What great can come out of sending a vintage watch geek to meet an advanced free artisan?

There are very few global watch occasions in Slovakia, where I am based. None, really. This changed, in any case, when ArtyA coordinated a presentation occasion in Bratislava as they will be authoritatively addressed in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Austria. I was approached to join this occasion and I promptly said yes. In the event that Yvan Arpa chose to visit Slovakia, least I could do was appear. You don’t meet a previous Hublot chief consistently. I had no reasonable assumptions or specific sentiments towards the ArtyA brand, simply an idea that I planned to meet an intriguing character and man with solid feelings. The arranged brisk 30-minute meeting ended up being a three hour morning tea. With Yvan, yet additionally with his inventive accomplice and spouse (Dominique). She didn’t talk a lot, yet at whatever point she said something, it generally forthright. Without further ado.

You cause a few group to feel uncomfortable. What makes Yvan Arpa uncomfortable?

People who are haughty. Individuals who don’t set aside the effort to consider what they do and why they do it.

Like individuals who utilize different vivid descriptive words while portraying you personally or as a watchmaker?

Last time when I was in Singapore, one columnist called me insane. I halted him on the spot and said I’m most certainly not. I’m a specialist in arithmetic. I said to him ‘I’m no crazier than you are. You simply don’t have any acquaintance with me.’ If I do insane undertakings it’s not on the grounds that I’m insane, this is on the grounds that I need consideration from the world. My madness is substantially more about brand awareness.

One would figure you considered showcasing, not science

Horology and math share a ton for all intents and purpose. Indeed, both are tied in with being sensible. Both are coherent, you need to comprehend what was done previously and you need to think about what should be possible later on. It is a bit by bit measure. Is this conceivable? How about we attempt. In the event that it doesn’t work, we should take a stab at something different. It is continually exploring different avenues regarding materials, developments, and designs.

Looking at your assortments, it appears to be rational enough

Most individuals like to place me into a crate. The outcome is that I am boxed as an insane person. Be that as it may, I need to transform it. I need individuals to come to sit with me and discover that I additionally have an extremely unique skeleton watch that no one on the planet can beat for instance. It is traditional; it is superior to any watch by top of the line brands and it is multiple times more affordable. Individuals simply see a guitar or lightning jolt and work on my watches to limits. We are not a basic brand; we are a complex brand.

Photo: Mario Gaspar, www.artya.sk

Let’s get back when everything began when you left the corporate world ten years prior

Anybody that needed to enlist me found about claims holding tight my head from my previous accomplices at Romain Jerome. They revealed to me that I am unemployable and that I will likely wind up in prison. As a matter of fact, the solitary person that confided in me, was at that point in prison. It was the author of Jacob & Co. He called me from prison and asked: ‘Could you run my company for me?‘ Imagine advising this to my wife.

Dominique: I had no dread. In the event that I was apprehensive, I would have said something. In any case, I said to myself that it will be alright. It’s bizarre, however I felt it will work. At the point when Yvan worked for huge corporates, he was not himself. He was skilled, yet he was regularly baffled. Also, he was hard to manage.

Yvan: With all the claims individuals peered down to me, my companions were turning their backs to me. However, as Bushido says, when you get a kick in the face, you can’t remain on the ground complaining. I had no other decision than beginning my own company.

Photo: Mario Gaspar, www.artya.sk

To get one of your first manifestations, the Black Belt Watch, clients expected to append a duplicate of their dark belt grant testament. Has anyone attempted to cheat?

(Big giggle) No joking, we were the main maker that could check the number of watches we DID NOT sell. I advise you, it was insane. Such countless individuals submitted counterfeit testaments just to get the watch. However, as far as we might be concerned, it was not difficult to check through the overall alliance. There are 17 million dark belts around the globe, so I actually believe that the idea was acceptable. However, the manner in which I was overseeing it, that was feeble. In the event that I continued, we would have failed. Along these lines, I needed to pause and come up with something new.

And you brought a lightning jolt. In a real sense.

