You can’t beat a decent t-shirt. The ability to turn your torso into a mobile board is one of life’s basic delights. In the past, watchmaking t-shirts were pretty difficult to find. Thankfully, there are a couple of companies dedicated to evolving that. One that merits your attention is Art of Horology, a Britain-based a couple pair taking the watch world by storm.

The essential charge of The Art of Horology is great art prints. The clothing line for the most part takes a well known model effectively accessible as a print and replicates it so it can be worn. But the most recent delivery from this talented pair is something different. Not just different but additionally exceptionally extraordinary for Fratello fanatics. That’s right, the celebrated Omega “Dot Over 90” has at last been immortalized in attire. I don’t think about you, but when I saw this tee, I started counting my pennies.

Brand ambassadors

It’s due for discharge very soon. At the point when it does eventually drop, I envision that Liam and Clare will be hit with a ton of orders. Maybe the thing I like most about this (prospective) bestseller, is that it turns wearers into brand ministers, which, ideally, will draw more attention towards the prints.

Every piece of art is created by Liam. There are as of now plenty of exemplary options accessible on their website, but more are being added constantly. Perhaps the coolest aspect of this self-claimed operation is the way adaptable Liam can be with regards to creating a custom print. Maybe you have an uncommon Prim (like the model featured by Tomas here ) or love the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Military Dial ( that Mike put through the factory here ). On the off chance that you want to drape a picture of your dearest beater on the divider, this is the spot for you.

Good quality products

I recently met-up with Clare and Liam at the Watch It All About Fair in Rugby, England. I was dazzled with how they shuffled bringing up two little youngsters while (effectively) growing a business that, by all accounts, has a very specialty advance. Over 11 thousand adherents on Instagram, in any case, suggests that specialty is consistently extending. The way to continuing that trend? Great quality products. Art of Horology certainly has those…

Part of the purpose behind my visit to the WIAA reasonable was to discover for myself, firsthand, whether the prints had a similar sort of gravitas face to face as they appeared to on the web. Basically, they did. The print quality is top-notch, and the exactness of Liam’s creations is exceptionally satisfying without a doubt. One thing that astonished me, nonetheless, was the way the Tudor Black Bay GMT sweatshirt came out. Having worked in garment decoration numerous moons prior, I was skeptical that the picture would look as characterful on cotton as it did on paper. I shouldn’t have stressed. The printing is fresh and clear (and that’s a full-shading image).

That gives me a lot of expectation for the quality of the Dot Over 90 shirts destined to be delivered. I will definitely get one (and likely wear it for future Speedmaster events). When I saw it I realized I needed to let the Fratelli know: Add another moderate accomplice to the birthday wishlist since this is one trend that the world definitely required. Study Art of Horology .