Inspired by a posting in one of Facebook’s numerous wrist watch related gatherings, this week I’ll wear a Alain Silberstein Krono Bauhaus 2.

Alain Silberstein – Forerunner of cutting edge watch making

In the nineties of the only remaining century, Alain Silberstein (1950, Paris) was THE harbinger of ‘cutting edge’ watch making. He actually is a persuasive watchmaker regarding unique plans. Large numbers of today’s unpredictable watch planners, as for example Max Büsser, love the inspiration by Alain Silberstein. MB&F even given joint efforts him, the first being the LM1 Silberstein in 2009 .

Primary tones and mathematical shapes

Silberstein’s watches can undoubtedly be controlled by the utilization of three splendid essential tones; red, blue and yellow. Too Alain Silberstein frequently utilizes just three basic mathematical shapes in his plans; triangles, squares and circles. The crown and chronograph pushers of this weeks 52Mondayz watch are most likely the best instances of this.

Bronze-pvd treated titanium

The Krono Bauhaus 2 model I’m wearing is made of titanium which is bronze-pvd treated. The treatment gives the watch a genuine dazzling tone and look. The watch has a earthy colored elastic tie demonstrating Alain Silberstein’s adage “le vrai bonheur est d’avoir sa enthusiasm pour metier” and it generally means ‘true satisfaction is the point at which you have your energy as profession’.

Limited production

This weeks 52Mondayz watch has reference number KT 402 B, and was created in 2009 (the very year the MB&F LM1 Silberstein came out). Along with the dark pvd titanium rendition (KT 401 B) the complete creation was restricted to 999 pieces. It’s not by and large known the number of watches of each tone were made, anyway Alain Silberstein once disclosed to me that most likely it has been near 50/50.

Unconventional shape and capacity indications

Much consideration is pulled in by the capricious state of the packaging and carries and also by the dial, work signs and hands. In stead of utilizing composed shortened forms of the day and month, Alain decided for smileys and two digit numbers. So today it’s a miserable smiley for Monday – on Saturday it’s laughing uncontrollably – and 05 for May.

Technical specifications

A cosmetically changed Valjoux 7751 programmed development ticks in the fish can-formed 40mm packaging of this Krono Bauhaus 2. It has against intelligent sapphire precious stone on top and at the back, and incredibly it’s waterproof to 100 meters. In 2009 the rundown cost of this model was € 7.800,=.