If you are a vintage Angelus fan or a military watch nerd, you’d most likely need to peruse this article.

Angelus Collector’s Guide

The most recent issue of Klassik Uhren for our German readers

Some of you recollect that around this season in 2017 we distributed an article that contained a pdf about a comparable theme. Old buddy and vintage Angelus master Dr. Christoph Öhm-Kühnle have expounded widely on Angelus, covering the brand from its initial days until now. I was approached to assist with a couple of points, and this is the point at which the possibility of the underneath project was conceived. I had been now doing some exploration on military Angelus chronographs of the mid 1950s, particularly the ones utilized by the Hungarian Army. During my exploration, I ran over many fascinating stories and astounding watches. Tragically, I likewise understood that a ton of sellers offering these watches are a long way from being honest. Furthermore, this is putting it mildly. You know what your identity is, and now we know as well. In any case, there are many astonishing vintage Angelus chronographs – military or not.

Military chronographs

Based on my exploration I composed a top to bottom article on the military Angelus chronographs. Clearly, there still are a lot of open inquiries however having gone through years with the examination I can say that I gave a valiant effort in responding to them. The article is accessible in two dialects; German and English. On the off chance that you might want to peruse it in German (and on paper) I urge you to arrange the most recent Klassik Uhren Magazine under this . For those of us who discover it amazingly testing to dominate the phonetic magnificence of the German language, if it’s not too much trouble, discover the pdf variant of the article in English underneath. Note, that the plan isn’t excessively extravagant since this is the work form. Nonetheless, the content and pictures are indistinguishable. As my exploration is as yet progressing, I’d prefer to energize any individual who claims one of these vintage Angelus chronographs to email me.

Click here to download the English article (PDF, +-65MB).

The perfect Angelus L.E. (Légi Erő or Air Force)

What to expect

The article will give you a snappy chronicled once-over of the significant occasions in Hungary during the mid 1950s. It will likewise clarify why and how the public authority could buy these captivating and uncommon watches. This ideally puts the country’s set of experiences to an alternate point of view for you. I likewise attempted to clarify how I ordered the watches and what ought to be the vital giveaway of a valid Angelus L.E. This exploration archive isn’t settled. I get messages consistently from authorities, vintage Angelus fans or relatives of individuals who got these watches during their administration in the military. In this way, I have new stories to share and data to add to the exploration. All things considered, I trust you’ll have the option to utilize it to situate your watch should you own one.  For those of you who don’t possess such a watch, I trust you think that its an intriguing read.

I’d like to express gratitude toward Mr. Christian Pfeiffer-Belli, manager in-head of Klassik Uhren for his assistance with this project.