We regularly get a challenge to visit an assembling in Switzerland and Glashütte (Germany), yet every so often we get ourselves elsewhere taking a gander at watchmaking machines and gear. This time, we visit the Hanhart make in the Black Forrest (Germany). 

Hanhart manufacture

In the Black Forrest lays Gütenbach. A little town in the south of Germany, with a populace of around 1200 individuals. It is the home of Hanhart. You may have found out about Hanhart, with its rich history of over 100 years. From early pilot’s watches to stopwatches utilized for car dashing, Hanhart did various things. I explored one of their unmistakable models, the Pioneer Monoscope some time prior. We likewise chose to visit the Hanhart fabricate. So half a month prior, Simon Hall, CEO of Hanhart, guided me through the structure showing me all that I should think about the Hanhart manufacture.

Gütenbach in its full glory

As soon as you enter Gütenbach an enormous mechanical structure welcomes you, the Hanhart produce. It’s nothing extravagant except for indisputable by the colossal banners publicizing the brand.

Inside the manufacture

Inside you have all the workplaces, the creation of stopwatches and other time estimating gadgets, the watch division and even a little gallery committed to the historical backdrop of Hanhart. Our tour started on the lower floors through the different phases of stopwatch production.

The company creates a large portion of the components for their stopwatches in-house. Around 4000 mechanical stopwatches leave the production line every year. The quantity of quartz estimating gadgets is ten times(!) that number. I inquired as to whether there is still a particularly gigantic market for mechanical stopwatches and he guaranteed me that these things are not oddities of a former period, in opposition to well known beliefs.

Drill makes a beeline for drill the openings for the pushers and the crown into the case


Then we moved on to the watch division. The Hanhart make is creating around 1,000 wrist watches each year. Hanhart uses ETA developments, yet change them theirselves to become mono-pusher chronographs for example. For a particularly little brand their determination of watches is huge and we can share a minimal mystery with you; it will use much more later on. We will report about this later.

This is the manner by which provincial the area is

Watchmaker at work


Next to the watch division is the Hanhart Museum. It is a little however sacrosanct spot and an absolute necessity for any vintage watch devotee. The gallery has the old instruments and work seats of the Hanhart watchmakers. Yet, it additionally includes a large portion of their initial chronographs and stopwatch developments. Notwithstanding, I need to say my most loved was the motorbike and the Hanhart chronograph joined to its handlebar (find in the pictures below).

The amazing Hanhart type 41 and a cutting edge Hanhart Pioneer


Finishing our visit, Simon Hall showed me the most recent watch from Hanhart: the Hanhart Primus Black Ops Pilot (see beneath). Positively not a watch for the timid. The Hanhart make likewise has a display area where guests can look at all of the current assortment, watches and stopwatches. There is additionally a likelihood to buy watches from the assortment. At the point when you are ever nearby, you should attempt to make a make a trip for a couple of hours. You won’t lament it.

Latest in line; the Black Ops

I might want to say thanks to Simon Hall just as the entire Hanhart Team for their neighborliness and receptiveness during the visit.

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