Not a praise to a current watch model, however enlivened by the cool pad case plunging watches of the sixties and seventies when all is said in done, the Aramar Walrus takes the brand an alternate way after a horrible start.

Aramar Watch Co. is an autonomous creator and maker of wristwatches established in 2010 and situated in The Netherlands. Most importantly, Aramar is the brainchild of genuine watch fan. It demonstrated that enthusiasm doesn’t fundamentally lead to planning, creating, and selling the correct items. For example, models like Transatlantic and Arctic Ocean (we purposely don’t connect here, and don’t even need you to find them) nearly caused us to choose not to cover anything Aramar by any means. In any case, the as of late delivered Walrus is by all accounts a move toward another path and has the right to get attention.

The Aramar Walrus 200m Divers Watch

With the Walrus, Aramar chose to look for help from Kickstarter once more. A prior undertaking, the Long Beach Racing Chronograph, brought very nearly 90 supporters and over €25,000, so it appeared well and good to roll the crowdfunding dice again. We’ll return to how that wound up, yet let’s view the watch first.

Aramar Walrus Dial Variations

As said, the Walrus is an exemplary pad molded plunge watch, conveyed on a shark-network wristband as standard. It’ll be accessible in two shading varieties. One with a dark dial, dark bezel, and orange moment track, and one with an all metallic sunburst blue dial and blue bezel. As extra, there will be elastic ties accessible, a dark one for the dark dialed rendition, and a blue one for the blue-dialed watch. We got models from the two watches in for audit. Be that as it may, I will focus on my top choice —  the dark and orange version.

Difference in Hands

Aside from the diverse dial tones, the hands for the two forms contrast also. In particular, the moment hand. This hand on the dark and orange-dialed watch is orange painted with a C3 Luminova iridescent trim. Any remaining hands (including the moment hand on the blue form too) are produced using unpainted metal, with a similar radiant decorate, though.

As a jumper, I can particularly value the moment hand being orange, or possibly contrastingly hued from the hour and seconds hand. Beneath the surface, glancing through clammy jumping goggles, things get foggy rapidly, and any simple separation between the hands is very welcome.

Shark-Mesh Bracelet

Standard hardware for the Aramar Walrus will be a weighty, alleged shark-network arm band. I love these wristbands and discover them unquestionably satisfactory, clearly, for plunging watches. My preferred watch —  the dark and orange one —  was furnished with this wristband, while the blue-dialed watch was fitted with the discretionary blue elastic lash. An ideal circumstance, what could go wrong?

Well, things being what they are, a ton. Astoundingly, it is absurd to expect to resize the wristband, aside from the fine-change offered by the fasten. Sadly, the arm band was excessively enormous for my practically 18cm wrist. Bummer. So I needed to change the blue elastic tie from the other watch to wear the watch I preferred most. What’s more, I must be straightforward, that went very well, even regarding shading. Aramar advised us, nonetheless, that with the last form of the watch, the cross section wristband will be more limited and reasonable for an inexact 18cm wrist.

Well, a great deal. For example, we didn’t notice the precious stone and the development yet.

Faceted, Raised, Sapphire Crystal

How about that precious stone? Made of sapphire and very thick one, it transcends the bezel, and the faceted edge gives it a cool look. I don’t think a particularly sapphire gem was important to get the 20 bar pressure rating, however it suits the watch in any case. Also, since it’s sapphire, there’s no compelling reason to stress over it getting little scratches en route (despite the fact that chipping it is consistently a chance, obviously). The gem has an enemy of intelligent covering on the inside.

Crown and Bezel

The crown is a situated at the 3 o’clock position. When screwed down against the case, it guarantees the watch to be waterproof up to  .

Like the crown, the unidirectional bezel has an on its side, giving a decent grasp. It tends to be turned

To reproduce the exemplary look of a vintage , Aramar picked to utilize a bezel decorate made out of   With this material, it’s conceivable to make a special visualization practically equivalent to Bakelite, yet with

ETA 2824-2 Automatic Caliber

Although the Walrus is delivered in China, Aramar Watch Co. decide for the dependability of a genuine Swiss Made workhorse development, the ETA 2824-2. The standard grade ETA 2824-2 is a development, with a  . It has  and uses ETA’s own  regulator framework with  safeguard. It runs at (4Hz). The development sports a  , which means you can set the watch to the second, and it includes a too.

Unless you end up being a watchmaker (or an eager novice), it’s impossible you’ll at any point see the development, given that it’s taken cover behind a strong case back. Given the additional heartiness, this is, as I would like to think, a fitting decision for a jumpers watch. The case back is engraved with a realistic of the Dutch Walrus class Submarine — the watch’s namesake.

Conclusion and thoughts

Aramar got this one right. Right size, great looks, sapphire gem, Swiss development, quality feel. There isn’t anything amiss with this by any means. Likely a non-sizable lattice arm band is somewhat strange, however hello. For €399 it’s difficult to complain. Something minor could be that the brand name Aramar got somewhat of an awful vibe due to their previous models. For this watch, it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to utilize an alternate name. In spite of the fact that I figure this watch ought to be decided by what it is, the name on the dial is not really fundamental or exciting.

Kickstarter Campaign

So what befell the for the Walrus? Indeed, that fizzled. A unimportant 18 supporters combined to promise only 50% of the €30,000 objective. In this way, what happens next?

Aramar just disclosed to us that they furrow ahead with an off-Kickstarter pre-request meeting themselves. The offer will be for the watch with network arm band and the elastic lash, at a cost of € 399. The cutoff time is that at any rate 20 watches must be sold before the 1st of March 2020, in any case the task will be dropped authoritatively. So here’s your last opportunity to get one:


And simply in the event that the Walrus goes terminated, you should search for different alternatives. As the plan of this watch was enlivened by vintage jumping watches like the Edox Hydro Sub, Enicar Star Diver, and Zodiac Sea Wolf, you could generally pursue down one of the firsts. Be that as it may, a genuine vintage watch is an unexpected item in comparison to an advanced translation of it, and positively needs unique consideration when utilized every day. Not to mention when utilized during jumping or other water included activities.

So on the off chance that we search for a flow day created watch with pretty much a similar inclination, one could think about the . From the outset sight, the Aquadive may look pretty much equivalent, however it has an entirely unexpected profundity rating of 1,000 meters rather than 200. The development of the watch is totally different, bringing about a reasonably unique value point — around €2,000.

A closer elective comes from the East. The Seiko SPB101J1 ‘New Sumo’ has a profundity rating of 200 meters too, and flaunts a sapphire precious stone. It houses one of Seiko ‘s most current programmed types, the 6R35, which gives hand winding, a hacking capacity, and a speedy set date. Its cost is €830, which is multiple times that of the Aramar Walrus, yet the tempered steel arm band is sizable, implying that any client (not simply the thick-wristed) can wear it comfortably.


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