I had cases that I had created for the dark belt. I was considering a route how to obliterate them, however in an alternate way, a way unequivocally alluring for promoting. I was propelled by fire, yet I realized I can’t make it to the sun. I at that point began contemplating lightning jolts. The key issue ended up being that no one knows where a lightning jolt will go. The most exact we could say was one kilometer. I put a few cases out and I hung tight for quite a long time. Yet, it never worked, the lightning jolts never struck the cases.

Photo: Mario Gaspar, www.artya.sk

With the last cash I had, I chose to purchase a gigantic Tesla curl. It is an impressive show to perceive how the watch case is changing before your eyes. I wanted to circumvent the world and let individuals make their own watches. Shockingly, there was certifiably not a solitary insurance agency that needed to back me. That is the reason I at last kept it on an applied level. It functioned admirably. A few group needed something other than what’s expected. At the time everyone was doing extremely cleaned wrapping up. There was no matt, everything was so spotless. A few group were truly stunned to see an exceptional watch being so crude, so destroyed.

Who purchases your watches?

There are two kinds of individuals. Individuals who need endorsement, who need to affirm their status. Fundamentally rich individuals. On the opposite end, there are individuals who are truly pulled in to the watch in light of its way of thinking. These individuals get me, they need to discuss watch inside and out. They don’t search for support, yet rather confirmation. They don’t mind what others say, they need the watch to fulfill themselves only.

Have you at any point been astonished by an individual who purchased or showed interest in an ArtyA watch?

It happens frequently. A week ago an old fire fighter came into our studio, with no thought regarding the financial plan. We took the time, disclosed everything to him and he purchased the watch. I don’t have the foggiest idea how he could pay for it. Recently, it was in Japan, I met a 16 years of age kid, that went for three days just to meet me and the distributor.

Who is ArtyA’s greatest competitor?

Most of the autonomous watchmakers have super couple of models. Their assets are restricted. From that point of view, I have no immediate competitor with my twelve assortments. I would say, that my immediate competitor is the income of my clients – their days off, their families, their cars.

You referenced free watchmakers. How free is Yvan Arpa today?

I am one of the not many completely free watchmakers. I have so many line assortments and there is no single penny taken from an external financial backer. I would be cautious with taking financial backer’s cash that is driven by high incomes and profits.

The issue of being autonomous is that you have one smart thought, yet you stay adhered to it since you have no cash to chip away at different thoughts. The outcome can be that following three years everyone thinks about it and no one is getting it anymore.

But that didn’t occur to you. Why?

Doing business gradually without any preparation brought me new acknowledgment. Numerous individuals returned to me inquiring as to whether I could help them. I understood that I am helping a many individuals, yet no one is causing me. That is the reason I began to charge for counseling and made it my income stream. I did twelve major counseling projects for huge brands, including Samsung. With the cash I got, I generally built up another ArtyA collection.

As an autonomous watchmaker with a top corporate foundation, how would you see the present ability and production?

I am glad for any individual who is effective. Furthermore, there are a large number of them. I would say one of the missteps individuals make is changing watch history. Huge brands can do anything they need since they have the influence and cash to do as such. Yet, as an autonomous watchmaker attempting to do what has been around for a very long time, that would be troublesome. Today no one requirements a watch. Individuals need feeling. On the off chance that you don’t have 100 years of history and status to offer, you need to bring something different.

Photo: Mario Gaspar, www.artya.sk

Well, I saw your sculpture watch. Did anybody purchase it? 

(Big giggle.) Well, this one was entertaining. Everyone was discussing Richard Mille and his seventeen grams watch. Thus, I chose to make the world’s heaviest seventeen kilograms wristwatch. There really was one Russian person, who said he needs to get it. I said alright, he sent the cash. From that point onward, he asked me: ‘How would I wear it?’ I said: ‘You don’t.’ And I sent him the cash back.

If there were no ArtyA, what watch would be on your wrist right now?

