Barely a month prior Baselworld 2018 commences, some uplifting news showed up. Today, we got official word that the new Seiko Prospex Mini-Turtle arrangement will be sold inside European business sectors. In late November of a year ago, our companions over at Worn & Wound first showed these however it appeared to be these watches would fall under the assignment of Japanese Domestic Market just, otherwise known as the feared “JDM”. In any case, as referenced, we’re here to report that this isn’t the situation. On the off chance that you missed the story, here’s a recap on these energizing Seiko’s from the Prospex series.

The Seiko Prospex Mini-Turtle got its epithet consistently because of its solid similarity to the notable SRP arrangement , a reissue of the exemplary 6309 , that appeared in late 2015.  Yes, we realize that Seiko stalwarts disdain the Turtle moniker, yet it’s become lexicon.  For this situation, however, the new scaled down forms are actually that: more modest. While I don’t realize numerous who locate the typical Turtles too enormous, a marginally more modest form can’t do any harm and particularly when it looks this great. Strike that, let’s face it, we’re strong of any new jumpers that Seiko wishes to introduce.

We get the new Seiko Prospex Mini-Turtle in three particular flavors. There’s an average dark release (ref SRPC35K1), a blue dial with Pepsi bezel (ref SRPC39K1) and a now-natural PADI rendition (ref SRPC41K1). Silicone lashes or a steel arm band are additionally available.   Size savvy, these watches come in at 42.3mm, which is a 2mm drop from the SRP777 and its brethren. Inside these watches, we have similar base development as the bigger Turtles. I make this differentiation on the grounds that the Turtles utilize the 4R36 and these new pieces utilize the 4R35. The thing that matters is exclusively the absence of a day show wheel. This implies we get hacking and hand twisting as a feature of the package.

Other fascinating subtleties to note on the Seiko Prospex Mini-Turtle are the utilization of an installed date magnifier in the Hardlex gem and an infrequently utilized, for Seiko in any event, screw down crown at 3:00 versus 4:00. Water obstruction stays at a sound 200M. The dials are level beside a wavy example on the PADI form that helps me to remember some Seamasters.

What’s my assessment on the new Seiko Prospex Mini-Turtle arrangement? I think they look extraordinary and they surrender little to their full(er) measured stable mates. I like the c-case styling that helps me to remember numerous 60’s and 70’s jumpers including Seiko’s very own ton. The dials are neatly planned, genuinely readable and fortunately shun the day window to keep things less difficult. Is this one more Seiko hit? I suspect as much. Maybe not on a similar level as the recently reissued SRP’s because of their amazing shape, yet I have most likely that they’ll be famous. We’ll give a live report once we go hands-on.

In Germany, the Seiko SRPC41K1 PADI will retail for 410 Euros, the beat up adaptations will retail for 399 Euros on lash and 439 Euros on arm band.