The premise behind Swiss Armand Nicolet ‘s “O.H.M” group of items is straightforward and should speak to an assortment of watch gatherers. “O.H.M” represents “original authentic movement,” and the assortment includes new watches like the Armand Nicolet O.H.M L15 with pleasantly reestablished vintage developments within them. The developments are supposed to be reestablished by Armand Nicolet, and the thought is to combine the best of the two universes regarding present day materials and development techniques, just as a nice serving of credible horological nostalgia.

Armand Nicolet produces a couple of watches in the O.H.M (OHM) assortment, and the new L15 is among the better models as its dressy, customary looks seem to fit the topic and size of the first A. Schild (AS) 1883 programmed developments rather well. So let’s talk about the development first, as this will be a significant motivation behind why somebody will be keen on this watch. The plan, while particular, isn’t sufficiently likely to draw in purchasers to the L15 assortment. Thus, as I would like to think, the genuine draw here is the combination of the plan, materials, and the development (alongside the exertion needed to introduce it as it is done in this collection).

Armand Nicolet claims that the entirety of the 499 developments in this restricted version were delivered by A. Schild (a done existing watch development producer) somewhere in the range of 1967 and 1971. The real dial of the watch says “O.H.M” 1967. The developments have been obtained by the brand and afterward experience a somewhat broad reclamation and reconstructing measure. The developments are not reestablished to look like they would in the last part of the 1960s, yet rather to look better, and on top of that Armond Nicolet incorporates some more present day parts and obviously adorns the developments with decoration.

The coming about developments are known as the Armand Nicolet type AN0703A (otherwise known as AN-703A), and fortunately you can respect the developments through the back of the case by means of the sapphire gem display window. Among the useful redesigns is the establishment of a stun retention framework in the controller. The developments have additionally been given a scope of shines, blue-shaded (tragically not fire blued) screws, and a generally solid “high-end” sheen.

Functionally the AN0703A developments are “historical” as guaranteed. They work at 3Hz (21,600bph) with only 32 hours of intensity save. Precision shouldn’t be really awful, yet I figure the most current mechanical developments will probably beat these notable partners with regards to that. The brand is open about the development and offers a great deal of insights regarding it here . What will make individuals appended to the OHM family is the story and the wistfulness. It is a fitting idea for a plan, for example, that of the L15. A portion of the other Armand Nicolet OHM watches don’t essentially have the correct stylish fit for the development topic in my opinion.

The programmed development offers the time and date – yet don’t think the last complication has a brisk set component. You’ll need to pass the hour hand across 12 PM each time you need the date to change. Hello, it’s all piece of the vintage enchant right? The dial is generally charmingly straightforward and retro in its look. Armand Nicolet produces a couple of dial tones for the L15, and this one is a profound matte dull dark with applied cleaned hour markers and leaf-style hands. It is on the boundary of not having sufficient difference to be neat, yet it figures out how to crush out enough decipherability to be helpful. The absence of top-applied AR-covering on the domed sapphire precious stone would make clarity even better.

With that stated, as a vintage-style dress watch, I do very like the L15 dial plan and discover it quieting to take a gander at just as hitting the imprint with regards to the extents of the hands and hour markers. The date window is fairly little and will be difficult to peruse for those with vision that isn’t perfect.

A shockingly pleasant element is the plan of the case. Armand Nicolet offers five variants of the L15 this year, with three in steel, one in steel with a 18k rose gold bezel and crown, and one form in all 18k rose gold. The case is 39mm wide and totally cleaned. What I like the most is the plan of the case with its intriguing forms (particularly as an afterthought) and in general extremely satisfying stylish plan. I truly like the special visualization of having a generally straightforward dial with a more detailed case – which is the thing that the Armand Nicolet O.H.M L15 offers. This is something uncommon to discover, particularly in unassumingly estimated dress watches of this kind. So once more, in the event that you handle one of these watches, I think you also will like the case plan. The case is likewise water impervious to 50m and is a moderately smooth 10mm thick.

Attached to the case is a dark “big scales” crocodile tie that is both delicate and comfortable. The lash is a decent quality. I feel that all dress watches ought to be combined with a pleasant tie. Not doing so is truly biased to the outcome of having a respectable to wear formal timepiece.

Dress watches aren’t almost as famous these days as sports watches, yet they do have their place, without a doubt. I think the dress watch market is extreme in light of the fact that the most engaging dress watches have extravagant developments and exceptionally top of the line developments, yet additionally will in general be extremely high in cost. That can struggle with the “once in a while” wearing nature of dress watches, implying that not all watch sweethearts are prepared to put huge cash into a watch they probably won’t wear consistently. Dress watches will in general be somewhat more quelled in plan, which likewise implies that they don’t do as great of a work at telling the world “Hey everybody, I need you to see my decent top of the line watch.” What I’m attempting to state is that while you can get a ton of truly engaging dress looks for $15,000 USD and up, there aren’t the same number of really compelling models at costs path under that. There are some without a doubt, however not the same number of as I’d like.

Finding decent “boutique” dress watches at the $5,000 and under cost is possible, however it takes a touch of chasing. Armand Nicolet’s most grounded contestant into this field is the L15, and with its restricted version status and utilization of reestablished vintage mechanical developments, I think it offers a decent mix of highlights that isn’t simple to discover somewhere else. The brand can work somewhat on dial intelligibility, however else, they have a really decent item on their hands.

This specific Armand Nicolet O.H.M L15 watch is the reference A780AAA-NR-PI0780NA. The all-gold OHM L15 model is estimated at 12,900 CHF. The two-tone model is estimated at 6,100 CHF, and this all-steel O.H.M L15 watch has a retail cost of 4,700 CHF.  

Necessary Data

>Brand: Armand Nicolet

>Model: O.H.M L15 (reference A780AAA-NR-PI0780NA as tested)

>Price: 4,700 Swiss Francs

>Size: 39mm wide

>Would commentator by and by wear it: When the event calls for it.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Regular dress watch wearer with an affectionate wistfulness for vintage, yet reasonable mechanical movements.

>Best normal for watch: Really overall quite unforeseen case plan. Comfortable to wear and moderate for a scope of formal watch employments. Combines an acceptably engaging plan with a decent “inside” story that genuine watch darlings will appreciate advising to anybody inspired by their timepiece.

>Worst normal for watch: Domed sapphire gem needs top-applied AR-covering which makes some unwelcome glare that contrarily impacts decipherability. Requires watch darlings both intrigued by the sentiment of the developments just as the sentiment of the plan. In this way, the O.H.M L15 assortment is naturally a specialty offer product.