodating” and got some genuine warmth from the Fratelli. I actually remain behind my assertion. For what you get, the Gravity Equal Force is undoubtedly acceptable worth. That doesn’t mean it’s actually modest; it simply implies you could commit that sort of money to undeniably less-meriting things.

We are discussing Haute Horlogerie. This is an independent company with a little creation volume. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that I’d love to, no, I don’t have the cash to purchase this piece by the same token. Be that as it may, for CHF 16,900, you could do a lot of more awful. A whole lot more regrettable. On the off chance that you’re not into outside the box marks, this won’t be for you. In any case, I urge you to check the value/esteem proportion of your normal independent watch brand and afterward settle on the Gravity Equal Force’s cost and my situation on it. Tell me your opinion in the comments area beneath. Find out more .