(Big grin.) I surmise, different manifestations I made for different brands don’t exist as well, right? (Yvan thinks for some time. After a second he proceeds with a genuine face.) There is one person. Vincent Plomb and his Vicenterra from Swiss Jura. His watches are f*$_ing cool and he is a veritable character. He is intellectually so solid, and you can see that in his watches as well. Consider this. I have a seventh dan dark belt, yet he would have been fifteenth. (Note: 10this the most elevated possible.)

What is the greater test for Yvan Arpa: To come up with a thought or to drop one?

Tough one. We should take my chrono in a guitar-molded case. It looks straightforward, however I was unable to get it to turn out appropriately for a very long time. I rather don’t check how often I began over and over, consistently without any preparation. It was eating my mind, however I was unable to let it go.

Rolex or Omega


That was super-quick. Which exemplary then?

I would purchase from the historical backdrop of one guy.

What precisely do you mean by that?

I would take some old Lemania development. A development from a watchmaker, who made his watch without anyone else. He was cheerful, he was glad. He shared his energy. Do you know why I said none to Rolex or Omega? Their watches are generally excellent, nothing to say about the quality. However, the energy that is there today, it isn’t the energy I need to share. Their watches are made by account individuals, who I call vampires of current occasions. This isn’t the eventual fate of watchmaking for me. What’s to come is in the energy and the adoration for watch artisans.

Photo: Mario Gaspar, www.artya.sk

What you consider Basel and brands pulling out?

Of course, Basel was hit by huge brands saying we don’t come any longer. So they imagine they are more pleasant. However, it is a business and they are a major company; they need to pay a many individuals. As far as I might be concerned, I think I actually pay a lot for what it is, yet I have enough clients to pay for that. For instance, I might want to make my corner with my companions, however I can’t. Their company is moderate and costly, however it is difficult to go all alone. Then again, talking business-wise, it’s fine. It works. I don’t travel a lot, as I like the nature of my life at home. I like to be in my office, I like Geneva. I never request that retailers take my image. Never. Also, accordingly it is significant for me to be in Basel. All retailers actually come to Basel. We will see.

Do you recall your first watch? 

Yes, obviously. Tissot PR100. It was my dad who gave me this watch. I was possibly sixteen. It’s not fit as a fiddle any longer. You know, I was an awful child, I was battling constantly. I never set aside the effort to fix it, however I have it in cuts some place around.

I need to ask this one at this point. You and vintage watches?

I was a gatherer. I had many, numerous watches, yet when I began ArtyA, I needed to offer them to endure. I was a rich person that turned out to be exceptionally poor. I need to thank my significant other, that caused me a great deal in those days. Two years we ate just pasta, we had nothing. She never complained and consistently upheld me.

I am an aficionado of privately-run companies myself. What’s it like working with your wife?

I take a lot energy. I call individuals around evening time or on Sundays. We began to work in the studio together, however then we transformed it. Dominique is imaginative as well. Everything comes from her inward world, and you can feel it. She doesn’t have any desire to talk, she closes the entryway of the studio, puts music on and works. I’m unique. I don’t rest, thoughts eat through my cerebrum and afterward I eat the minds of every other person around. It was difficult toward the start, truly, yet now it is pleasant. We found a decent method of coworking.

Photo: Mario Gaspar, www.artya.sk

Do you intend to include your kids in family operations?

We have three children and we have never constrained them to get things done. We don’t request that they help, it’s their decision. They study, yet they additionally began to come themselves inquiring as to whether they could work in the store over the course of the ends of the week. I would say they are beginning to take an interest, yet they are not included at this point. The most noticeably awful thing is to make something just to satisfy your folks and following 10 years acknowledging you disdain what you do. We take it easy.

So ArtyA may be for sale?

Three years prior, my oldest child took me to a sanctuary, where we pondered for 12 hours per day. It was the best present someone at any point gave me. We don’t last. Nothing endures. Since I have acknowledged that, I have no concerns. Three major companies previously needed to purchase ArtyA. Yet, I am not available to be purchased. I love being free and I don’t anticipate selling the company. Whatever will occur, it will be OK. I’ve figured out how to appreciate what happens today.

Want to become familiar with ArtyA, . We might want to express gratitude toward Yvan Arpa and his better half Dominique for their time.


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