Armin Strom strikes once more. The Haute Horlogerie produce from Bienne has arranged something extraordinary for SIHH 2019. Somewhat old yet additionally exceptionally new. Allow me to clarify: The DNA of the brand (an articulation watch marks often use) lies in skeletonizing timepieces. Models Both from their own and different brands ‘assortments. This was the time when Mr. Armin Strom himself possessed the company. Among different watches, Speedy fans may realize that as of now, Mr. Strom did a platinum skeleton Speedmaster in 1994. Ten years prior, he resigned and left the company in new hands. The center of Armin Strom is still skeleton observes yet ultimately, they went past that. They built up a Mirrored Force Resonance development. This shaped the base of the current year’s SIHH curiosity; the Armin Strom Dual Time Resonance in a sapphire case. Same thought (Resonance development) in a shiny new execution with an extra feature.

Dual Time Resonance

Resonance is an idea that returns many years yet in present day watchmaking, the solitary company, other than Armin Strom, who made such a timepiece was F.P. Journe. Nonetheless, Armin Strom is the first to have a Resonance skeleton watch. In that idea the watch has 2 completely free developments cooperating They are associated with the Armin Strom’s protected Resonance Clutch Spring that utilizes the 2 developments and synchronizes them. This synchronized, 20% more exact, time shows up on the dial. In their Dual Time Resonance, they utilize a fundamentally the same as framework, yet with 2 dials. This time the 2 developments don’t show one time yet 2, making the watch a dual time. Henceforth the case is a lot bigger with one dial at 3 o’clock and the other at 9 o’clock. This is Armin Strom’s translation of a GMT watch.


The Armin Strom Dual Time Resonance, because of the way that it has 2 separate developments, is a huge watch. Indeed, each to its own taste, however it’s 59mm (from 3 to 9) by 43.4mm (from 12 to 6), the stature is 15.9mm. The 2 crowns are at 10 and 2. The left one sets the left dial and ends up the manual development’s 4 (!) barrels, 2 for every development. Incidentally, every barrel cooperates so when winding the development, you twist all barrels simultaneously, on account of an interconnecting gear in the center. That is the one with the AS logo. The correct crown fixes the time on the dial. At 6 o’clock on each dial, you can discover the force hold marker. While in the middle of the dials at 6, is an AM/PM marker with independent hands for the 2 movements.

4 colors

Armin Strom’s 2019 SIHH oddity is the Dual Time Resonance in a sapphire case. This must be my pick from each of those 4. I simply love to see every single point of the development. It additionally recoils the timepiece outwardly a piece. Obviously, you can pick any of the other 3 materials; titanium, white gold or 18-carat rose gold. To the extent costs, the beginning cost is 180,000 CHF and up. The sapphire model is somewhat over 200,000 CHF which isn’t modest yet that is fine. Fine, as in, what you are getting is no customary timepiece. Armin Strom makes progress toward complete freedom and they do however much they can in-house which is around 95% of the entire watch. So the Armin Strom Dual Time Resonance isn’t just a genuine Haute Horlogerie piece however one with insane detail from a genuine manufacture.

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