When Omega presented the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon back in 2013, I was bound to get one. A stunning full clay piece with their in-house created chronograph. What more could you wish for? That came just five years after the fact, with the presentation of the Apollo 8.

Well, after a year (2014), Omega presented the Gray Side of the Moon, which settled on a decision more troublesome even. A phenomenal platinum-like dial with an anthracite fired case tone. We surveyed the Gray Side of the Moon here . At that point, in 2015, Omega improved couldn’t have done as I would like to think, they delivered a couple too numerous minor departure from the Dark Side of the Moon . There was the ‘black black,’ the ‘pitch dark, the ‘vintage-inspired’ model, and the form that had Sedna gold accents. In 2016, an extra form of the Gray Side of the Moon was presented with a shooting star dial and some Sedna gold accents also. We investigated it and compared it to the (at that point) new Daytona here .

Dark Side of the Moon

It isn’t that these extra models since 2015 are nothing but bad, however it is simply excessively, and they weakened the first Dark Side of the Moon (and Gray Side of the Moon) a piece. I think the achievement and effect of the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon might have been considerably better (and more) in the event that they would have held up somewhat more prior to delivering a wide range of varieties. It kept me from purchasing the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon, as I accept the model would be even more a ‘statement’ in my assortment of Moonwatches if there were only this one from 2013. More decision isn’t in every case better when done ‘horizontally,’ ‘vertically’ I trust in more decision to serve various financial plans. In any case, while the first Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon is still some place in my brain to buy eventually, Omega delivered another adaptation in 2018. The Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8.

Apollo 8

When the first Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon was presented in 2013, Omega previously made the association with the Apollo 8 mission in their communication. That mission was the principal Apollo mission where the space explorers were on the clouded side of the Moon. By one way or another, this was just barely a couple of lines in the press communication and on the site, yet it wasn’t got by a great many people. Maybe this dark clay Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon was likewise predominantly gotten by individuals who weren’t keen on Omega, or the Speedmaster, previously. In the event that I take a gander at my circle of watch gathering companions, it was the principal Omega to a considerable lot of the Rolex lovers that I know, for instance. It opened their eyes towards Omega and turned into their first watch of this brand. More than once, I was prepared to buy the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon, however another (vintage) Speedmaster Professional went ahead my way, and that’s what I (principally) gather. With all the Dark Side of the Moon varieties being presented in the couple of years after, my intrigued disappeared a piece. Until 2018, that is.

DSotM Apollo 8 on the wrist of mariner François Gabart

Omega’s Last Baselworld

In 2018, during Baselworld, Omega showed us the new assortment as they did each year. Their emphasis was primarily on the new Omega Seamaster 300M assortment, a watch that commended its 25th commemoration and was patched up with an in-house development, new case measurement, new dial and so on Prepared for the following 25 years, you could say. Yet, for the Speedmaster fans, there was one watch that stuck out (the Speedy Tuesday ‘Ultraman’ was presented in July that year): the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8. The watch, with hand-wound caliber  1869, is practically the ideal combination of the two universes: present day Speedmasters utilizing new materials and the Moonwatch legacy with its hand-wound development. The type 1869 depends on the celebrated type 1861 however got a phenomenal improvement. This enrichment is the aftereffect of laser removal procedures combined with wonderful darkened scaffolds. The moon scene has been utilized as a motivation for this. A more inside and out survey of this watch was done here . It took me a long time to become acclimated to the yellow accents of this watch, and for quite a while, I wasn’t extremely sure if this was the correct tone for it.

Speedy Tuesday Event

The Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Ultraman that was presented by Omega and us in 2018 took the entirety of my ability to consider other Speedmasters that year, truth be told. So the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 vanished a piece to the foundation in the assigned zone in my mind held for watches. In January of this current year, we at that point facilitated an occasion in Bienne with Omega to acquaint the new type 321 with a select gathering of Speedmaster devotees from the Speedy Tuesday community. It was during this occasion that one of the visitors put the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 on the closer view once more. Despite the fact that before I wasn’t secure with the utilization of yellow on this Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8, this person added much more yellow to cause me to acknowledge it is really a superb combination. You may perceive his wrist, yet in the event that not, it is the world’s uncrowned Schnitzelking and Speedmaster gatherer Roy Davidoff. He put his Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 on an authority Omega NATO lash in yellow, which makes the watch even stand apart more.

The introductory conveyances of this watch took very a few while, and I think Roy Davidoff was one of the first to get his Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8. Watch flippers were at that point arranging to make a fast buck on these delightful pieces, yet fortunately Omega figured out how to get their conveyances rolling eventually, and then, you can discover them at countless Omega stores and approved dealers.

Some considerations on the Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8

As I composed above, I figure Omega would have been exceptional off by restricting their Dark Side of the Moon assortment by the main watch from 2013 and the Gray Side of the Moon in 2014. Be that as it may, as the choice to draw out extra models can’t be switched, what will be will be. I have no clue about the presentation of different models other than the Dark Side of the Moon from 2013, yet I wouldn’t mind if these would leave the assortment sooner or later. Nonetheless, with this Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 (reference 311., I think Omega saved the Dark Side of the Moon assortment. In any event from an enthusiasts’ purpose of view.

The beneficial thing is that this Apollo 8 watch is valued beneath the first Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon. Where that one has a retail cost of €10.300,- , the Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 is somewhat more amiable for your wallet, at €9200,- . This most likely has primarily to do with the development, as the in-house fabricated type 9300 is more costly than the hand-wound Lémania based type 1869. The laser removal measure makes this development exceptional, however it is as yet past 1968 base hand-twisted development from the Moonwatch, of course.

In my assessment, the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 is the best release of the Dark Side of the Moon arrangement, particularly for the individuals who have a shaky area for the Moonwatch. The 44.25mm case made of artistic has all the experts the first Dark Side of the Moon has/had also, and the hand-wound type 1869 development is a gala for the eyes and noticeable on the two sides of the watch. It puts this Lémania based development (with an awesome history) in the bright lights. It might have managed without the dashing moment track on the dial and the hustling tie, as I would like to think, yet in any event the last is not difficult to tackle with a cool yellow NATO. Gracious, and let’s not fail to remember this is anything but a Limited Edition yet in the normal Speedmaster collection.

Specifications can be found underneath. More data on the Speedmaster Apollo 8 can be found on the authority Omega site .